Florida CSA Pension Files:

  1. File # Name Year Pages in file
  2. Andrew Gill #A02528, Home Guard, Wife: Mollie Foster, Hamilton County, Florida 1921--16 pages in file.
  3. Edward Gill #A00073, 10 Regt. Inf., Wife: Nepsey Cheshire, Hamilton County, Florida 1903--8 pages in file
  4. Joseph Gill (#11 below) #A02486, 9th Regt. Inf., Wife: Belle Johnson, Alachua County, Florida 1892--20 pages in file
  5. A01053 Wm. J. Haisten, 20 Reg. Inf., 1901 31 Mary Gill, Suwannee Co., Florida
  6. A01576 Wm. Newborn, 5th Regt. Inf., 1913 10 Adella Gill, Desoto Co., Florida
  7. A02373 John R. Gill, 1st Bttn. Spc. Cav., 1918 15 Nellie (Benham), Hillsborough Co., Florida
  8. A08805 Thomas S. K. Gill, 9th Reg. Inf., 1927 16 Pasco County, Florida
  9. A10391 Richard Spencer Gill, Navy Srv., 1934 8 Nannie (Strachan), Palm Beach Co., Florida
  10. A12972 John Gill, 10 Reg. Inf., Hamilton 1888 4 County, Florida
  11. D02043 Wm. H. Gill, Arty Units, Hamilton 1899 3 Co., Florida
  12. D11311 A. J. Gill, South Carolina, 1908 7 Kizzie (?), Hillsborough Co.,  Florida

Florida CSA Records (courtesy of Coley Scott):

  1. Albert Gill served Boynton Bluff 1863, deserted 1863
  2. Albert Gill born 1841 Marion, GA  served Barrancas 1863- died 1865
  3. Andrew Gill born 10 Feb. 1850 Lowndes Co. GA died 1924 Hamilton Co., FL
  4. Benjamin L. Gill born 1837, served  St. Marks 1862, died 1862
  5. Edward D. Gill born 1839 died 1895 Hamilton Co., served Lower Bluff 1861- 1865 Madison
  6. Francis M. Gill born 1837 served (Tampa) 1861-1864 when AWOL
  7. Francis M. Gill born 1836 Early Co., GA buried Polk Co., FL, served Peas Creek 1864 - 1865 Tallahassee
  8. James M. Giles, b. abt. 1840 in SC, Pvt. in Unit: Shellpoint Rangers, 1st Florida Calvary, Company F, He was a "Fifer", Imprisoned: July 22, 1864, Camp Chase, Ohio Prison, March 1865, Captured: Peach Tree Creek, Georgia
  9. John J. Gill born 1843, enlisted at Monticello, served 1861-1864 (joined US Navy)
  10. Joseph H. Gill born 1845 or 1849 SC, served Columbus 1862, deserted, died 1923 buried Hawthorne, Alachua Co.
  11. Joseph Gill born 10 Jan. 1838 Barnwell Dist., SC, died Alachua Co., FL, served Lake City 1863-1865, surrendered at Appomatox, FL pension. I cannot place this man, and cannot find him in the 1850 census.  He may have been a son of Valentine's son, Richard.
  12. Joseph Gill born 1845 served at Fernandina 1861
  13. John Robert Gill born 26 Feb. 1842 Baker Co., GA died Hillsborough Co., buried Hardee Co., FL,  served Lower Bluff 1861 - 1865 Madison
  14. Lorenzo D. Gill born 1845 GA served Barrancas 1863-1865 Tallahassee
  15. L.D. Gill enlisted Westbay 1863 deserted 1863
  16. Richard Gill born 1832 served at Fernandina 1861-1863 when he deserted
  17. Thomas Steven K. Gill born 16 Feb. 1850 Jasper, died 1933 Plant City, Hillsborough Co., FL served 1865 Madison Co.
  18. William F. Gill, residence Hamilton Co., GA, (I don't think there is a Hamilton Co., GA, I think this is FL and my family -FOC) served Lake City 1863-1864, deserted 1864.
  19. William H. Gill born 1846, served Lake City 1863, resided Hawthorn 1925.
  20. William H. Gill born 1840 or 1847 died Jasper, Hamilton Co. served Columbus 1864  paroled Greensboro, NC 1865.
  21. W.D. Gill paroled at Augusta in 1865

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