Please note that this page contains all that we have been told.  Some of these claims are contradictory, and I have seen no proof offered for the first two lines.  Please provide feedback on this family.  Documented proof is sought, but any feedback is welcome!  This entire family has now been rewritten, thanks to the probate documents found by Bessie Lloyd!  The two Charles Ewing Gills had been quite confused.  Given how incorrect we had that, I would not give a wooden nickel for these earlier lines!

Thomas Gill (b/abt 1762 in PA) and Rebekah Curry (b/abt 1769 in VA).  Thomas Gill #W3-978 was born in 1762 in Pennsylvania. He served as a private in the Revolution under Capt. James Gill and also under Capt. John Mills. He died 16 Dec. 1839 in York Co., SC. His revolutionary war pension was allowed. He wed 27 June 1793 to Rebekah (Rebecca) Curry who in 1843 gave her age as 73 years (born c1770, FOC).  She was a resident of Buncombe Co., NC in 1856 and stated that she had removed there in 1846. Names of children not given. Andrea record #177  Was Rebekah Curry originally from Buncombe Co., NC, and does this provide a clue to the origin of this Thomas Gill? This Thomas Gill served in the Revolution under Capt. James Gill and Capt. John Mills. He is the only Thomas Gill who claims service under Capt. James Gill. He would have been 28 in 1790, but according to the revolutionary pension application, did not marry until 1793. There really is no documentation as to whom this Thomas Gill belongs. My surmise is that he is an undocumented son of old William Gill 1714->1788, about whom we know little. Probably he is not present in the 1790 census as he was as yet unmarried.  The image below is his undated signature in a revolutionary war indent in the SCDAH, c1785.

The following was found and submitted by Sheila Evans, and copyright to her.  Beware the Ides of March and data that is not primary data!  We are here merely making available all that we can find.

Re: Thomas GILL ma. Rebecca CURRY 27 Jun 1793 : Using Virgil White's Abstracts of Rev War 1351.

3 children named: Jinsey Ca....n b. 19 Nov 1794; George GILL b. 23 Jun 1798, Melinda b. 1 July 1804 and ...illegible ...b 1806...evidently all born in Chester or York District.  (Note by FOC, this list of children does not, I repeat does not, contain the "Samuel Curry Gill" born 1797 in SC listed below.  We need to get an original copy of this application.)  Samual Curry Gill may have been named for Rebekah Curry and still may not be her child.  This was common in this area in this time frame -FOC.

Documented Children of Thomas Gill married to Rebekah Curry

  1. Jinsey Gill born 19 Nov. 1793
  2. George Gill born 23 June 1798
  3. Melinda Gill born 1 July 1804
  4. illegible Gill born 1806

Thomas, Rebecca, W3978, SC Line, sol appl 18 Oct 1832 York Dist SC aged 69 yr 10 m, sol b in 1762 PA, sol lived in Chester Dist SC at enl, sol d 16 Dec 1839, wid appl 31 Dec 1843 York Dist SC aged 74 yr, sol m Rebekah CURRY 27 Jun 1793, children shown were; Jinsey Ca???n b. 19 Nov 1794, George b 23 Jun 1798, Melinda b 1 Jul 1804 & illegible name b. 1806....

______note by FOC, in the records below that Sheila found, probably are contained all records of several Thomas Gills. Again, we include them all for completeness.  Please use caution!  

South Carolina Roster - Soldiers pg 357

GILL, THOMAS W3978 b. 1762 PA d. 16 Dec. 1839 ma. Rebecca Curry, 27 June 1793. He entered service under Capt. JAMES GILL and Maj. ADAIR during June 1779 or 1780 and was sent out against CUNNINGHAM. Next, he was under Capt. John MILLS as a ranger.


Just another note re: the name THOMAS GILL

Thomas GILL Pvt. 3rd SC, died 12-2-1776 ** I don't have the ref. here. But he is the same Thomas GILL also noted in the South Carolina Roster pg 357. reads as:

GILL, THOMAS d. 2 December 1776. He enlisted in the Second Regiment on 4 November 1775. N.A. 853.

another THOMAS GILL under Capt James GILL during 1782: South Carolina Roster, pg. 357 reads as:

GILL, THOMAS Jr. - He served 28 days in the militia under Capt. James GILL during 1782. A.A. 2834; I263.

I did not (Yet) copy the above references, I used the pg. 357 SC to cross reference w/Virgil White's List and the DAR Centennial lists.

                           |  (have not seen proof of this link, but the data are suggestive.)


Samuel Curry Gill born c1797 in SC died 1857 married Susan Ewing (b/abt 1799 in Kentucky) (1850 census yields 1805)(Susan had a brother named Charles Ewing) Terry Gill lists Samuel C. Gill's parents as Thomas Gill and Rebecca Curry.  If correct, Thomas Gill who married Rebecca Curry is associated with the Fishing Creek Gills of Chester County SC, but never documented to my knowledge as part of that family. (N. Anthony Moore, Ph.D).  Records found by Bessie Lloyd. Two known children: Charles Ewing Gill born c1820 TN, and John W. Gill

Children from the 1850 census:

  1. George Gill 20 Ala
  2. Samuel Gill 18 Ala
  3. Caroline Gill 16 Ala
  4. Susan Gill 14 Ala
  5. William Gill 13 Ala
  6. Rebecca Gill 10 Ala


Members of the Gill and Ewing families moved together from Alabama to Mississippi and then on to Texas.(N. Anthony Moore, Ph.D)


A Texas record stated that both parents were born in Laurens District, SC, and reared in Laurens Co., AL.  This record has no basis in documentation of which I am aware.  There was a Sarah Gill of Baltimore, MD who married a Jeremiah Ewing in 1853, and I wonder if this is telling us of the original Gill/Ewing area of residence??

(I was sent the following) "James Lilly came to Chester County, SC in 1798. He married Sarah Gill, a descendent of Robert Gill, one of the original settlers of the area. James and Sarah Gill Lilly lived at Fishing Creek, Chester County, SC. Sarah Gill Lilly, two infant sons, and another child, John M. Lilly, are buried at the Upper Fishing Creek Presbyterian Church. Robert Gill Lilly, a son of James and Sarah Gill Lilly, in 1846 moved with his family and other relatives to northeast MS, naming the settlement Chesterville after their home of Chester, SC. About the same time Samuel C. Gill moved his family from northeast Alabama to the area of Chesterville. I don't have the record with me but I believe that G. W. Gill, a son Samuel C., purchased land there before 1845. This certainly strengthens the Gill connection to Fishing Creek. For your information, James Lilly and Robert Gill Lilly are both buried in the Chesterville Cemetery (also known as the Lilly cemetery). The inscriptions are: James Lilly born in Ireland - 1776 died in Chesterville MS - 1863; Robert Gill Lilly Sr. Born Chester, S.C. Sept. 13, 1818 Died Chesterville MS 7 Dec 1908 Mason."

"The parents of Charles Ewing Gill moved while he was an infant to Pontotoc Co. (Now Lee Co.), MS.  Charles E. Gill reputedly removed to north AL, then to north MS about 1848.  The 1860 Pontotoc Co. MS Census Vol. V no. 1 #1891. Charles Ewing Gill was a Confederate veteran.  Aaron Milam was appointed an appraiser for the estate of Samuel C. Ewing. Aaron Milam was the son of Bartlett Milam, a brother of William Allen Milam. Thus, Aaron Milam was a cousin to Elisha Jane Milam Gill, wife of Charles Ewing Gill. Aaron Milam is shown to be living at Chesterville in the 1860 Pontotoc County census.  Charles Ewing Gill, E. J. Gill, their younger children, and several other north MS Gill's removed to Texas in 1869, resided at Newport, Clay Co.. Charles Ewing Gill moved on to Johnson County and Clay County TX in the 1870's.  Charles Ewing moved to Johnson County TX in the early 1870's and then on to Clay County TX. Susan E. (Sudie) Gill married Isaac Allen Hodges in Johnson Cty. on Oct. 29, 1873.  Charles Ewing Gill and E. J. Gill are buried at Newport, Clay County, TX. The headstones are in place and the inscriptions are legible. This cemetery is well cared for and has been indexed so that the graves are easy to find. The markers for Charles Ewing and E. J. have birth and death dates. Charles Ewing Gill b/February 17, 1821 d/December 9, 1905; E. J. Gill b/January 8, 1827 d/April 21, 1889."

Bessie Lloyd, of this family, kindly sent the following two probate records:

This is from a book of wills in Pontotoc, Miss. To the Honorable John S. Neely Judge of the Probate Court of Pontotoc county, Miss.

Samuel C. Gill Heirs

The petition of Charles E. Gill & George W. Gill residents of said County. (Samuel C. Gill) departed this life the 19th day of May 1857 leaving no will to be found as your petitioners knows or believes. That said County being three hundred & twenty acres, and four negroe slaves young & old, several horses, one mule, & cattle & hogs, some farming utensils and some few debts owing decedent, & the growing crop of the present year all of said personal estate being estimated to be worth about four thousand dollars. That your petitioners are the sons of said decedent, the widow of said decedent having declined to administer herself. That besides your petitioners, the said decedent left a widow, Susan Gill, and nine other children, to wit, John W. Gill, Saml. C. Gill, Caroline Layton, wife of Thomas Layton, Susan Filgo, wife of George W. Filgo, Martha Ann Wilson, wife of William Wilson, & three children of Izitta Emeline McWhorter dec;d late wife of Jas N. McWhorter, to wit, Susan c. McWhorter, Thomas McWhorter & Jas N. McWhorter & William Gill & Rebecca C. Gill, two (the last mentioned) being minors, & the three children of Iutta (different spelling) E. McWhorter dec'd. That your petitioners believing that said estate should be administered upon immediately as well for collection of the other assets by virtue of their right under letters of administration to them in the premises upon qualifying themselves according to law & the directions of this Court. Your petitioners beg leave to offer to the consideration of your Honor John W. Gill & Susan Gill as Securities upon their bond & to nominate David Hoyl, James M. Wylie & Aaron Milam as appraisers to value & c the goods & chattels & personal estate of said intestate, & to set apart to the widow Susan Gill personalty to which she is entitled by law & her year allowance.

And as in duty bound & c ( this is typed as it is written) G.W. Gill C. E. Gill

Sworn to before me in Open Court this 10th day of August 1857

John S. Neely Probate Judge

I also found this.

To the Honorable Wm. S. Bates Judge of the Probate Court of Pontotoc County Miss.

The petition of the undersigned Administrators of the estate of S. C. Gill dec;d would resprctfully represent & show that they have administered on said estate and file with this petition their final account for allowances.

Your petitioners would further show that said decedent died leaving several heirs, to wit: Susan Gill widow of decedent, John W. Gill, J. J. Gill, S. C. Gill, Wm M. Gill, Rebecca McWhorter & her husband Jno P. McWhorter, Martha A. Wilson & her husband Wm S. Wilson & Thomas McWhorter, James McWhorter and Susan McWhorter (children of Emeline McWhorter daughter of decedent, who is now dead) their fathers name is James N. McWhorter and Susan Filgo & her husband George Filgo all of whom reside in said County of Pontotoc (Your petitioners are also heirs at law of said decedent & reside in said County) & Caroline Layton & her husband Thomas who reside in Monroe Co Miss. It may be proper to remark however that S. C. Gill & Wm Gill are at present in the army in the State of Virginia.

The premises considered, your petitioners would respectfully pray the Court for citations to said parties to be and appear at a subsequent term of this court, and on a day certain to show cause if any they can why said account upon final hearing should not be allowed & c C. E. Gill G. W. Gill Adminr & c

Sworn to in Open Court Aug. 15, 1861

Wm. S. Bates Judge & c

References: Gill Gazette Vol. I, No. 4, page 80, stated as taken from History of Texas, Chicago, Lewis Pub. 1893; 1860 census, N. Antony More, Ph.D., Gerry Hackley and web site at (off site).  Eight children, clearly all of Eliza Jane Wilson whom Charles Ewing Gill married in Lawrence Co., AL 29 Jan 1845.

The 1857 probate records above clearly list 11 children of Samuel C. Gill who died in 1857, and all were over the age of 21 in 1857, so born on or before 1836, except the last two:

  1. Charles E. Gill, born in 1821.
    1. William Monroe Gill, born 1847 Laurens Co., AL, signed up for CSA 1862 before he was 15, 1865 returned to Tupelo where in 1870 he married Ella Poole, died 1890 dau. Wm. Poole. Removed to Johnson CO., Texas in 1874, to Milam Co., TX in 1882.  This is the line of, and the following is from, Bessie Loyd: William Monroe Gill died in Austin, Tex 11 Jan 1917 and is buried in Cameron, Milam Co. Tex. I have been to the cem. where he and Ella are buried. According to the book Abstracts of Rev. War Pension Files, Thomas Gill and Rebecca Curry had the children Jinsey Ca?? b. 19 Nov 1794, George b. 23 Jun 1798, Melinda b. 1 Jul 1804, and 1 name illegible b. in 1806 there is no Samuel C. mentioned.  Six children:
      1. Clarence Gill
      2. Robert Emmett Gill
      3. Allie Gill
      4. Sam Gill
      5. Lizzie Gill
      6. Mary Gill
    2. Sarah Elizabeth Gill 1848, AL
    3. Thomas Samuel Gill or Samuel E. Gill 1849, MS
    4. Charles E. Gill 1851, MS
    5. John Melton Gill born c1853, MS; moved with his parents to Clay County TX. He died at his farm near Bluegrove TX in 1935. Many of his descendants still live in Clay County.
    6. Susan E. "Sudie" Gill born 1858 Feb Itawamba, MS, married in Johnson Co., Tx. 29 Oct 1873 Isaac Allen Hodges according to Weldon Hudson's Johnson County Marriage Records 1854-1883 (Texas). Isaac was a farmer. Sudie Gill Hodges died about 1926 in Corsicana, Navarro Co., Tx. "Sudie" and Isaac or "Ike" had eleven children with no. 5 being Jesse Ewing Hodges, my Grandfather. He went from Johnson Co, TX to Stonewall Co. and after a drought there, they went by wagon to Matagorda Co., TX. They had a large home there and my Great aunt calls it a hotel but today's terminology would call it a boarding house. At that time Matagorda County was having an oil "boom" and the rail road was under construction so I am certain that their home was full of people.
    7. Eliza J. Gill 1859, MS
    8. Rebecca C. Gill born 1867 MS, married James Henry Crump about 1894 in Clay County, TX. James and Rebecca Crump had three children when she died in 1917, one being my grandfather John Alfred Crump. James Crump and Rebecca Gill Crump are both buried at the Bluegrove Cemetery, Bluegrove, Clay Cty. TX.
  2. George W. Gill born on or before 1836
  3. John W. Gill born on or before 1836.  The 1850 Pontotoc County census lists his wife as Margaret.  John W. Gill, brother of Charles Ewing Gill, married Mary Milam, 7 September 1858.  The 1860 census shows his wife to be Mary E. (Milam, I presume). Their seventh child, Franklin.
  4. Samuel C. Gill born on or before 1836
  5. Caroline Gill Layton born on or before 1836, wife of Thomas Layton
  6. Susan Gill Filgo born on or before 1836, wife of George W. Filgo
  7. Martha Ann Gill Wilson born on or before 1836, wife of William Wilson
  8. Izitta Emeline Gill McWhorter born on or before 1836, died before 1857, dec;d late wife of Jas. N. McWhorter
  9. William Gill born 1837-1857, minor in 1857
  10. Rebecca C. Gill born 1837-1857, minor in 1857

 (FOC: the following record apparently refers to one or two generations beyond what we have above.)  Teresa Barnette sent the following on her great grandmother, Sudie Gill. My great grandmother, Sudie Gill, is the daughter of Charles Gill and Sarah Matlock. She was born 09 Nov 1891 (and this from her application to SS) "near Ardmore, & Carter OK.. My Dad says he knew her, and that she told him she was born in Mississippi. She was a "truck" farmer in OK...that means that she grew produce and "trucked" it out to vendors elsewhere.

Copyright ©2000 Bessie Lloyd.

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