1 Feb 1816 Young Goldman Phoeby Gill
20 Aug 1818 John H. Gill Jane Coward
25 Jul 1824 William Allen Manz Gill
1 Nov 1838 W A Obier Rebecca A. Gill
8 Oct 1854 James M. Jones Elizabeth Giles
17 Feb 1881 T. N. Gill Victoria Williams
25 Feb 1885 Logan Phillips Ella A. Gill
17 Apr 1887 J H Price Mary Ida Gill
26 Jun 1888 Thomas U. Gill Eliza Day
17 Jun 1891 John I. Hogan/Hodan Lula Gill
31 Dec 1896 Doug Gill Pearla Smith
30 Jun 1898 Meriday Harris Jane Gill

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