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Andrew Gill #A02528, Home Guard, Wife: Mollie Foster, Hamilton County, Florida 1921--16 pages in file.

Florida CSA Records (courtesy of Coley Scott): Andrew Gill born 10 Feb. 1850 Lowndes Co. GA died 1924 Hamilton Co., FL

note by FOC, he was born  10 Feb. 1850, see record Coley found above.  Therefore, he is probably the son of John Gill.

(I browse around so much that I have neglected to record where I got this information; but, I think it was from the Florida Archives Website under Civil War soldiers and pensions. I guesstimate that this was written about 1925. If any of you know which Florida Gill this was, please let us know.  Ceya Minder, Monitor, Gill Round Robin, Reminder@comcast.net)


AN ACT Granting pension to Andrew Gill of Hamilton Co., Florida.

WHEREAS, Andrew Gill has been a citizen of the State of Florida for 57 years and is now 67 years of age; and,

WHEREAS, the said, Andrew Gill, enlisted at Lake City, Florida September, 1864, in Captain James L. King's Company of Home Guard, and served with said Company faithfully until the close of the War; and,

WHEREAS, as nearly 60 years have passed since the close of the War and soldiers serving in Captain King's Company have scattered and died and it is impossible now to obtain the affidavits of two comrades to testify to his war service as is required under the provisions of the General Pension Law; and,

WHEREAS, affidavit of one comrade also affidavit of a soldier, not a comrade, have been procured; therefore,


SECTION 1, That the State Pension Board be and they are hereby directed to place the name of Andrew Gill upon the Pension Roll of Florida to be paid in the same manner and at the same rate of pay as other pensioners of this State.

SECTION 2, This Act shall take effect upon becoming a law.


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