Hampton County, South Carolina, Welcome!

Note the double "S" used in early records

Canty Cook Jesse Crapps Nath Crapps
Medicus Emmett Ellis, M.D.
Gill Goethe Gypsy
Jackson Murphy Platts Tison
Ward Wilson Walling
Youmans Zeigler

Verdant earth.

Tree roots deep.

Ancestral surprise. (Haiku)

SCGenWeb - Hampton County Surnames

SCGenWeb - Hampton County, South Carolina

Send your family records, linking back to Hampton County, with references please, to Ye Webmeister.

Census Records (off site) 1800-1830 (Beaufort Co.l). Census data for Hampton are complete.  Hampton County was formed from Beaufort County in 1878.  Many early census records are available for purchase from Alligator Creek Genealogy Publications.

Please submit items for inclusion, and please state your sources. A great resource is the "roots" surname list, (in ancient days, the Rand surname list).  Where documented, the original source is stated.  If a submitted file, is not referenced, contact the original submitter (should be Email linked from the file) for sources.  Kindly inform ye webmeister of any dead links, mistakes, etc., or suggestions on format.

This list is not inclusive.  These settlers came from: Richland Co., SC, Charleston, Germany (through Charleston), North Carolina, and Virginia, .  If you would like to contribute to this list, please mail your contribution to the ye webmeister. Digital format  (i.e. Email) is preferred, or I will digitize it as time permits.  Oral tradition is perfectly acceptable, but please state it as such, state the source, and when and where recorded (your great Aunt's notes on a grocery bag in 1927).  Oral tradition is a definite strength, just be sure and state it as such.  Please notify the webmaster of errors, corrections, or additions.  If you have documentation on families with links to Hampton, please submit them for inclusion.

The documents contained herein may be freely used for private purposes, and included in your own genealogy. However, these documents are copyrighted, please retain the copyright notice, credit the source, and, for heaven's sake, and that of your descendants and cousins, retain conjecture where so stated.  These documents may not be sold, nor given to anyone who may attempt to derive profit from them.

Most spelling errors are as they appeared in the records, if blatant, followed by "sic."  Check important details on the original.  Never trust a secondary reference for an important link.  Even primary references can be, and are, ambiguous.  Barnwell (a parent county) probate, deed, and court records are complete (from c1785) except for one deed book.   Please notify me of errors, clarifications, ambiguities, or suggestions on format.  I am slow, I make mistakes, and I have fouled up my best intended configuration management several times. These are not intended, I offer apologies in advance, and I will gladly fix them when they are pointed out! :o)

Abbreviations used: BCH -Barnwell Court House, SCDAH -South Carolina Department of Archives and History (Columbia).  If you see an ambiguous, ill defined, or not defined, statement, please Email me.  All suggestions are welcome.  Copyright ©1997-2000, Dr. Frank Oliver Clark.

SCGenWeb - Hampton County Surnames

SCGenWeb - Hampton County, South Carolina