HENRY GILL, seeking information and descendants of Henry Gill, b. 1825 SC, wife Julia, b. 1825 SC, children:

  1. Ellen GIll, b. 1840 (Robert Falkner);
  2. Lucy Gill, b. 1850 (Henry Nicholson);
  3. Patsy Gill, b. 1854 (Calvin Simpson);
  4. Louisa Gill, b. Mar, 1855 (1)(Sharper James) (2) William Hopkins - Marshall Co, MS.

Please reply to: D. J. French-Green

(by FOC) three clues,  as usual, mutually inconsistent: The name Henry Gill occurs in both the Fishing Creek, SC Gills, and in my line which is from Richland/Barnwell/Allendale Counties, SC.  I believe this name only occurs in the line of Valentine Gill.  I have two Gills associated with Marshall Co., MS. Both are from North Carolina, from the family of David Gill. I believe David Gill originated in King William County, VA, and the fact that he named a son Isaac, suggests he is descended from the Huguenot of that name, progenitor of the Chesterfield Co., VA Gills.

Can anyone disprove any of these possibilities, or link this family?

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