Volume 10, Page 360

The Land & Estate of mr James Neale debtor Anno 1647

       To mr Nicholas Cawseene for a Boate    1200

       To mr John Hallowes by Speciality      1500

       To the Lord Propr for Eight years Rent at Severall times    3200

       To mr Gerrard for debt due unto Mortley & mr

        upon Specialty with Charges           2493

       To mr John Hallowes by Specialty       1500

       To Capt Cornwalleys by Specialty        380

       To Coll Yardley Upon Speciality         600

       To ffrancis Posey                      1100

       More for Severall Charges of ffees      200

       To mr Metcaife for Sheriffes ffees for Attachmt of my

         Cattell                               150

       for my Expence and paines taking about this

        busieness and Damage                  1500


LiberB. 10 April 1654. Benjamin Gill maketh oath that the Ac-

              compt above written is a Just and true Accompt (with the

              least) of what he hath paid Expended and been damnified

              touching the Land above Mentioned

               Sworne in open Court the day and year above written,

                                     Willm Stone, Tho: Hatton


                Upon the Motion of mr Benjamin Gill for an Extent upon

            the Land of mr James Neale called Wollaston Mannor con-

            taining two thousand Acres the Ld Proprs Rent being forty

            Shillings in Money Sterling or the Commodities of the Coun-

            568 trey) for Satisfaction of thirteen thousand Eight hundred

         P.   twenty and three pounds of Tobacco and Caske which he hath


              paid and been out in Charges and otherwise about the Said

              Land as appears by his Accompt upon oath above written

              together also with the Charges about the Extent in ffees and

              otherwise, which probably may amount to about five hundred

              pounds of Tobacco and Caske, and Soe will make up the

              Summe for which the Said Mannor & Land is to be Extended

              fourteen thousand three hundred twenty and three pounds of

              Tobacco and Caske. It is ordered that Walter Beane, John

              Hatch, James Lindesey and Arthur turnor upon Summons or

              Notice thereof from the Sheriff of St Maries County, and Upon

              Oath to be Administred unto them by Thomas Gerrard Esq or

              Some other of the Coun sell to make a Just and true Estimacon

              or Valuation to the best of their Judgment and Skill for what

              Number of years he the Said Benjamin Gill his Executors and

              Assignes ought to have the Sd Mannor and Land in Extent for

              Satisfaction of the Said fourteen thousand three hundred

              twenty and three pounds of Tobacco and Caske, doe Com-

              pute or Estimate the Same accordingly, and returne their Cer-

              tifficate thereof upon Oath (as aforesaid) under their hands into

              the Secretary's office there to be Entred Upon Record, And

              the Court will then Settle the Said Mannor and Land upon

              the Said Benjamin Gill his Executors and Assignes in Extent

              for Such Number of Years as Shall be thought fitt by the per-

              sons before Named, and to be Expressed in their Said Cer-

              tifficate for Satisfaction of the Sd fourteen thousand three hun-

              dred twenty and three pounds of Tobacco and Caske


Volume 41, Page 169

Thomas Gerard Esqr & Mr Henry Adams Came this day into Re Gills'

Court desyring to be admitted to proue the Will of Benjamin Gill Estate deceased who produce these their following Testimonies.

May 31th 1658

Jane Clearke aged fowrty six yeares or thereabouts sworne & Examined Sayth, That Mr Beniamin Gill deceased lay sick, att her howse att Portoback about a month before hee dyed, And tht often times in that month, shee heard him speake of making his will, & that his desyre was tht Mr Gerard & her sonne Adams should bee his Executors When bee drew neare his end hee desyred her to tell Not in Mr Gerard & her Sonne Adams his Executors, That they should Baldwindispose of his Estate, as hee had told her, & further sayth not. p. 127

Eodem die.

Mary Adams aged 21 yeares or thereabouts sworne & examined Sayth That shee was pent att Mr Gill's death, & that shee heard Mt Gill a little before bee dyed appoynt Mr Gerard & her husband his Executoes, & further sayth not

Eod die.

Jane Cocksute aged 17 yeares sworne & examined Sayth, That shee was present att Mr Gills sicknes & death, & That shee heard him often say that Mr Gerard & her Brother Adams were his Exequutoes, And further sayth not.

Jurat, oes Coram Robert Clearke.

May 31th 1658.

Jane Clearke aged fowrty six yeares or thereabouts sworne & examined Sayth, That Mr Beniamin Gill late of this Prouince De ceased dyed att her howse att Portoback the of Nouembr in the yeare 1655, And a little before his death, shee asked him if hee had a

Will & he tould her noe, nor euer made any in his lffe, But when bee lay sick att W Gerards, W Gerard & his Wffe urged him to make a Will, But he made none, And the reason was, as the sd Gill tould this Depont, because they would haue him make Robt Cole his heyre,but he sayd hee would not, ffor the sd Cole did not deserue it att his hands, And tht shee neuer did see any Will amongst his writings, And further Sayth not.

Mary Adams of this Prouince aged 21 yeares, or thereabouts sworne & Examined Sayth, Shee was att Portoback att her Mothers howse att the time when Mr Beniamin Gill dyed, That neyther then nor before, shee neuer saw any written Will, & further sayth not

Jane Cocksuite of this prouince aged 17 yeares or thereabouts deposeth idem quod her Sister Mary Adams ut supra. Jurat Oes Coram Robt Clearke.

Robert Cole his Jnterrogatories proposed to Mrs Jane Clearke, Mrs Mary Adams, Mrs Jane Cockshott, Concerning Mr Benjamin Gill his last Will & Testamt, wth their answers thereunto uppon Oath & Examinaon July 26th 1658.

ffirst Doe you remember att what time Mr Benjamin Gill deceased did speake concerning making his Will, or appownting Executoes. 2ly Can you testify tht Beniarnin Gill, did of purpose call or desyre any peson or pesons as wittnesses: or were to tht purpose requyred by him to take notice of any words spoken by him to tht purpose, When, Where & in whose pence, was any such by the sd Benjamin Gill.

128 3ly Was the sd Benjamin Gill perswaded to appoynt Exequutoes, & such as hee did seeme unwilling to appoynt. Were any pesons hindred to come to him uppon his request to tht intent, or any to committ his Will to writing.

4ly Are any the Witnesses of his appoyntmt of Exequutors soe neare of kinne to the Exequutors or Exequutor, That they may probably peties to the Exequutors cause.

5ly Were not some of the Witnesses or all of them to receiue some benefitt, or Legacies, by such his nuncupative Will.

61y Can you sweare tht the sd Beniamin Gill, was of perfect memory, when hee made choice of the pretended Exequutors Jane Clearke aged 46 yeares or thereabouts, her answere to the abouesd Interrogatories uppon oath & Examinaon ut supra.

To the ffirst. That it was a little before hee dyed, hee spoke it before this Deponent & her husband Cawsine, & her Daughter Adams.

To the second. That hee called in this Deponts husband Nicholas Cawsine, her selfe & Daughter Adams, & desyred Willm Harper her sonne Adams his man to write his Will, And to tht intent, pen, inke, & paper was brought. But the sayd Willm Harper not knowing the forme of a Will, desyred bee would deferre it, till his Master came home. Vppon wch bee desyred us present (Viz) her husband, her selfe, & Daughter Adams to take notice of his Verball Will.

To the third. That for the Exequutors they were of his owne choyce & motion not knowing any, tht peswaded him to them, And that bee desyred to speake wth Mr ffitzherbert, & Mr Gerard, but it could not possibly bee effected.

To the ffowrth. That shee was Mother in Law to one whom bee did appoynt his Exequutor & that her Daughter Adams, who is a wittnes, was then & is still Wffe of One of the sd Exequutors

To the ffifth. That her Daughter who was a Wittnes had not any Legacy left, But to her selfe & her husband was Legacies left who were wittnesses.

To the Sixth. That to the best of her iudgmt, hee was in perfect sence & memory, when hee made choyce of his Exequutors, & continued in the same, to his last breath.

Sworne before mee the day & yeare aboue written Job Chandler

Mary Adams aged 21 yeares or thereabouts her answere to the foresd Jnterrogatories uppon Oath & Examinaon.

To the ffirst. That the uery day of his death he nominated & appoynted Mr Thomas Gerard & this Deponts husband to bee his Exequutors.

To the Second. That a little before Mr Gills departure this Depont lyuing then in her ffather in Law Cawsines howse, was called into the roome, where bee dyed by her mother, And hee desyred all there pent, were her ffather in Law her mother, & her selfe to take notice that was his Will.

To the Third. That the first day Mr Gill came to this Deponts mothers howse, he nominated W Thomas Gerard, & her husband to bee his Exequutors, & did not att any time after heare him mention any else, & to the best of her knowledge he was not perswaded to make choyce of any Exequutors.

To the ffowrth. That shee was Wffe to one of the Exequutors, & that shee was a wittnes but noe Legatee.

To the ffifth That all but her selfe were.  That to the best of her knowledge he was, ffor he spoake senceably, & knew us all there present.

Sworne Eod die Coram me Job. Chandler.

Jane Cockshott aged 17 yeares or thereabout her answere to the foresd Interrogatories, uppon Oath & Examinaon.

To the ffirst That the first day W Gill came to this Deponts mothers howse, being the time he there dyed, bee spake of making his Will & tht bee did nominate Mr Gerard & her Brother Adams to bee his Exequutors & tht he desyred it seuerall times in his sicknes.

To the Second. That the same day Mr Gill dyed this Depont Sayth, Shee was her sister Adams called into the roome by her mother, where Mr Gill was, her ffather in Law Cawsine being pres ent, Where Mr Gill desyred them to take notice tht this was his Will, And tht Willm Harper being called in to write his Will desyred to bee excused not knowing the forme.

To the Third. That shee knows not That Mr Gill was peswaded by any to make choyce of his Exequutors, or tht bee was hindred of any persons to come to him, That bee desyred.

To the ffowrth. That shee was sister in Law to One of the Exequutors, but further knows not.

To the ffifth. That shee was not present, fully to heare W Gills Will, therfore knows nothing concerning Legacies, & tht shee doth not remember any part of it (Except) That bee desyred all his cattle should be brought to her mothers howse & there to remaine for three yeares: & the nominating his Exequutors, wch were those aboue mentioned.

To the Sixth. That to the best of her Judgmt he was, for he was sencible, & knew all that were there present.

Sworne Eod die Coram me

The Deposn of Mrs Jane Clearke aged 46 yeares or thereabouts

Sworne & examind this 16th of August 1658.

Sayth, That Beniamin Gill deceased after nominating & appoynt ing his Exequutors wch were Mr Thomas Gerard, & this Deponts sonne in Law Henry Adams, did dispose of his wordly goods as followeth.

Impe That one Thowsand pownds of Tob, or thereabout, wch was in Mr Thomas Gerard & MR Robert Slyes hands should be gyuen to the Church to bee prayed for.

21y That hee gaue to this Depont in consideraon of her paines & charges all his moueable goods, Excepting his Chayres & Stooles & Table, wch were att Widdow Lewis her howse, The wch Chayres, Stooles & Table, hee gaue to this Deponents Daughter Jane Cockshott It. Hee gaue to this Deponts husband Nicholas Cawsine fiue hundd pownds of Tob: & fiue hundd pownds of Tob more to this Depont, And to this Deponts Daughter Jane Cockshott, & her sonne Jgnatius, & Nicholas Cawsine to each of them bee gaue fiue hundd pownds of Tob.

It. To this Deponts Sonne Jgnatius Cawsine, he gaue his best Liber suite of cloathes P. C. R.

It. Hee did bequeath to his Cozen Robert Cole fiue hundd pownds of Tob, and told this Depont hee did it, that bee should not molest his Exequutors.

It. That all his Cattle should bee brought to this Deponts howse,& there remaine for three yeares, & att the end thereof the encrease should be sould, to help pay the Legacies, And the Principall stock he gaue to this Depont.

And if in case his sonne in Law Mr James Neale, or any from him,did not come, wth in the tearme of Three yeares into Maryland, That that Land belonging to him should bee disposed of by his Exequutors,

And after they had performed his Legacies, the Remainder he gaue to his Exequutors, And wth all desyred tht some what out of Charity might be gyuen by his Exequutors to such poore men as Mr Greene, what they should think good, & further sayth not.

Sworne before me, the day and yeare aboue written Job Chandler.

The Deposn of Mary Adams aged 21 yeares or thereabout sworne & examined this 16th of August 1658.

Sayth That Benjamin Gill deceased, when bee made his Will, did giue One Thowsand pownds of Tob to the Church wch was in MT Gerards, & Mr Slyes hands, as hee supposed or more: But if it werenot, he desyred his Exequutors should see it made good,

Item hee gaue to this Deponts ffather in Law Nicholas Cawsine fiue hundd pownds of Tob, & to this Deponts mother hee gaue fiue hundd powndsof Tob, And to this Deponts sister Jane Cockshott, & to her Brothers Ignatius & Nicholas Cawsines to each of them he gaue fiue hundd pownds of Tob, And tht if his sonne in Law Mr James Neale, or any of his Children did not come into Maryland in three yeares, That then his Land & encrease of his cattle, should be sould by his Ex equutors & further sayth not

Sworne before me, the day & yeare aboue written Job. Chandler

Thomas Carpenter Sworne in open Court Sayth, That bee was Mr Gill many times before bee dyed during his sicknes & putt him in mind of making his Will, And Mr Gill tould him, that bee had sent for M Gerard, & when Mr Gerard came bee would make his Will, And tht hee would make Mr Gerard & Mr Adams Exequutors, And this Depont goeing from him the day before bee dyed, bee desyred him to speake to Mr Slye for some comfortable things, for that bee thought the worst to be past wth him, And then he had made noe will, as this Depont knowes of, And further many times discoursing the sd Mr Gill hee heard him say, That hee would giue Robert Cole fiue hundd pownds of Tob. & further sayth not Robert Cole (per Attornat James Langworth) obiecteth, That the peties (all of them) by whom Mr Gerard & Mr Adams intends to proue a Will are interessed as Legatees.

The Judgmt of the Court is That there is not sufficient proofe made of the sayd Will.

Volume 65, Page 325

Thomas Gibson Lessee of Wm Russell This action of ejectment agt being commenced by the Said James Neale & Anna his wife Thomas Gibson as Lessee to the Said Wm Russell agt Ar thur Turner the casual ejector and James Neale and Anne his wife daughter and heire of Benjamin Gill deceased the parties concerned being by Order of Court named defts in Stead of the casual! Ejector to try the title of a parcell of land and certaine houses thereon built now in the tenure of the Said James Neale and Anne his wife or John Lovett or their assignes and being now in dispute betweene the Said Wm Russell and James Neale and Anne his wife And the Court finding it necessary that the due lynes and bounds of both persons lands be Surveyed by a Skillful! person according to the Original! Surveyes and pattents thereupon granted to Christopher Russell ffather of the Said Wm Russell and Benjamin Gill ffather of the Said Anne and that a faire Plott and Certificate thereof be returned to the Court. It is by the Court this day Ordered that the Honble Baker Brooke Esq Surveyr Genll or his Deputy Surveyr for the Said County of Charles County be especially appointed by this Court and are hereby appointed impowered and comanded to Lay Out the Lands of the Said Wm Russell and the land of the Said James Neale and Anne his wife and to runn Out the true lines and Sett Out their true meets and bounds according to their respective pattents aforesaid to the Said Christopher Russell and Benjamin Gill in the presence of the Sheriff of Charles County who is hereby comanded and impowered to Sumãn and impannell a jury of twelve honest and legall men of his Bailiwick of the neighbourhood to the Said Lands upon the Said Land and to examine wittnesses upon Oath that the truth of the matter may be fully discovered And the Said Surveyour Genll or his Deputy aforesaid is hereby Ordered to runn his lines according to the evidence then given and the direction of the jury and to returne a Certificate of his Proceedings herein and a faire p!ott distinctly drawne of the Said lands in question together with the evidence that was Sworne to the next Provinciall Court to be held at the Citty of St Maries the eighth day of December next attested under the hand and Seale of the Said Surveyour Genera!l or his Deputy as aforesaid as of the Said Sheriff and the jurors That So his Lopps justices here being fully informed of the truth of the premisses may doe herein as to justice Shall appurteine.

Volume 41, Page 90 

Robert Cole demandeth Lres of Admistraon uppon the Estate of Benjamin Gill deceased, as being next of Kinne, to the Gill, R Gill's p. 55 in this prouince. eEstate It is Ordered by the Secretary (Judge in Testamentary Causes) that entring into Recogniz. he haue Ires of Admistraon drawne.

Recogniz This day came Robt Cole of St Clemts hundd in the prouince of Robt Cole Maryland, & acknowledged himself e indebted to the Ld Proprietary, in the summe of fifty thowsand pownds of Tob. in case he doe notmake or cause to be made a True & perfect Inuentory of all & singular the goods, chattles, & debts of Benjamin Gill deceased, wch shallor may come to his hands, possessn or knowledge: nor the same doe exhibite into the Office for Probate of Wills & graunting Admistna Ons before the first day of September next, (unlesse uppon iust demand longer time, be graunted him by the Secretary) nor the same goods, chattles & debts doe will & truly admister, That is to say, Doe not pay the debts of the sd deceased, wch hee did owe att his decease, as far as the sd goods, chattles, & debts will extend & the Law charge him. Or if he shall not make a true & just account of & uppon his sd Admistraon, when hee shall be thento lawfully requyred. Or shall not distribute & dispose the remainder of the sd goods & chattles wch shall be fownd uppon his sd account examined & allowed in the sd Office, in such manner & forme, as shall bee limitted & appointed by the Judge or Judges appointed or authorized in tht behalfe. And in case any last Will & Testament of the sd Beniamin Gill shall appeare, & the Exequutoe or Exequutoes therein named, doe exhibite the same, making request to haue the same approued accordingly. Then if he doe not after request to him lawfully made, render & deliuer up his lres of Admistraon into the sd Office, Or shall not att any time acquittdischarge & saue harmelesse the Secretary & all other Officers impowred to the graunting of lres of Admistraon agst all persons, hauing or pretending to haue any right, tytle, or interest in & to the sayd goods, chattles & debts.

Recogniz Cora me Willm Bretton. Robert Cole

Lres Admistraon to Robt Cole

Caecilius Absolute Lord & Prope of the Pronince of Maryland &Aualon Lord Baron of Baltemore, To Robt Cole of St Clemts hunddin the County of St Maries, Greeting. Whereas Beniamin Gill late of this prouince Deceased, Dyed wthout any Will, Wee doe therfore ore giue & graunt unto you the sd Robt Cole of St Clemts in the County aforesd ifull power & Authority to admister All & singular the goods, chattles & debts of the sayd deceased, And to demand, collect, Leuy, & in Legall manner requyre and receaue All, & all manner of Debt & debts due & oweing to the sd Deceased & well & fayth fully to dispose of the same. And out of the goods, debts & chattles of the sd deceased, wch haue, may, or shall come to yor hands or possesn Well & truly to pay the debts due by the sd Deceased, soe far forth as the same shall therto extend, & the Law will charge you, according to the trew ualew & summe thereof, you hauing first taken yor Oath well & truly to admister the same. And to make, or cause to be made a true & pefect Inuentory of All & singular the goods, chattles, & debts of the sd Deceased, wch haue may, or shall come to yor hands, possesn or knowledge. And allso a true & just acct, in & concerning yor adthistraon therein, And to exhibite both into the Office for Probate of Wills, & graunting Admistraons lawfully authorized.

Touching wth Tuentory, you are assigned to performe att or before the first day of September next ensuing. And an account when you shall bee therto lawfully requyred. And lastly Wee doe hereby constitute, ordaine, & appoynt you the sd Robert Cole Admistratoe of All & singular the goods chattles, & debts of the sd Deceased, Gyuen att St Maries under the Great Seale of Our prouince of Maryland this 17th day of May in the 26th yeare of Our Dominion ouer the sdprouince of Maryland Anoqe Dth 1658. Wittnes Oe Deare Brother

Philip Caluert Esqr Secretary of Our sd prouince.

Philip Caluert Secr.

Volume 65, Page 683 

Willtm Bretton (Admistrator of Benjamin Gill deceased) dds

wart agst Edmond Lindsey accOn Debt 2000l Tob.

Wart to Sheriffe Charles County to arrest &c: Ret next Prou:

Court holden 28th ffeb. Ut suprâ.

Willm Bretton (Admistrator of Benjamin Gill deceased) dds wart

agst James Lindsey accön Debt & Case 10000l Tob.

Wart to Sheriffe Charles County to arrest &c: Ret next Prou:

Court 28th ffeb. Ut suprâ.

Edmond Lindsey dds wart agst Capt William Battin accön Case

500l Tob.

Volume 10, Page 203

Upon the motion of Benjamin Gill touching three hundred

       pounds of Tobacco and Caske attached in Walter Packes his

       hands of Thomas Thornboroughes for the Rent of Mr Neales

       Plantation due from Thorneboroughe. It is Ordered that the

       Said Pakes make paymt of the Said Tobacco towards discharge

       of Soe much of his Ldps Rent as the Same was attached for,

       And that he be in that respect discharged against the Said

       Thorneboroughe and Gabriell Odgers his Attorney by this


        At a Court held at St Maries (The Govr Col ifranc. Yardley

        24o Novembris 1652 J Present Capt Jno Price mr Tho:

                              ( Hatton Mr Job Chandler

Volume 10, Page 441 

Whereas lames Linsey Peticoned to this Court for Admin- Liber B.

       istration of the Estate of Benjamin Gill deceased And Whereas No.

       Thomas Gerrard Esq hath Caveatcd to the Court for a demurr

       of Administracon till the next Court in Respect it is presumed

       the Said Gill made a will, It therefore ordered that the Said

       Lindsey being possessed of the Said Estate Shall give Securitie

       for his faithful & diligent Care of the Said Estate & to give

       an Account thereof at the next Provinciall Court at which Time

       it Shall be further ordered.

Volume 49, Page 156

Att a Court held att New Towne for the County of St Maries  27th Octobr 1663.

prflt Mr Robt Slye Mr John Lawson


Mr Tho: Dent Mr John Nutthall

To the Worll the Commisrs of St Maries County.

The Petn of Giles Brent Humbly Sheweth

That whereas John Hammond hath bene yor Petrs Attorney agst Benjamin Gill, & receaued one Thowsd and odde pownds of Tob. & Cask in the yeare 53 or 54, And the sd Tob. was payd by Mr Tho: Gerard, or his order, The wch Tob. the sd Hammond not yett restored to yor Petr. Therefore yor Petr craueth of yor worps an Order agst the 8d Hammonds Estate And yor Petr shall pray/

Mr Thomas Gerard maketh oath tht in the yeare 53 or 54 Mr JohnHammond the Attorney of Capt Giles Brent did impleade Mr Benjamin Gill for a Debt of one Thowsd Eighty & Eight pownds of Tob. & cask, And the Gill being brought to his howse by the sheriffe James Veitch, Hee the sd Gerard did then pay one Thowsd pownds of Tob, by his sonne Mr Slye, & Eighty & Eight pownds of Tob. in Sugar & a Payle to the sd Hammond, & further Sayth not.

Tho: Gerard.

Volume 4, Page 500 

29 oct: Benjamin Gill Attorney of Mr James Accon of the Case for

                       Neale plte. Gabriel Ozier deft possion of Mr Neales


                  House and Plantacon deteyned by the deft

                    Wart inde rctornable No: Court

Volume 41, Page 8 

Re Estate of Order to the Sheriff to possess Robt Cole of the Estate of Ben: Gill

Gill Whereas by order at a Provincial! Court the 16th of June 1656 Robert Cole was thereby Impowered to be possest of the Estate of Benjamin Gill deceased then in the hands and possession of James Linsey. The Court doth farther order upon the Petition of the Said Cole that the Sheriffe do put the Said Cole into possession of all and real! the Estate of the Said Gill deceased, and that the Sd Linsey be Summoned at the Court in March next to give a true account of the Said Gills Estate. And that the Said Cole doe put in good Security to be answerable for and to give a true account of the Said Estate when he Shall be thereunto Lawfully Called.

Volume 73, Page 139 

Resurvey by order of the government.


    " Whereas I am informed there is an erroneous survey made of a tract of land now in the possession of captain James Neale, that did formerly belong to Benjamin Gill deceased, containing one thousand acres the survey made in anno one thousand six hundred forty nine, which is conceived to be more,
and so to the prejudice of his Lordship in point of rent; these are therefore in the name of the Lord Proprietary to will and require you to resurvey the said land according to the ancient meets and bounds, and to return the true contents thereof into the secretary's office within six months after the date hereof; and for so much as you shall find that tract to contain more than one thousand acres accept of rights from the said Neale out of those rights which he hath already upon record or shall further enter, and for so doing this shall be your warrant. Given under my hand this sixth day of October one
thousand six hundred sixty four.

                    True copy to be recorded.

                                        DANIEL JENIFER.

    To the surveyor general or his deputy."

        LIBER No. 7. fol. 468.


    This tract was found on resurvey to contain an excess or surplus of 220 acres, for which Neale entered and applied five rights, as by the warrant directed, and obtained a new grant for the whole 1220 acres.¾This is called on record a patent upon resurvey, and not patent of confirmation which
term had not then got into use.

Volume 10, Page 64  

By the Leivet &c of Maryland

                These are to authorize Mr Richard Browne to examine vppon

              oath by him to bee administred what witnesses ffrancis Poesey

              shall thinke fitt touching a bargaine lately made betweene him

              the said Poesey and Benjamin Gill for a certaine quantity of

              land Given at St Maries this 12th of September 1650

                                                Wm Stone

Volume 53, Page 56 

Mr Hennerie Addames Prefereth his Petitione as falloweth

To the Honourable Josias Fendall Gout & the Woripfl Commis-sioners of Charleses Countie the humble Petitione of Hennerie Ad-dames most humblie Sheweth

That whearas your Petitioner beeing appoynted by Mr Benjamin Gill to bee one of his Executors in the yeare of owr Lord one thow-sand Six hundered fiftie flue & the Sayd Gill soone after deceasing your Petitioner was at the Charge for his funerall seauen hundered twentiefour pounds of tob: besids his los of time, The Premisses beeing taken into your serious Considerations your Petitioner most humblie Craueth an order of Court for the Principall and for whot you shall iudge the forbareance of the aboue mentioned some for four years is worth & your Petitioner Shal Pray &c

Upon the Peru siall of the Account of the sayd Mr Addames con-cerning the funerall Charges of Mr Beniamin Gill: it is thaught by this board Conuenient that Mr Addames shal haue seauen hundered twentie fowr pounds of tob: payd unto him: according unto his Petition

Volume 41, Page 197

Willm Edwin aged 46 yeares & upwards att the request of Robt July 28th

Cole maketh oath, tht ffowre yeares agoe Mr Benjamin Gill lay sick 1658 Re Gill's at this Deponts howse: & in time of his sickness there he declared to Estate Depont That if it pleased God to take him out of this lffe, Robert Cole who was his Kinsman should enjoy all tht euer he had, Except his sonne or Daughter, or some of their Children should perchance come in hither into this Country William Edwin

Jurat Cora me Willm Bretton

Mary the Wffe of Willm Edwin maketh Oath That Mr Beniamin

Gill, lying sick att her howse, was uery desyrous to haue some body to write his Will, & there being nobody then there lyuing that could write, He requested this Depont to beare wittnes tht hee gaue hee had to his Kinsman Robt Cole; Except Mr Neale or his Wffe, or any of their Children should come into this Prouince, & further sayd That hee had none here to enjoy what hee had, but his Kinsman

Robert Cole The mark of

Jurat Cora me Willm BrettonMary loo Edwin

Marcella Dawson

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