John Tison (1737-1748) wife Miss May. John was born in Pitt County, NC. His wife was the daughter of John May and Mary Stafford (1717-1823).

John Tison (it was Tyson in NC changed in SC) together with the Stafford borthers and Maner brothers migrated to SC in 1765. It is said that Samuel Maner due to his participation in the various Indian wars had seen the vast rich hammock country of the Savannah River, and it was he, who convinced his brothers, John Tison and the Staffords to migrate into St. Peters Parish.  John Tison is credited with 253 days of service in the American Revolution.   It is believed that John and his wife are buried on the plantation lands in Hampton County but there are no markers.

Children were: John Tison II (1767-1804) Married Elizabeth Stafford (1774-1845) John is buried in the Tison Family Cemetery which is located on Webb Center Lands today.  They had seven children. Only one listed here.( I have more.)

  1. Their son Reuben Henry Tison (1803-1874) Married: May 20,1823 Rebekah Mary Jane McKenzie (1806-1899). They are both buried in the Tison Family Cemetery.  Rueben was a very successful planter and increased the family lands to approximately, 10,000 acres and several plantation homes.  Rebekah McKenzie is a descendant of Langrave Smith a colonial governor of SC (1693-94)

    They had six children:

    1. William McKenzie Tison (1826-1903). Married 1852, Martha Thomson Deloach (1831-1886), and they had 9 children. William graduated from Harvard. He did not serve in the Civil War, but stayed home to mange family lands. Both are buried in the Tison Family Cemetery.
    2. John Allen (1828- 1893) served in CSA. Married: 1851, Catherine Arrabella Smith (1833-1908).  He also graduated from Harvard, and was an attorney in Charleston.  They had 11 children. Both are buried in Tison Family Cemetery.
    3. Elizabeth Ann Matilda Tison (1829-1832) is buried in the Tison Family Cemetery.
    4. Perry Hamilton Tison (1839-1918) served in the CSA. He married 1861 to Sarah Elizabeth Allen (1841-1924). They had 4 children.
    5. Sarah Jane Tison (1843-1894). Married 1861 to Johy Conyers Allen (1840-1907). They had 10 children.
    6. Mary Margaret Tison (1844- 1863). Married 1860 to Dr. Southwood Smith and had one child Cathrine Smith (1863-?) but no other information.

After the War Between the States the family began to sell off their land. Much of the land owned by the Tisons went to Northerners who established hunt clubs. Pineland and Okatee are two. The land where John Allen Tison rebuilt his home in 1890 was sold to the Belmont family of NY for a winter training facility for their horses. Later the property was sold to the state of South Carolina as a conservation area. This is the Webb Wildlife center Today. The home built by John Allen Tison is called Belmont house and is used as a lodge.   Mistletoe Grove, the summer house built by Reuben Henry Tison, is still on the Webb property and is used to house employees of the center.  Several of the homes were destroyed by Sherman's Army and as far as I know no other Tison homes are still standing today.

The Tison family married into most of the families in this area of SC. Hamilton, Lawton, Allen, Delouch, McKenzie, Smith, Boyd, Fripp, Thomson and others. If you want more information just email me.

The family did a genealogy in 1966 that covers the family and that is where I got most of my information. However, I do not take it all at face value and get marriage licenses, census records, death certificates, tombstone photos etc to support my information. I have newspaper articles from the past and a stack of land transfers from the SC Archives which I have not yet gone through. Also there is a book Northern Money Southern Land The Lowcountry Planation Sketches of Chlotilde R. Martin that gives a history of both Oakatee and Pineland. It does not give complete information of the owners of all the land that was acquired. There is also an article entitled "Plantation Broker" about John King Garnett who was the middle man between the southern land owners and the northern moneyed buyers. Several of the land sales of Tison land according to the land transfer records were to John King Garnett and/or the hunt clubs, lumber companies etc.

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