Botetourt Co. VA. was formed from Augusta Co. in 1770 apparently a large county extending infinitely to the west; Fincastle was formed from Botetourt in 1777; and Kentucky formed from Fincastle. Botetourt Co. c1835 was a smaller entity defined at the headwaters of the Fluvanna River and to the south on a map of 1796. These Gills were due west of Chesterfield & Henrico Co.s, and probably directly on the migration route down the great Shenandoah Valley from Pennsylvania (the route of present day I81). Hence there may be a connection to Augusta Co. Gills.



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Erasmus Gill information gleaned from family papers on the Hamilton Side, may or may not be right, and I am looking for info on Erasmus.  Was there more than one Erasmus Gill who was a captain in the VA forces?

Any clarification GREATLY APPRECIATED! Trouble I see, if Erasmus had Samuel, and they both fought in the War...can that be right?? Could the Erasmus I mention as the father of Samuel have been the brother, or???

Descendants of Erasmus Gill

Generation No. 1

1. Erasmus1 Gill

Notes for Erasmus Gill: Served in Rev War, mustered out as Captain; Sergeant, 2nd VA, August 28, 1776; 2nd Lieutenant June 15, 1777; 1st Lieutenant 4th Continental Dragoons February 1779; taken prisoner at the siege of Savannah October 3, 1779, exchanged October 22, 1780; Captain 1781, served to the close of the war

Children of Erasmus Gill and unknown are:

  1. · 2 i. 2Cassandra Gill

Generation No. 2

2. Cassandra2Gill (Erasmus1) She married James Hamilton, son of Robert Hamilton and Jane. He was born 1762.

Notes for James Hamilton:  Entered the 10th Virginia Regiment in 1777 as Ensign, at age of 15; Ensign 10th Regiment January 3, 1777; 2nd Lieutenant March 22, 1977; 1sr Lieutenant january 13, 1778; taken prisoner at Charleston May 12, 1780, on parole til retired Jan. 1, 1783
note, there is no record at Leesburg of his marriage but the oldest child was born 1n 1785 which makes him about 22 years old when married.

Child of Cassandra Gill and James Hamilton is:

  1. 4 i. Samuel Gill3 Hamilton, born 1791; died 1840.
  2. 5 ii Jane Gill Hamilton, born 1794 died 1830

Children of Samuel Gill and Ruth van Meter are:

  1. 5 i. Joseoh V.3 Gill, died 1833 in Note, died in cholera epidemic.
  2. 6 ii. Cassandra Gill, born 1779. She married James Aldredge.
  3. 7 iii. Mary Gill, born 1782. She married John P. Aldredge.
  4. 8 iv. Enos (1) Gill, born 1783; died 1792.
  5. 9 v. Samuel Gill, born 1785.
  6. 10 vi. Elizabeth Gill, born 1787. She married William Owsley.
  7. 11 vii. William Gill, born 1789; died 1833 in Note, cholera epidemic.
  8. · 12 viii. Erasmus Gill, born 1792; died 1850.
  9. 13 ix. Martha/Patsey Gill, born 1798. She married John Gill; born 1784 in Scotland.
  10. 14 x. Emily Gill, born 1799.

Generation No. 3

4. Samuel Gill3 Hamilton (?2 Gill, Erasmus1) was born 1791, and died 1840. He married Anna Fox. She was born 1800, and died 1864.

Notes for Samuel Gill Hamilton: There are the following from the general index to Loudoun land deeds

Hamilton Saml. G. to Sheid Geo bargain and sale Book 3C:129

Hamilton Saml. G. to Saunders Thos R. bargain and sale Book 3C:131

Hamilton Saml. G. to Fox Geo K. bargain and sale Book 3C:258

Hamilton Saml. G. to Carter Geo. Tee trust Book 3Q:010

Hamilton Saml. G. to Boss S. M. Tee trust Book 3Q:205

Hamilton Saml. G. to Boss Saml. M. bargain and sale Book 3W:46

Hamilton Saml. G. &c from McCabe Jane &c bargain and sale Book2Y:281, 283

>From "Loudoun Co Will Book Abstracts, Books A-Z, Dec 1757 - Jun 1841" by Pat Duncan:

KILGORE, George Sale of 14 Apr 1819 by Admr John ROSE: purchasers: Samuel HAMILTON (bought Negro woman Emely), ...... Returned to Court 8 Nov 1819. [Book N:158]

Settlement of 14 Apr 1822 with Admr John ROSE: beginning 19 Mar 1819; payments to George SHEID as guardian for his three children Sarah G. SHEID, Jas. W. SHEID & Jno. H. SHEID, George K. FOX guardian of E. FOX, to Samíl. M. BOSS in right of his wife, to Samíl. G. HAMILTON in right of his wife, to Geo. K. FOX, to Martena B. SHEID Admr. of Wm. SHEID decíd, etc. totaling $19707.26; seven heirs. Subscribers: Saml. M. EDWARDS, Thomas SAUNDERS. Returned to Court 12 Feb 1822. [Book O:25]

From "Loudoun Co Will Book Abstracts, Books 2A-3C, Jun 1841 - Dec 1879" by Pat Duncan

HAMILTON, Erasmus G.

Will of 9 May 1845 (of Leesburg): brother Matthew G. Hamilton named Exor, James Hamilton & wife Cassandra, Erasmus H. Fox son of George K. Fox, James Hamilton son of the late Samuel G. Hamilton. Gives list of property-household and books. Received in Court 24 Oct 1849. Superior Court Book A, page 279.


Child of Samuel Hamilton and Anna Fox is:

  1. · 15 i. Samuel Gill4 Hamilton, born October 05, 1829 in Newark, OH; died July 13, 1903 in Newark, OH.


17 ii. James Hamilton.

5. Jane Gill3 Hamilton (Cassandra2 Gill, Erasmus1) was born 1794, and died 1830. She married George Kilgore Fox. He was born 1795, and died 1867.

        Child of Jane Hamilton and George Fox is:

        18 i. Erasmus H.4 Fox.


13. Erasmus3 Gill (Samuel2, Erasmus1) was born 1792, and died 1850. He married Ann Elizabeth Smith 1822, daughter of Jesse Smith and Joanna Pendleton.

Child of Erasmus Gill and Ann Smith is:

  1. 19 i. Theresa4 Gill, born 1826; died 1906. She married Charles Worthington 1846; born 1819; died 1876.

Generation No. 4

15. Samuel Gill4 Hamilton (Samuel Gill3, Cassandra2 Gill, Erasmus1) was born October 05, 1829 in Newark, OH, and died July 13, 1903 in Newark, OH. He married Mary Cummings, daughter of William Cummings and Mary Swearingen. She was born 1841 in Columbus, IN, and died 1887 in Newark, OH.  Notes for Samuel Gill Hamilton:  veteran of the Mexican War and the Civil War served in John R Duncan's Mounted Regiment in the Mexican War, and in the 1st Ohio Cavalry, as Captain of Company D.  Enlisted 05 August 1861, as a 1st Lieut, at the age of 32.  Promoted to Full Capt on 07 September 1862.  Served Ohio Commission D Co. 1st Cav Reg. OH. Resigned on 22 April 1863. Source: Official Roster of the Soldiers of the State of Ohio abbreviation: OHRoster.  Published by on 1886.  Later he had a farm outside Newark, OH and was also a taxidermist.

Children of Samuel Hamilton and Mary Cummings are:

  1. ·20 i. Ellen5 Cummings Hamilton (Samuel Gill4, Samuel Gill3), born 1872 in Newark, OH; died May 22, 1955. . She married Harry Scott December 04, 1910 in Iron River, MI, son of Milton Scott and Eliza Fant. He was born 1870 in Ohio, and died 1956 in Newark, OH. More About Ellen Cummings Hamilton: Burial: Cedar Hill Cemetery

        Children of Ellen Hamilton and Harry Scott are: ∑