Henry Gill-born 1822 and died 1862.  He appears on the 1860 census for Newton Co., MS and is listed as aged-38. The census also lists his wife Susan, aged-24; Mary, aged 6; John (my great grandfather, John Thomas), aged-4; Robert (Pat Rogers great grandfather, Robert George); and another member of the household, Richard Graham, aged 14. Another son, James William, was born in 1862. We also have reason to believe he was married to Phaneul (Fanny) Odom, who died in childbirth, prior to his marriage to Susan Ann (Susie) Odom. According to the History of Mississippi Baptist, he was a member of Pinckney Baptist Church in Newton Co. from 1847 until his death in 1862. The minutes of the annual meeting indicate his funeral was "preached Brother Gill's funeral" during 1862. We are not sure if he died in action during the Civil War or died of natural causes. Some of the records seem to indicate he may have been an ordained minister of the church, but cannot confirm this. Several years ago, Pat went to MS, and talked to members of the family, that indicated the Henry and Susan were both buried at the abandoned site of the "Old" Pinckney Baptist church, which they could not find. All the information seems fairly reliable.  Known children:

  1. Mary Gill born 1854
  2. John Thomas Gill(1856-1935), Henry's oldest son, married Mary Jane Vance (1848-1935) and they had 9 children, the 5th of which, James Arby (1886-1968) was my Grandfather. The majority of John Thomas' family line is buried at the Erin Cumberland Presbyterian Church outside of Union, MS. Our family, Stephen Aubrey, Arby's only son, moved to Florida in 1956. This past summer, my wife and I visited the area and went to the "New" Picnkney Baptist Church, Erin Cumberland Presbyterian Church, New Ireland Cemetery and Abney Cemetery, finding burial places for member of the family. These lines include Sessums, Wallace, Castles, and Vance.
  3. Robert George Gill, Henry's second son, married a lady from LA, Matilda Jane Wood, and they moved to Texas. He became a well respected preacher in the Primitive Baptist Church, and even had recognition from the State Legislature when he died.

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