Here are the notes I received on him from a descendant of Isaac Gill(Rev. War Vet.)


Little is known about this man, who appears to have been the progenitor of the Gill family of New Britain Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania. It is thought that he may have immigrated to Pennsylvania from Yorkshire, England before 1740. Soon thereafter, from the little available documentation still in existence, it seems that he fell upon hard times, and was imprisoned for being a debtor, probably from 1741 to 1743. Although it is thought that his children were born in Bucks County, there is no further record of William Gill until the Revolutionary Era, when we find him last in New Britain Township.

13 Mar 1740/41 - Bucks County, Pennsylvania; sawyer; bail posted for him by Thomas Gurney and Samuel Martin, Jr., in the suit of Daniel Harker (Bucks County Court of Common Pleas)

Mar 1743 - March Sessions, Bucks County Court of Quarter Sessions:

"The Petition of John Wells a Prisoner in Execution for Debt and also

The petition of Wm. Gill a Prisoner in Execution for Debt were Severally Presented to the Court & read Praying of Benefit of the Act for Relief of Insolvent Debtors

But neither of them having Complyed with the Directions of the sd. Act they are Rejected" [crossed out]

(Bucks County Court of Quarter Sessions Dockets)

1778 - taxed 10 shillings in New Britain, Bucks, Pennsylvania

1779 - not on tax list (son Matthew Gill appears for first time on tax list, also in New Britain)

According to the pocket diary of descendant Minnie Adair Murphy (1899-1973), the father of Isaac Gill (1760-1823) was William Gill. This was annotated several times. The diary is now in the possession of Marjorie Sheffer.

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