I belong to a Gill Family from India and would like to contribute to this site. Some of the highlights are as follows:

Most belong to Sikh farming community in State of Punjab, India.

There are some villages which are named "Gill" and all the natives of that village are Gills (descendant of a Gill).  There may be some Gills in State of Punjab, Pakistan and are Muslim.  Presently they are spread all over mainly in Britain, Canada, US, Australia and New Zealand.  This is just the tip of the iceberg.

I do not know at this time what "Gill" means in sanskrit, but I will certainly dig out this information. From what I understand is that this clan happened to come from mid europe and settled in this part of the world.

The first set of europeans to come in this area (it is my guess) were the army of Alexander the Great who fought his last battle with the local King Porus and defeated him. Alexander went back from this place and left some of his troops behind to look after the conquered areas. This area is now known as Punjab and divided into 2 parts (East Punjab is in India and West Punjab is in Pakistan) in 1947 at the end of British Raj.

There is also a story about a local king with family name "Gill" (How he got this name I have no idea) and we are his decendants.

Predominantly Gills follow Sikh religion and have roots in East Punjab (India) there may be some who are muslims and settled in West Punjab (Pakistan).

Sarabjit Singh Gill

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