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I found this thee other day in searching immigrants in

Could this be John "The Weaver" Gill...It is the only John Gill immigrant in the decade before and after 1745. I looked and the book mentioned as source is out of print, but articles written about the Irish Immigrants are available it looks like.

My conjuecture is if John was born 1727 and then here in Philedelphia in 1745 and indentured or appreticed for several years then in 1752 or 1754 he is ready to get married and have children..which fits our John's case.

Name: John Gill

Year: 1745

Place: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Source Publication Code: 8358

Primary Immigrant: Gill, John

Annotation: Records of indentured servants and apprentices bound by James Hamilton, Mayor of Philadelphia, in 1745. And see nos. 6054-6056, Neible.

Source Bibliography: "SERVANTS & APPRENTICES BOUND AND ASSIGNED, 1745." In Your Family Tree. Vol. 7 (Mar.-May 1954), pp. 12-13, 51-52, 75.

Page: 13

Kenton Bennett

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