Hampton County, South Carolina Cemeteries

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Black Swamp Bostick Cemetery Bowers Cemetery Query
Browning Cemetery Brunson Cemetery Crews Cemetery
Deep Branch Deloach Cemetery Dempsey Cemetery
Gooding Cem. Crocketville Greenwood Plantation Hickory Grove Cemetery
Lawtonville Cemetery, Estill Shaffer Hull Cemetery Skillians Burial Grounds Query
Searson Cemetery Solomons Cemetery St Paul Cemetery Query
Stafford Cemetery Union Methodist Cemetery

CSA Cemetery Markers

U.S. Geological Survey Cemetery List (off this web site, use your back arrow button to return)

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Cemetery Caution Notes:

1. Always let someone know where you are going and what time to expect you back when going in the country to hunt ancestors in cemeteries. Country roads that you are not familiar with could have deep ruts or gullies after a rain.

2. Be careful of the season you are doing your research. I do not like to go into woods during hunting season, too many hunters from out of state are excited and ready to bag a deer and will shoot at anything that moves. If you are going during hunting season make a lot of noise to let them know a human is near.

3. Cemeteries on state or county access roads are never to be locked. It is against the law if you find yourself at an area where a cemetery is located and the road has a gate across or chain and locked notify the land owner or local authorities (Sheriff's dept of the County)

4. No animal should be tied to the gates of a cemetery this is illegal. If you come across this do not attempt to go into cemetery, leave and notify local authorities (Sheriff's dept)

5. When going into cemeteries during the spring, summer and early fall season, especially in overgrown cemeteries, be very careful where you step, snakes love to lay on warm rocks and hide under broken head stones. Be very careful when reaching down to brush away weeds from a grave.

6. Be respectful and do not step on graves.

7. If you see signs of vandalism report to family of cemetery or local authorities.

8. Most of all park as near to the gate or cemetery as you can if you are alone and leave door open. This is for your safety in this day and age.

9. If you go down into woods to a cemetery and are other cars, or have someone sitting in them,

do not get out, lock your doors and turn around and leave for your protection.

10. Hunting relatives of past ages can be exciting and fun, just remember to be careful of your surroundings and use caution and safety at all times.

Yvonne Carrol DeLoach