My family is from the Reade Township, Cambria County and Clearfield County, Pennsylvania area.

James Gill - married Catherine Gallaher.   It is unknown how many other children James & Catherine had besides John. This is a major connection I am looking for.  They were the parents of:

  1. John M. Gill - b. 9/1856-d.12/25/1913, married to Soloma Catherine Gallaher b. 7/15/1865-d.1899.  John Gills Mother and Wife both had the same names.  John and Catherine Gill were the parents of :
    1. (1) Hudson Gill b.3/1892
    2. (2) Cora Ruth Gill b. 4/1894
    3. (3) Elzina (Ina) Gill b.4/1896
    4. (4) Frank Gill b.5/1898

This is all the information I have on my Gill family going back. If I could find out what other children James and Catherine had then I am sure I can make many connections. Also, who the parents and siblings of James were. I am drawing a blank! I have the history of the 4 children of John M. and Catherine. Cora Ruth was my husbands' Grandmother.

According to one of Frank Gills children, son Russell Gill, he stopped by his Aunt Coras house back in the 1970's and she relayed this to him: That Gill Hollow was named by her Great Grandfather McDonald Gill. He was a very short, ruddy faced, Welshman. So far I can find NOTHING on a McDonald Gill.

I also talked to a woman whose Grandmothers second husband was a John Gill. They had three children (1) Sue Gill (2) Elva Gill (3) Frank Gill. They lived in a huge 21 room house at the Rt 53 side of Beaver Valley.

Would appreciate any and all information regarding this family. Thank you

L. Clear

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