Hello, I am looking for any of the decendants of Andrew and Anna Gill. Andrew Gill was born in Ohio on Dec. 15, 1823 in Ohio. He married Anna Birch on June 7, 1852 in Greene Co. PA. She was the daughter of ?Barnet Birch and Mary Smith? She was born on August 21, 1823 in Berkley Co. WV. She died on December 19, 1900, in i'm thinking Ritchie Co., but they said they don't have her record. Andrew died on February 6, 1892 of Typhiod Fever. I'm looking for the decendants of any of thier children. I decend from Sophia Susana, who married Lewis Mitchell Ferguson on 12-30-1875 in Greene Co. PA. At the time, they married in Rich hill, PA. I am interested in any accounts, stories, photos(which I will pay to have copied), and infomation I may be missing. I have a photo of Sophia Susana to share.

Please e-mail me if you decend in any way to this family. Thank You. Your "Gill" Cousin,  Jason Arnott

I am looking for the decendants of John Ferguson and his wife, Rebecca White. He was born in New York and Married Rebecca? in Pennsylvania. They had James Mason Ferguson on March 10, 1826. He married Mary Malissa Whipkey in about 1850 in ? Fayette? Co. PA? They would later move to Calhoun Co. WV. They had Lewis Mitchell Ferguson, who married Sophia Susana Gill on Dec. 30, 1875 in Richhill Twp. Green Co. PA. She was the daughter of Andrew Gill and Hannah or Anna Birch. They had Leone E. Ferguson, born on Sept 24, 1901 in Gilmer Co. WV. She married Dewey Barnes on September 16, 1920 in Gilmer Co. WV. He was the son of William Sheridan Barnes and Mary Sharp. Let me know if you decend from this family or any of the brothers and sisters. go to: http:hometown.aol.com/djarnott/myhomepage/family.html for more information about the brothers and sisters of these individuals if you think you might decend. This family is out of the Fayette Co. , Greene Co. PA , Calhoun, Gilmer, and Wood Co. WV areas. Please e-mail me if you decend.

I know the whereabouts of the photos of William Sheridan Barnes, Dewey Barnes, Sophia Susana Gill, Lewis Mitchell Ferguson and James Mason ferguson. I am doing an extensive research project, which is to include Accounts, stories, photos(which I will pay to have copied), and documents of proof of decent. I have lots of information to share about how I decend from the Families listed. Thank you.

Your "Ferguson" Cousin, Jason Arnott

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