The following is information I have on David M. Gill and his son, William Rowe Gill, and grandson, Robert Gray Gill;

David Munn Gill Birth: cr 1798

Married Maria

Appears on Desoto Co. Census, 1860, Horn Lake, MS, page 126 (Line 1269)

Also appears on Desoto County, Census, 1860, Hernando, MS, page 17 (Line 122)

Appears on Desoto County Census, 1870, Township 1 - Range 8, Page 19 (Line 160)

This is the last time David appears on the Mississippi Census. No one in the family ever knew more about him. It was told to us that he was associated with the Presbyterian Church as a minister. This could be true since (according to information on your website) his son, Edwin, was also a licensed preacher in the Old School Presbyterian Church.

His son, William Rowe Gill appears on the 1860, 1870 Desoto County, Mississippi census records.

William Rowe then appears on the 1880, 1900, 1910 census records for Shelby County, State of TN. 1900: First Civil District and 1910: First Civil District. This was in the Rosemark, TN area

William Rowe Gill was born in 1839 at Stateline, MS. He married Tabithany Elmira Weatherall (cr. 1842) in 1867. They had five children:

  1. 1. Willie (female) (cr. 1868)
  2. 2. Mary (female) (cr. 1869)
  3. 3. Robert Gray (male) Aug. 21, 1872
  4. 4. Albert A. (male) (cr. 1877) Died: Aug. 30, 1886
  5. 5. William Elmer (cr. 1884) Died: May 22, 1928

William Rowe was a farmer. He was a Civil War veteran. He served as a private in the 54 Alabama Infantry, Company G. He enlisted in Memphis, TN under Captain G. W. Elliott on September 9, 1862. According to Confederate Military records, he appears on the Company Muster Roll for January and February 1863. The next record shows him on a roll of Prisoners of War. He was captured at the siege of Vicksburg. He was paroled at Vicksburg, MS according to the terms of capitulation entered into by the commanding general of the United States and Confederate forces July 4, 1863. This roll is dated July 10, 1863.

He was also a member of the Masonic Lodge.

William Rowe Gill died January 26, 1916 and is buried in the Rosemark Cemetery (unmarked grave) located south of Pleasant Union Cumberland Presbyterian Church. His wife preceeded him in death (October 30, 1911) and is buried in the same cemetery.

My grandfather, Robert Gray Gill, was the son of William Rowe and Tabithany Elmira Gill. He was born at Day's Corner, Desoto County, MS, August 21, 1872. He grew up in the Rosemark area, Shelby County, TN. On a near-by farm, lived the John Henry Sink family. Bob (Robert Gray Gill) fell in love with one of the Sink daughters (Addie Sink, born October 4, 1875, Rosemark, TN) So the story goes, the Sink family did not approve of the fun-loving, guitar playing Bob Gill. Addie followed her parents dictates and married a farmer in the area, Charles Dickson Strong. Heartbroken, Bob left for Texas where he worked on a ranch owned by a relative. Several years later, upon hearing that his one and only "sweetheart" was widowed, he returned to Tennessee, courted Addie again and won her hand in marriage. She had three children to bring into this marriage (William Dudley Strong, (1896-1982), John Robert Strong (1898-1977), and Charlie Dickson Strong ( 1901-1989). Bob and Addie were wed December 23, 1903, Rosemark TN. Out of this union came 4 children:

  1. 1. Marjorie Elmira Gill (1908-1982) This is my mother - Margie Young Collins)
  2. 2. Lillian Virginia Gill (1907-1984
  3. 3. Mary Lydia Gill (1909-1996)
  4. 4. Roberta Gray Gill (1920-

Bob managed a farm in the Shelby County, TN area. and moved Addie and her children to this area after their marriage. He then leased the farm after several years. He purchased five acres on the corner of Horn Lake and Levi Roads in Shelby County, TN in the early 1900's and built their home there. They lived in that house, raised their children there, and became active community members until their deaths. Bob had a cotton gin, grist mill, general store and small diary farrm.

When the depression came, the family was hard hit like everyone else, but they survived. Bob finished his work years as a turnkey at the Shelby County Jail.

Not long after his retirement, he died as a result of a stroke. He was buried in the Stephenson Chapel Cemetery on Highway 61 South. Addie was buried next to him at her death in 1971. Bob served as a trustee, was on the Administrative Board, was Sunday School Superintendent at Stephenson Chapel United Methodist Church. He was a past master of the Whitehaven Masonic Lodge.

Margie Y. Collins

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