Rankin County, Mississippi

Rankin County, Mississippi is close to modern day Jackson, and is adjacent to the Natchez Trace. Therefore, these Gills could have come down the old Nachez Trace.


Note these are corrections to the record which follows.  I will integrate them as time permits.

My gradfather was:

John Simeon Gill b. 26 Oct 1872 d. 11 July 1970 Sugartown Beauregard Parish, Louisiana buried in Smyrna Cemetary in Sugartown Louisiana.

Married 1st 07 June 1894 to Theodosia Moses b. 10 Sept. 1874, LA d. 10 Sept. 1962 (yes, she died on her birthday.)

They had the following children:

  1. Roy Gill b 03 June 1895

  2. Seymore Rebbie Gill 07 Dec. 1896

  3. Herman Hardy Gill 17 Sept. 1900

  4. Eva Gill b. 21 Mar 1903

  5. Everet Gill b 22 Jan 1906

  6. Hollis Glenn Gill b. 29 June 1913 (World War II)

  7. John Simeon Gill and Theodosia (Nan) Moses Gill divorced and he then married Irene Parker b. 17 Dec. 1913 d. 27 Sept. 1984. I do not have their marriage date.  They had 4 children: I know that the twins are still alive.

    1. Aubrey Gill b 12 Jul 1931 ( a son)

    2. Susie Gill b 16 Dec 1932

    3. Lela Gill b. 24 June 1934 Twin girls:

    4. Zela Gill b. 24 June 1934 Twin girls:

Yes, I realize that he was 64 years old when the twins were born. I was born in 1941 and we used to visit he and Irene. She was a wonderful caregiver as he was blind and bedridden by the time I was old enough to remember him.

Family oral history: Nan, as we called Theodosia said when asked why they divorced, "Well, Papa (as John Simeon was called) wouldn't work and "Shorty" (my father Hollis Glenn the youngest child) needed shoes.

Thanks for all your information on the Gill's.

Glynda Gill Gros


John Simeon Gill (my paternal grandfather)

b 22 Oct 1873

d. 11 July 1970 in Sugartown, Louisiana

(yes, he did live to be that old - I have a picture of him on his 90th birthday)

Buried in Smyrrna Cemetary in Sugartown, LA

married and divorced but I am unsure of the date, although it was after my father, Hollis Glyn Gill's birth 29 June 1913. The family story is that Theodosias (Nan-to family members) told the story of why they divorced. "Papa (as John Simeon was called) wouldn't work and Hollis (Shorty-as he was called by family) needed shoes. So I would assume that was around the time he was to go to school, but I don't know for sure.

Theodosias Moses (my paternal grandmother)

b. 10 Sept 1874

d. 10 Sept 1962

(yes she died on her birthday)

It is after the divorce that married Irene Parker and she was my mothers age.

Irene Parker

b. 17 Dec 1913

d. 27 Sept 1984 in Sugartown, LA

buried at Smyrrna Cemetery

Together John Simeon Gill and Irene Parker had 4 children together.

1 son

1 daughter

Twin girls

As far as I know they are all living but I do have their names if you would like.

Hope this helps you and thanks for the information I found.

Glynda Gros


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