Rankin County, Mississippi

Rankin County, Mississippi is close to modern day Jackson, and is adjacent to the Natchez Trace. Therefore, the family of James Gill born 1790 in Virgina who appears in the 1850 census, probably came down the old Nachez Trace.  Does anyone have earlier census data on this county?  Can anyone place this family?

See correct census data here.


These records below come from Mr. John Cupit.

1840 census Rankin Co. MS

Cupit states that the 1850 Rankin Co., MS census shows the following:

all in one house apparently. I think it would be worth getting an accurate copy of this record.

Mr. Cupit then states, page 68 in the version of his work in the Salt Lake City, Utah, Library, that I have, there are MANY versions:

Simeon Gill married Jane Dummons 21 May 1835, G. Miles performing the ceremony in Rankin Co., MS.

Their children were:

1. Penny Gill born c1836 married Henson H. Harris 17 Oct. 1855 in Rankin Co., MS

2. Jesse Gill born c1837 married Elizabeth Howard 20 Apr. 1859

Information Mr. Cupit had that he could not assign:

Others connected to Hardy Gill: Doglass Gill & his wife.

Miss Ila Fay Gill niece of Delford Deason of Lake Charles, LA

Nadine Gill is sister of Ila Fay Gill

Ranson Gill is connected somehow.

Mrs. Delford Deason is a sister of Marvin Gill, instead of Marvin Gill marrying Mrs. Deasons sister.

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