My paternal grandfather Butler Gill was b. 1901 in Laurel MS to Ella Jackson and Clarence Gill. This has been verified by both Butlers death certificate issued in Detroit MI (Wayne County) 1935, in addition to my own fathers birth certificate. However, I find myself stumped once again. You suggested that I look through MS census 1900-1910. I did this with no luck. I concentrated on Jones County (Laurel) and also the surrounding counties. I was in contact with a man named George Janes, head of the Genealogy Dept. at the Jones County Library (he did look-ups for me), and the Jones County MS Historical Society (Flicka Smith). I even researched an obscure town near the Al border called Laurel Ridge. I still have queries out on the net....nothing! I have tried to contact most Gill lines in MS, even the Clarence Ewing Gill line. All that have responded know nothing of my line. You can imagine my excitement while peeking through the KY section of your Gill web site I found another Butler Gill b. 1842 to James M. Gill and Minerva (Boone?) in Meade County! As Butler is an extremely unusual given name I feel there might be a connection between KY Butler and MS Butler (grandfather or uncle?). I immediately contacted Sharon Collins, who claims no record of marriage or children can be found about this Butler, in fact KY Butler does not show up in the KY census after 1860-70. Sharon feels that there is a strong possibility that the Taylor County KY Gills and the Meade County KY Gills are related. If so I must pose this question... could they be connected to the Clarence EWING Gill line.

Annie Bell Gill and Nicholas Schooling Ray of Taylor County KY had a child named Hallie EWING Ray b. 1884. Obviously EWING used as a middle name has me wondering.

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