I have been trying to connect with Gills who are related to me!    My mother was Lonice V. Clemons, married John Jackson Nettles. Her mother died when my mom was about 10 yrs old. her dad was Thomas A. Clemons. Her mother's name was Sallie Georgia Gill born 27 Oct 1865. they lived near the Sante Fe and Suwannee rivers, where my grandfather ran the ferry near where the rivers come together, about 1890-1900,or near that time, near Sandy Point Camp & Restaurant.   I have been told that Sallie's mom was called Sue. It could have been a nickname.  I have not been able to find Sallie's father's name, I just know him as Mr. Gill. I have found many Gills in Suwannee, Hamilton, Madison, Alachua, and etc. I know that Sallie had sisters named Sue or Susan, Donnie or Dawnie, may be short for Caledonia, a brother named Jack, who had a son named Richard.  It could have been reversed----a brother named Richard, with a son named Jack.  I have been trying to find a family unit for many years.

Sallie was born 16 sept 1865, and married Thomas A. Clemons in 1885. They were my mothers parents. Lonice Valeria Clemons. In the Alachua Co FL [Gainesville] probate records, I have found court records showing where Thomas A . applied, and was granted guardianship, of Dixie Gill 16 yrs old. he was the minor child of Andrew J. Gill, deceased.  I also found out that Alachua County is putting ALL of their records on the internet. just go to their web site at www.clerk-alachua-fl.org, they are all at no cost. it seems that the clerk of court feels that these records belong to the people! isn't that great. the person who is in charge of the project is James (Jim). he was very helpful to me. these records are now called- ' ancient records,' and housed in the old courthouse down town on the square. Just go to ancient records and you can get the copies. several pages.  The one thing that is confusing to me is the referral by Thomas A that the widow Gill desired him to be the guardian, also his mother?? could it be a manner of speaking?   Also in court docs. I found an application for a marriage license for Andrew J. Gill and Hattie Lackquy in 1888 book C page 073.  In the 1880 soundex for FL I found Andrew J. Gill age31 with wife Mary Ann age 32 and the following children: Oscar f. age 10, Alex E. age 7, Joshua D. age 5, and Roseetta age3.  Could Dixie Gill have been a son born 1880-81, after the census? Andrew and and his family lived near Madison FL, in 1880. But in1888 he applied for marriage license in Alachua for Andrew J. Gill and Hattie Lackquy. Or maybe this was another Andrew J. Gill.  Also, there was a William Gill living in Madison Co., FL near Madison, in 1850. I have not had time to read this census yet. maybe he could be Andrew J. Gill's father.

Andrew J. Gill would have been about age 1-2. in 1850. Living near Andrew J. in Madison Co FL, in the 1880 census was, Richard Gill age 25, wife Charity Gill age 25, and 2 daughters. Jane age 7, and Martha age 2. Living in this household was Cynthia age 60, referred to as mother.

Could Sallie Georgia Gill have been a sister to Andrew J. Gill?  Did the J. stand for Jack?

(Caution by FOC, we may have several famililes intermixed in these records)

Andrew J. Gill born c1849.  Madison Co., FL marriage records: Andrew J. Gill married Mary Agnew (February 27, 1868)(Courtesy of B. Ruff ). In the 1880 soundex for FL I (I. Nettles Smith) found Andrew J. Gill age 31 with wife Mary Ann age 32 and the following children: Oscar f. age 10, Alex E. age 7, Joshua D. age 5, and Roseetta age3. Madison Co., FL marriage record: A. J. Gill married Mary J. Pridgeon (February 20, 1883)(Courtesy of B. Ruff). Alachua Co FL [Gainesville] marriage license for Andrew J. Gill and Hattie Lackquy in 1888 book C page 073.   B. Ruff has the two marriage certificates for A.J. Gill; one for Mary Jane (Pridgeon) Gill and one for Mary Agnew Gill. According to a cousin, Mary Agnew was married to A.J. Gill for a year, had a baby named Oscar Gill, took him and left A.J. after a year of marriage.  Children:

  1. Oscar F. Gill age 10, born 1870
  2. Alex E. Gill age 7, born 1873
  3. Joshua D. Gill age 5, born 1875
  4. Roseetta Gill age3, born 1877
  5. Dixie Gill, born c1881, 16 yrs old in 1896, documented son of Andrew J. Gill

William Gill probably in Jones Co., GA in 1840, 2m<5 ((Jesse J. & Wm.P), 1m 10-15 (Greene & Hy. gone at age 18), 2f 5-10 (Mahaley &?), 1f 10-15 (?), 1f 15-20 (?), both Wm. and wife 40-50, born 1790-1800.

These are the probable parents of Henry G. Gill, and their children, that were still at home, as follows:

1850 Lee Co, GA 1850 census, f 20/h 20

William Gill m age 60 farmer 100.00 b GA or SC, born 1790

Nancy Gill f ----49 b GA, born 1801

  1. Henry G. Gill b 1822 GA,  Listed separately on 1850 census.  Probable adult son.  Henry G. Gill married Emily in Lee Co GA 1848
  2. Greene Gill, b abt 1828. GA,  Listed separately on 1850 census. Probable adult son.
  3. Mahaley T Gill f ---17 b ga, born 1833
  4. Jesse J Gill m ---14 b ga, born 1836
  5. William P Gill m --9 b ga, born 1841
  6. Robert C Gill m --6 b ga, born 1844
  7. Nancy M Gill f ---5 b ga, born 1845

I found, who I am positive, is Sallie Georgia Gill's family, in Lee County, GA in the 1850 census, as well as the 1860 census. they are as follows:

Lee Co, GA 1850

H.G. Gill m age 28 blacksmith 1000.00 b GA, born 1822

Emily Gill f --- 18, born,  b GA, born1832 

  1. Mary J Gill f ---1 b GA, born 1849

1860 Lee Co GA census d280 /f280

Henry G. Gill m age 38 overseer 2o.oo 20.00 b--SC, born 1822

Emily Gill f --- 26 b ga born 1834

  1. Mary J Gill f --- 12 b ga , born 1848
  2. Mariah T Gill f ---10 b ga , born 1850
  3. Emily O Gill f ---8 b ga, born 1852
  4. Henry J Gill m ---6 b ga, born 1854 (Henry Jackson Gill, "Jack").  Henry J Gill [Jack] married Elizabeth Cathcart..in Suwannee Co FL 13 Dec 1877.
  5. Susan Gill f --- 4 b ga, born 1856.  Susan [Sue] Gill married William Reynolds,25 Oct 1885 in Suwannee Co, FL.
  6. Wm C Gill m ---3/12 b ga, born 1860

I think this is our family from the 1880 Alachua Co, FL census. At that time we had Jack [Henry J ] and Sue [Susan] both as being 25 years old, and we wondered if they were twins. they are not. i had no idea there would be these children, as about six weeks ago I did not even know my great grandparents names!! if you will look at the 1880 census, you will see the last two children born after the 1860 census, Donie [Dorie] b abt 1860 and my grandmother, Sallie Georgia Gill b 1865.  I have not found them on the 1870 census yet, but am looking.  

I have the marriage dates also for Henry J Gill [Jack] and Elizabeth Cathcart..in Suwannee Co FL 13 dec 1877.  I also have the one on Susan [Sue] Gill, and William Reynolds,25 oct 1885.also in suwannee co fl.

these records confirm several things for me.

# 1 they were here in the 1870's

# 2 andrew j was called jack.

# 3 lizzie, on the 1880 census, was NOT a daughter, but the wife of  jack, [ elizabeth cathcart] therefore she was a daughter in law.

In the 1860 lee co ga census, william is not listed. since he was 60 years old in the 1850 census, it is possible he had died. i plan to check on this.

nancy is the head of the house d 11/ h 11

Nancy Gill f age 54 cleans b SC, born c1806

  1. Robert Ggill m -- 17 b ga
  2. Nancy Gill f ---15 b ga

I found where a William Gill, married a lady named Nancy Seaborn, in Baldwin Co., GA, on 29 Apr 1824. the marriage date is two years aftter Henry G. Gill was born.

I found Sallie with her family, in Alachua Co FL.!! after 40 yrs of searching every where thats, where they were. They were in the new 1880 indexed census for alachua co fl. at the L>D>S> church family history center. very speedy! i was told her husband called her sue. he could have, but her name is emily!

1880 indexed census for Alachua Co FL.

Emily Gill self f age 50 b GA widow (born c1830)

  1. Sue Gill dau f age 25 b fl s born c1855
  2. Dorie Gill dau f age 20 b fl s [ her name was Donie] born c1860
  3. Sallie Gill dau f age 18 b fl s [Sallie Georgia Gill was born 27 Oct 1865] born c1862.  This is the line of  I. Nettles Smith.
  4. Jack Gill son m age 20 b fl married born c1860, wife Lizzie Gill ("dau") f age 20 b ga s

I would appreciate information on this family.  I. Nettles Smith

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