Descendants of Jakob Güll. Jacob Gill married about 1816 to Magdalena VETTER who was born on December 10, 1796, Bavaria. His birth: March 16, 1796 in Schweighofen, Bavaria (now Germany). Apparently came to this country thru Baltimore, MD, on April 30, 1831, with wife and six children. Children identified as of now are:

  1. Catherine Güll b. June 1, 1817 Bavaria
  2. Jacob Güll  b. July 31, 1818 Bavaria
  3. Anna Maria Güll  b. Oct 1, 1819 Bavaria
  4. Anthony Güll  b. Feb 4, 1821 Bavaria.  This is the line of B. Gill, and also James Gill.
  5. Charles F. Güll  b. Nov 17, 1822 Bavaria
  6. Catherine Elisabeth Güll  b. Aug 22, 1824 Bavaria
  7. Joseph Güll  b. Feb 6, 1826 Bavaria
  8. Michael Güll  b. Jul 21, 1828 Bavaria
  9. Magdalena Güll  b. Jan 14, 1830 Bavaria , Note: Location is Bavaria until 1871 when it became a German Land.
  10. Barbara Güll  b. 1832 Pennsylvania
  11. Magdalene Güll  b. 1834 Pennsylvania
  12. John George Güll  b. March 15, 1836 St. Lawrence, PA; d. May 20, 1916.   This is the line of  See below for a short biography
  13. Maria Eva Güll  b. Jan 20, 1838 Susquehanna Township, PA
  14. Christina Güll  b. Jul 27, 1840
  15. "Maxwell" Güll  b. 1842 (This child has NOT been proven in official records.)

Additional data on John George Gill: Wife was Catherine Elizabeth SCHARDON. Her mother was Mary Anna ECKENROTH, daughter of Anna Catherine Reppert; father was John. The parents of John: Christopher "Stoffel" Eckenroth and Anna Margaret Heinrich.  This is the line of  John George Gill's children:

  1. Justina Margaret Gill  b. April 11,1862
  2. Mary Magdalene Gill  b. June 9, 1863
  3. Florence Gill  b. Jan. 14,1865
  4. Theodore Gill  b. Nov 14, 1866
  5. Clement William Gill b. Jun 19, 1868
  6. Regina Isabel Gill  b. Jun 24, 1870
  7. Pius Isadore Gill  b. May 5, 1872
  8. Gabinus Adolphus Gill  b. Feb 10, 1874
  9. John Alfred Gill  b. Jan 10, 1876
  10. Laura Frances Gill  b. Dec 21, 1877
  11. Rudolph Celestine Gill  b. Sep 26, 1879
  12. Leo Andrew Gill  b. Apr 10, 1881 died at age 3
  13. Maxmillian Leo Gill  b. Nov 30, 1884
  14. Gladys Elmina Gill  b. Oct 12, 1886
  15. Jeanette Inez Gill  b. Jun 16, 1888
  16. Clara Gertrude Gill  b. Dec 10, 1891

B. Gill  (Wife of William, the son of Raphael, the son of Abraham, son of Anthony who was the son of Jakob Güll). Please contact B. Gill with information on this family.

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