POSSIBLE children of Thomas Gill and Mary Wilson Gill Note that there is a lot of "educated guessing" here. Only Allen Jerry Gill, William F. Gill, and James W. Gill are documented as children.  I believe we may be able to document Edward Gill as a son from the 1880 census (whenever I get around to checking it!!)

Can anyone find Mary Wilson Gill definitively in the 1850 and 1860 census?  She was definitely alive.  This may identify another child.  I believe the only possibility for her in 1850 is in Telfair County, and it appears that there may have been an earlier connection there, through James Gill, who appears to be another son of John Gill who died in 1822 in Barnwell Co., SC.

1. Male Gill child born 1801-04 present in 1810 and 1820 census. His presence implies that Thomas was born <1780-3, if 21 when this child born. Mary Wilson is present with Reddin Wilson in 1800, but apparently not in 1810, so this could be her son, and not necessarily that of a first (different) wife.  

2. Elizabeth (Eliza) Gill born c1811 in S.C. (census) from the 1820 and 1830 censuses it may be concluded that she was born 1811 to 15. Her assumed mother, Mary Gill, is with her in the 1850 census in Telfair Co. Georgia, listed as "Elisa" with Samual Downing born c1783 NC, farmer. This is based upon the fact that there is no other possibility for Mary Wilson Gill anywhere else, and her children are known to be scattered in 1850. Barnwell records clearly state that Mary was alive somewhere, as she did not die until 1863. Eliza Downing is the only possibility that I can find, and she fits the census data acceptably! The search for Mary Gill in 1850 and 1860 is worth repeating with new census for 1850 and 1860. This Mary Gill may be associated with the Telfair Co. Gills, and this is a different branch of the same family. 1. Renatus Downing (m) b c1832 SC. 2. Samuel Downing b c1834 Lowndes Co., GA (on border with FL) 3. Susannah Downing b c1834 Lowndes Co. 4. George Downing b c1835 Lowndes Co. 5. Jackson Downing b c1836 Lowndes Co. 6. William Downing b c1838 Telfair Co., GA.

3. Female Gill born c1811-15 present in the 1820 census and not thereafter.

4. Female Gill born c1811-15. 4 females Gill are present in the 1820 census, and only 2 show up thereafter, born 1811-15, so two presumably died or were married before 1830.

5. Male Gill born 1811-15 present in the 1820 and 1830 census.

6. James W. Gill, born c1818  SC died between 1863 and 1870, is known to be a son from Barnwell Co., S.C. probate records. James was named for his great-great grandfather. He is present in the 1820 and 1830 census (and either he or male #5 in 1840) with an inferred birth range of 1816-20. James W. Gill is positively identified in the 1860 census in Hamilton county, Florida on the basis of children's names: 1. William, 2. Mary Ann, 3. Thomas, 4. James, 5. Jeremiah, and 6. Martha. This could only be more positive if Jeremiah was actually Allen Jerry (in fact this was his name)! 1850, James W. Gill was in Hamilton County, Fla. farming, married to Mahaliah Moody, who was born in Georgia c1828. Presumably he met her in Thomas County, or on one of their treks, and they moved to Florida between 1846 and 1848 (on the basis of census statement of where their children were born).  James W. Gill had a BLM land grant in Hamilton Co. FL 16 June 1856.  Oral tradition has it that:  "Mahala Moody Gill was killed by the Indians in 1860. Her house was burned and all that was found was a bloody apron outside on a mound of dirt. She was homebound with a new baby but told her son,Thomas K. Gill, age 9, to take the little baby and go to the cornfields where the family was working and tell them the Indians were raiding and for all to go directly to the  fort, Janice Strauss thinks this was in Hamilton Co Florida.

  In the 1860 census, he was in the same place with $600 in real estate, $400 personal, with the six children whose names are so striking. Apparently James W. Gill died after 1 August 1863, when he was listed in Barnwell probate records as having received his distributive share of his mother's estate ($44.75), he may have been killed while serving with the Confederate army (no record of this). Two of his sons, Jeremiah ("Jerry, Jr.") and Andrew, were living with Allen Jerry Gill in the 1870 census (nephews). There may be a Confederate record of James. One Thomas Gill enlisted 4 March 1862 from Thomas County Georgia. This Thomas must have been another of the elder Thomas' sons (assumed to be #13), "detailed as a wagonner", taken as a POW, and died in a Confederate hospital on 5 July 1864. Mixed in with Thomas' records is one for a James Gill, who was also a "wagonner" in June 1862. We may speculate that this was James W. Gill. (1/2).  Known Children of James W. Gill and Mahalia

  1. William F. Gill b c1846 GA married a Spriggs or Fountain one known child (1/4), died after 1899.
    1. William Franklin Gill born c1873, died in Jasper, Hamilton County, Fl. Wm. F. Gill married c1891 Zilphia Cone, born c1873, the daughter of Ed Cone and Holton. Zilphia died March 1929.(from Coley Scott). Apparently Zilphia Cone was a full blooded Cherokee (see below). (1/8)
      1. Willie Mae Gill was born in Madison, Madison County, Fl. 5 April 1893, died 1 October 1953 in Live Oak, Suwanee County, Fl., at 60 years of age. She married Riley Monroe Moody in Jasper, Hamilton County, Fl., about 1912. Riley was born in Rocky Creek, Hamilton County, Fl. 24 November 1883. He was the son of Tom Moody and Easter Pink Rhoden. Riley died 16 December 1976 in Gainesville, Alachua County, Fl., at 93 years of age.
      2. Effie Lee Gill was born in Madison, Madison County, Fl. 5 June 1895, died 11 October 1936 in Jasper, Hamilton County, Fl., at 41 years of age. She married Alonzo Eldon Folsom in Madison, Madison County, Fl., 4 April 1913. Alonzo was born in Madison, Madison County, Fl. 15 September 1895, the son of William Robert Folsom and Frances Elizabeth Jarvis. Alonzo died 29 November 1981 in Ocala, Marion County, Fl., at 86 years of age. Coley Scott found a National Archives entry on her that states one of her parents was Cherokee: Control Number 7NS-75-53A-6644, Record Group 75, Item 6644, Title: Five Civilized Tribes Enrollment for Effie Folsom, Commissioner to the Five Civilized Tribes, Bureau of Indian Affairs: Tribe Cherokee, Parent, Female, CensusCard Number: M1427. This is the line of Coley Scott.
      3. Hattie Gill born 25 September 1897 died 1914 in Greenville, Fl.
      4. William Fountain Gill born 23 February 1899.
  2. Mary Ann Gill b c1848, Fla. (all rest  born in Fla.,)
  3. Thomas Steven K. Gill b c1851.  1860 Hamilton Co., James Gill, Mahala and children including Thomas age 9 in the 1870 Hamilton Co, Thomas Gill age 25, Mary Gill age 22 .  Thomas S.K. Gill married: Mary, Nancy (who died in childbirth), and Mary.  1910 census Florida shows Thomas Gill, wife Mary, and son Marion and daughter Corinne. The spelling is off, but Corrine is the mother of my cousin Janice.   In the 1910 Pasco Co., Thomas S. Gill age 59, Mary (Durden) Gill age 25, Marion age 5, Corrina age 2.  This si the line of Pola Kelly Known children:
    1. Ada Gill by first Mary
    2. Marion  Gill  born c 1905, probably by second Mary
    3. Corrina  Gill born c1908, by second Mary
    4. Lucille Gill by second Mary
    5. Edna Gill by second Mary
  4. James Gill b c1853
  5. Allen Jerry Gill  called "Jeremiah & Jerry" in the census b 1 July 1856.  In Hamilton Co. in 1900.
    1. William T. Gill born Apr. 1882
    2. Hattie Gill born Aug. 1885
    3. Ben H. Gill born Aug. 1888
    4. James Gill born May 1890
    5. Avern J. Gill (male) born May 1892
    6. Mattie Gill born Mar. 1894
    7. Rosa E. Gill born Mar. 1897
  6. Martha Gill b c1858
  7. Andrew Gill b c1861. In Hopewell Cemetery, Hampton Co., SC. is a marker that reads: Andrew J. (Gill) nephew of of AJ and MJ Gill who was accidentally killed aged 13 years, 1873.  e.g. born c1860. 

7. Female Gill born 1816-20, Julia? Gill born c1820, identified in the 1820 and 1830 census. Perhaps this is Julia Gill, 30 years of age (born c1820), listed with Patty Kersh, 60, in the Barnwell Co. census in 1850 page 430, although I haven't a clue as to how Kersh's are related to our family. They were early neighbors in  what is now Allendale County, Lower Three Runs area.

8. John C. Gill b c1825 "SC.", farmer in Hamilton Co., Fla. in 1860, $00 real, $100 personal, married Nancy b c1824 SC. (in census listed as male born 1821 to 1825 present in the 1830 census, but not 1840). No documentation for him. He is in the right place, and has the right age.

  1. John C. Gill. born c1845 appears in Thomas Co., GA in the 1870 census at 25, $350/$5000 born in Fla. with his wife Mary F., 28 (or 22), and daughter Rossie (?) 4, all born in Fla. He seems to have done well for himself. Perhaps his wife inherited this wealth? Rossie? Gill born c1866
    1. Rossie? Gill born c1866
  2. Jane Gill b c1850 SC.
  3. Andrew Gill b c1853 SC died 1924.  Andrew Gill CSA pension. Home Guard, Wife: Mollie Foster, Hamilton County, Florida 1921--16 pages in file.
  4. Laura Gill b c1856 SC.

9. William F. Gill c1826-(1863-66), was born c1826 in Georgia and is identified by proximity with James W. Gill in Hamilton County, Florida in the 1850 and 1860 censuses, and is listed in Barnwell probate records.  The Barnwell probate record shows him as William "T." Gill, but the Florida land records clearly identify him as William F. Gill. Apparently the clerk neglected to cross the "F." He named his second born son James. William is present with Thomas in the 1830 census but not 1840, yielding a census birth range of 1826-30. It is not clear if William F. and Allen Jerry were twins or not; but they were very close in age. William was with James Hendry and family in the 1850 census in Hamilton Co., Fla. Could this be a brother in law? He appears in the same location married to Elizabeth (Coulter) b c1835 in the 1860 census. He was listed as farming with $1500 in real estate, and $1000 in personal estate, about twice the estate of his older brother, how did he manage that? Perhaps he inherited it through his wife, a time honored tradition!  William F. Gill had two BLM land grants in 1860, 2 April 1860 and 1 October 1860.  Since William "T." Gill is listed as having been paid his distributive share of his mother's estate ($44.75) on 1 August 1863, he was alive at that date.  William Gill presumably died after 1863 and before 1866, when Elizabeth Coulter Gill, his widow, married second Archibald Hendry in 1866 (note that William Gill was living with James Hendry in 1850).  He was definitely deceased by 1869 when his estate was probated in Hamilton Co.   Archibald and Elizabeth moved down to the Polk/Manatee County Florida area and both are buried in the Ft. Green cemetery in Hardee County, Florida.

Roland Carlton thinks he has found his grave: I am still trying to find more on William F. Gill.:"I have located a grave of William Gill, west of Jasper, Fl. I am pretty sure it is his. It is unmarked on private property. Along with this grave is a Charity Gill and a Johnnie Gill, also unmarked. Johnnie Gill may have been his brother, #8 above."  (FOC: Charity Gill may be the Charity Gill who appears in the Georgia census in 1830 in Screven Co., GA, just across the Savannah River from Allendale.) They are locateed about 7 miles south of where William and Elizabeth lived in Hamilton County. I have gotten a copy of the book of Cemeteries of Hamilton County, Fl. There is a Gill, Dora B-sept 6, 1892 D-Aug. 19, 1937 in another Cemetery. The William Gill information was supplied by a Mr. Goolsby (81 yrs. old in 2000) whom I have contacted but the only information he could supply was the three names. My next trip up I plan to visit more with him.

According to family oral tradition, he served in the civil war, consistent with no children born after 1861. Children listed in the 1860 census:

  1. William Allen Gill born 8 Oct. 1854 FL married 13 May 1877 Mary Elizabeth Tucker, born 15 Nov. 1859.
    1. Jane Gill born c1877
    2. Genia Gill born 14 Feb. 1878 married Reliford Coker
    3. Alfred C. Gill born 22 Nov. 1879 married 13 June 1907 in Manatee Co. Ada Francis McLeod born 8 March 1883.  This is the line of M.S. Branaman, R. Carlton, and E. Reschke.
    4. Callie Pink Gill born 19 March 1881 married Joseph Cordell
    5. William W. Gill born 2 July 1883 married Rosa Lee Bryant born 22 Feb. 1885
    6. Adell Gill born 13 Dec. 1885
    7. Walter M. Gill born 26 August 1887 married 8 Jan. 1916 Kate Odessa Roberts born 27 May 1890
    8. Judah Blanch (Judy) Gill b.30 Oct. 1889 married 31 Aug. 1912 Andrew Miller Tucker b. 10 Apr. 1885
    9. Sankey Gertrude Gill born 5 Feb. 1892 married Jessie Edgar Roberts born 1893
    10. Elam Emery Gill born 24 Oct. 1895 married Pearl Nola Bryant born 1895.
    11. Gabriel Webster Gill born 23 Nov. 1898 married 1st Leona Long born 1901, 2nd Lily Bryant
    12. John Marvin Gill born 1900 married Kattie Parrish born 1899
  2. James S. (F.) Gill b c1856 FL married 12 Aug. 1876 in Manatee Co. Sarah E. Norris
    1. Martha J. Gill born 8 May 1877
    2. W. Jessie Gill born 27 Mar. 1879 married Julius R. Hendry born 4 April 1887
    3. Bolar Gill born 10 July 1890
  3. Gabriel Hall Gill (Gabe)(male) b c1858 FL died 1928, public school teacher, married 4 Nov. 1880 in Manatee Co. Georgia Hendry born 18 June 1863 FL.
    1. Dora M. Gill b.1884 married 1st Wm. Vergil Alderman b.15 Mar. 1887, 2nd 1900 W.W. Rich born 1877.
    2. Pearl Gill born 1888 FL married Leslie R. Skipper born 1884
    3. Margaret Maud Gill born 28 June 1892  FL, married T.A. McEachern
    4. Lelia Gill born 1890, not with them in 1910 census, married Paul Stewart
    5. Freddie (Fred) Gill born 1898 FL married Rost Walker
    6. John E. (Johney) Gill born 21 Aug. 1900 married Edna Kennedy
  4. John Gill b1859
  5. George Hamilton Gill b1861 married Rebecca Jane Albritton
    1. Ben Hamilton Gill married Dovie Taylor
    2. Theodore Thomas Gill
    3. Ewell Harley Gill born 13 March 1898 died 1959 in DeSoto County (now Hardee Co.), FL
    4. William O. Gill

10. Allen Jerry Gill born 24 July 1827 was with his father in the 1830 census but not in 1840 yielding a census birth range of 1826 to 1830. He was with his uncle, John Wilson, in Barnwell county, S.C. in 1850, and probably with him as well in 1840.  Allen Jerry Gill has two Bureau of Land Management land grants in Hamilton Co., FL, near those of James W. and William F. Gill, one signed 1 July 1857 and the second 21 January 1893.  He served in the CSA Army, Co. D, 3rd S.C. Cavalry. He may have served in a local capacity, as he is not listed as serving in any major battles (worthy of further inquiry). His unit was also known as the 2nd S.C. cavalry, formerly known as the 8th Battalion of the S.C. Cavalry, also known as the 2nd and Colcock's Cavalry. Allen Jerry Gill entered and surrendered as a private (card #44196727, USNA).

  1. Mary Ann Gill, "Mamie" born 1851, died1879,  Married Wiley Washington Goethe (who married her sister Carrie after her death)
    1. Vernon Gill Goethe died as an infant.
  2. William LeRoy Gill 1853-1908, married 1874 Ellen Cathren Goethe.
    1. William Washington Gill 1875-1962, married Elizabeth Graves (Lizzie) 1881-1932.
    2. Minnie Maud Gill 1877-1957, married Duncan O. Fleming 1874-1941
    3. Buried in Hopewell Cemetery, Hampton Co., SC. is "infant son of W.L. and C.E. Gill 1879.
    4. James Edward Gill 1880-1946, married Maud Zohler
    5. Ida Lee Gill 1882-1981, married 1907 Jasper ("Jack") Hodges 1881-1949, of Ridgeland, SC.
    6. Rosa Cornelia Gill 1885 1978, married 1907 William John Miller 1876-1964, of Ridgeland, SC
    7. Paul Dargen Gill 1888-1969 married 1912 India (Indie) Woods born 1892-1979. This is the line of Paul Gill.
    8. Julia May Gill 1890-1984 married David Thomas Peebles 1886-1963. This is the line of Frank O. Clark.
    9. Ben Tillman Gill 1892-1986, unmarried.
    10. Bryan Evans Gill 1896-1975. married 1918 Susie Woods, of Florence, SC.
  3. Miles ReDacy Gill, physician, 1855-1917, married Laura Jane Thompson 1858-1939.
    1. Lilian Ethel Gill 1883-1967 married Howard C. Peace
    2. Wallace Tillman Gill 1886-1941, married Lucy Hawk.
    3. Ruth Daisy Gill 1892-1980 married Livingston C. Kramer.
    4. James W. Gill born 1896 married Sarah Virginia McWilliams.
    5. Jerry Gill owned a store in Hampton.  Ruth Gill Kramer visited him whenever she came to Hampton.
  4. Sarah Rebecca Gill 1856-1856.
  5. Thomas Bethel Gill 1857-1881.  Buried in Hopewell Cemetery, Hampton Co., SC.  Marker reads: Thoams B. son of AJ Gill died at Back Creek, GA Aug. 28 1881, age 22 years, 4 months, 1 day.
  6. Caroline Elizabeth Gill 1859-1924, married Washington Goethe after his first wife, her sister Mary Ann, died.
    1. Aubrey Ennis Goethe 1859 - 1942 married  1903 Ada Estelle Phillips 1882 -1946. Both buried Bonaventure Cemetery, Savannah, GA.
    2. Mamie Martha Goethe 2 Oct. 1882-21 May 1883
    3. Pearl Ina Goettee 1884 - 1959 married Thomas J. Hiers 1876-1935
    4. Annie Eliza Goettee born 1886 Hampton Co., SC married 1906 Barney R. Rentz 1882-1983. Both buried at Hopewell.
    5. Abe Washington Goettee 1888-1962. Married 1922 Viola McAlheny born 1902
    6. James Allen Goettee, Sr. 1891-1962 buried Jacksonville, FL, married 1st Emma Morgan (1 son), 2nd Nina Gooding (1 daughter)
    7. Minnie Belle Goettee 1893-1969 married James Hugh Smith 1884-1949. Minnie is buried in Jacksonville, he in Black Creek Cemetery. Minnie married 2nd a Williams.
    8. Homor Isadore Goettee 1895-1911. He was killed by a falling tree which was cut to save Hopewell Church while fighting a fire.
    9. Martha Jane (Mattie) Goettee born 1987 married Lewis D. Bowers born 1896 Hampton Co., SC, died 1978 in Jacksonville, FL
  7. Alice Jane Gill 1862-1874.  Buried in Hopewell Cemetery, Hampton Co., SC.  Marker reads: Ada Jane daughter of AJ and MJ Gill, died Sept.  6 1874, aged 12 years, 7 months 26 days.
  8. Martha Jane Gill 1864-1930, married James Benjamin Youmans, 1857-1928.
    1. Lillian Youmans married Robert L. Chisholm of Varnville
    2. Rosana or Rozena Youmans married J. Frank Dowling of St. Petersburg, FL
    3. James Verner Youmans 1885-1956 of Hopewell married Margaret Ruth Deloache 1885-1947.
    4. Mamie Sue Youmans 1894-1954 married J. Mike Rivers 1888-1977 of Hampton
    5. Lizzie Lee Youmans 1893-1965 married Sam D. Zahler 1888- 1965 of Ridgeland, SC
    6. Ina Youmans married 1st Dr. William Rivers of Yemassee (2 children) and 2nd Neeley J. Smith
    7. Ghent Youmans (son) (deceased before 1980) married Ruth de Loach
  9. Allen Jerry Gill born 1866, married Annie V. Gill born 1872 died 1923.  In Pasco Co, FL with his father.
    1. Jessie M. Gill born August 1892 (daughter) died in a fire or of typhoid.  Buried in Hopewell Cemetery, Hampton Co., SC born Aug. 23 1892, died Sept. 26 1905.
    2. Benjamin F. Gill born April 1896.
    3. Gladys Gill dau. in W.T. Gill's records.  This is the line of J . Gill Pierle
    4. Martie Lee Gill, son in W.T. Gill's records.
    5. Otto Edenfield Gill buried at Hopewell Cemetery, Hampton Co., SC marker reads: Otto Edenfield, son of A.J. and A.V. Gill born Apr. 2 1894 died July 1 189? (marker is broken on year of death)
  10. Joseph Turner Gill born 1868, nfi.
  11. Robert Fulton Gill 1870, never married, buried at Donaldsonville, GA.
  12. Homer Edward Gill 1872-1914, married 1st Lucinda Turner, 2nd Bell Jenness, 3rd Peark Herrington.
    1. Robert Gill killed in service, perhaps WWI.

11. Carolina Gill born c1829, 21 years of age in the 1850 census with a W.R. unintelligible in Edgefield Co. with a motley assortment of people. Was she a sister of Allen Jerry Gill's?

12. Harriett Gill born c1832 in Florida, identified in the 1850 census with her brother, James W. Gill, tenuous, admittedly, but a female is in the 1840 census with an implied census birth range of 1831-35.

13. Martha Gill was born c1835 in Florida, present in the 1840 census with an implied birth range of 1836-40. Martha appeared with James W. Gill, and he named a daughter Martha.

14. Edward Gill, born 1838  died 1895 (either he or James W. Gill is present with "S.M. Gill" in the 1840 census in Fla.). I believe this is Edward Gill, who had a land grant in Florida near James W., William F., and Allen J. Gill.  Edward Gill had a BLM land grant in Hamilton Co., FL 1 April 1862.  If he is the Edward Gill in the 1860 Hamilton Co. census, born 1838, married to Mary Gill born 1837, with son James Gill born 1853, then Edward was the last born, and the Thomas Gill of Thomas Co., GA belongs to somebody else.  Edward Gill #A00073, 10 Regt. Inf., Wife: Nepsey Cheshire, Hamilton County, Florida 1903--8 pages in file (thanks to Ceya Minder)

  1. James Gill born 1853


The 1900 census shows Allen Jerry Gill on a farm in Pasco County, Florida, District 2 (outside of Dade City), 73 years old, owning his farm free of mortgage. Living with him was a niece, Eliza Gill, 26 years old, born June 1874. Eliza, as neice, was the daughter of one of his brothers. William T. Gill died between 1863 and 1866, and James W. Gill before 1870. What brother was her father?????? Clues this good are hard to come by in this family. We need to follow this one up! I think this has to be one of these two following who are unidentified: Can we find a Gill in the 1880 census, with daughter Eliza age 6, who fits one of these birth ranges, either born: 1. Male Gill child born 1801-04 present in 1810 and 1820 census. His presence implies that Thomas was born <1780-3, if 21 when this child born. Mary Wilson is present with Reddin Wilson in 1800, but apparently not in 1810, so this could be her son, and not necessarily that of a first (different) wife. This son would have been c72 when Eliza was born! 5. Male Gill born 1811-15 present in the 1820 and 1830 censuses (either he or James W. Gill is present with "S.M. Gill" (before in 1840 in Fla.). {I believe this is Edward Gill??} This one would have been c62 when she was born!  Either way, this will make an interesting additional documented addition to our sparsely documented family.

Hopewell Cemetery, Hampton Co., SC. unknown markers  

1. "MOTHER" Annie G. Gill Sept 15 1872 died June 6 1923 (no idea who she is)

2. Robert Ivey Gill Nov. 29 1896, Feb. 24 1947.

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