Sue Gill (using my rule of thumb, born before 1844) (Sue could have bene a nickname), husband unknown, children:

  1. Sallie Georgia Gill, born 27 Oct. 1865.  Thomas A. Clemons married Sallie Georgia Gill. They lived near the Sante Fe and Suwannee rivers, where my grand father ran the ferry near where the rivers come together, about 1890-1900,or near that time, near Sandy Point Camp & Resturant.
    1. Lonice V. Clemons, married John Jackson Nettles. Sallie George Gill Clemons died when my Lonice V. Clemons was about 10 yrs old.
  2. Sue or Susan Gill
  3. Donnie or Dawnie Gill (f) (abbre. for Caledonia?)
  4. Jack Gill
    1. Richard Gill (these two could be reversed)

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