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Subject: Gills in Newton, Neshoba and Rankin Co., MS

Some of the information I have put together on the Gills who got Land Patents after the Choctaw Treaty.  Note: Mt. Salus is now Clinton, MS.  If you would like to have a better copy of this cover, please let me know and I will send you copies of it and copies of the actual Land Patents which are from the BLM website.
Roy Gill

Gills issued Land Patents in Newton, Neshoba and Rankin Counties, MS.

Thomas Gill Family

Name  County Date Office Doc. #  Acreage Legal   
Daniel Gill Rankin 6/4/1906  Jackson  17607 120.18 W1/2NE1/4-Sec.15-Twsp3N-Range5E  + NE1/4NW1/4-Sec.15-Twsp3N-Range5E
Daniel Gill Rankin 3/1/1859 Jackson 32203 80.41 N1/2NE1/4-Sec.20-Twsp3N-Range5E        
David Gill Newton 2/27/1841 Columbus 15884 37.57 N1/2W1/2NW-Sec.25-Twsp8N-Range10E
David Gill  Neshoba 2/27/1841 Columbus 25741 25 NE1/4NE1/4-Sec.23-Twsp8N-Range10E
David Gill Newton 5/1/1860  Columbus 40064 80.68 W1/2NW1/4-Sec.15-Twsp8N-Range11E
James Gill Rankin 3/1/1859 Jackson 32112 84.22 SW1/4NE1/4-Sec.21-Twsp3N-Range5E  + NE1/4SW1/4-Sec.21-Twsp3N-Range5E
James Gill Rankin 3/1/1859 Jackson 33182 84.22 NE1/4NW1/4-Sec.21-Twsp3N-Range3N  + NW1/4SW1/4-Sec.21-Twsp3N-Range3N
John Gill Newton 2/27/1841 Columbus 28315 39.91 NE1/4NE1/4-Sec.30-Twsp8N-Range8N
Simeon Gill Rankin 12/10/1841 Jackson 29620 80.04 E1/2NE1/4-Sec.33-Twsp3N-Range2E
Thomas Gill Rankin 6/25/1841 Mt. Salus 27665 79.93 N1/2NW1/4-Sec.34-Twsp3N-Range2E


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