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Robertville Baptist Church Cemetery

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Robertville Baptist Church is located on Highway 321 in Robertville, South Carolina, Jasper County, South Carolina. The cemetery is behind the church. Survey taken July-August 2001 by Ann Baker (abaker@aol.com).


South Carolina historical marker at church reads:
Named for descendants of Hugnenot minister Pierre Robert, it was the birthplace of Henry Martyn Robert, author of Robert's Rules of Order and of Alexander Lawton, Confederate Quartermaster General.
The town was burned by Sherman's army in 1865.  The present church was built in Gillisonville in 1846 as an Episcopal Church, moved here by Black Swamp Baptists in 1871.
Unmarked adult

Feb. 29, 1923.
Age 69 Yrs.
Meet me in
Footstone: P.N.

Eldon Noonan
South Carolina
Pvt Co D 156 Depot Brig.
World War I
Nov. 12, 1889  Feb. 17 1969

2 unmarked adults (small head and footstones)

NOONAN -  Plot with copen

(Double stone)
John Bird Noonan
Aug. 30, 1883
Jan. 9, 1959
Footstone: J. B. N
Mamie A. Noonan
Feb. 8, 1889
Jan. 5, 1968
Footstone: M.A.N.

1 unmarked adult

Susan Jaudon
Feby. 1st 1845
Aged 42 yrs. 2 mos. 2 days 
Footstone: S. J. 

Dedicated to my Angel
By her Darling:
Mary Josephine
Was born in Marietta, Geo.
And died in Beaufort
Dist, S. Ca. June 6th 1861.
In the 9th year of her age.
Sing on my precious beautious babe,
Till mama in they songs shall aid.

Julian A. Robert
Infant daughter
W. M. & G. W. Robert.
who died
aged nine weeks.
So fades the lovely blooming flower
Frail smiling solace of an hour
So soon our transient comforts fly
And pleasures only bloom to die.
Footstone: J. A. R.

Memory of
Mrs. Esther M. Hughes
who died
25th Sept. 1837
aged 65 yrs. 6 mos. 7 ds.
For many years she lived 
a useful member of the 
Baptist Church,
and died in strong hope
of a blessed immortality.
"Blessed are the dead who
die in the Lord, they rest
from their labors and
their works do follow

Broken and in many pieces:

To the memory


William Joyner

who departed this life

on the 5th of December 1824

Aged 76 years and 4 months

He was (rest is not readable in pieces)

Enclosed area in a fence:

Bostick (double stone)
Jacob Bonham Bostick
Feb. 26, 1869 - Jan. 14, 1935
Anne Sams Hagood 
Wife of Jacob Bonham Bostick
Dec. 24, 1866 - June 5, 1960
On copen at bottom: Father    Mother

Robert Henry
infant son of
J.B. and A. H. Bostick,
Born Apr. 29, 1907
Died Nov. 7, 1907
A little child will lead them
(lamb on bottom on copen)

Daughter of
Jacob A. & Amarien
Sept. 23, 1863
Jan. 2, 1914
"The summons she heard in
accents of love 
Daughter, come high and
serve Me above"
Copen: J. B.

Mamie Bostick Smith
Wife of
Walter W. Smith
Mar. 12, 1855
June 10, 1940
Footstone: M. B. S.

Eliza Jane
Sept. 18, 1853
June 4, 1881
Her dying words were
Just as I am without one plea
but that thy blood was shed for me
And that thou bidst me to thee
O Lamb of God, I come, I come.

Wife of
Jacob A. Bostick.
July 20, 1830.
May 1, 1879.
O death, where is thy sting
O grave where is thy victory

Unmarked grave with copen

Charles Augustus, Jr. 
Son of 
C. A. and Rosai Bostick
Sept. 12, 1891
Apr. 21, 1905
One by one life robs us of our
Nothing is our own except our

Charles Augustus
Son of
Jacob A. & Amarien
Sept. 23, 1850
July 19, 1900
Can I forget the agonizing
hour, When these lov'd eyes
were closed to wake no 
Footstone: C. A. B. 

William S.
Sept. 11, 1833
Sept. 13, 1857
Footstone: W. S. S. 

Jacob Samuel
Son of 
Jacob A. & Amarien
May 22, 1856
Nov. 8, 1867
They shall be mine saith
the Lord of Host In that 
day when I make up my 
Footstone: J. S. B.

Jacob A. Bostick
July 8, 1821.
Jan. 11, 1871.
Confederate Cross

Confederate Cross 
No tombstone, no identification

Confederate Cross 
No tombstone, no identification

This stone
marks the place where are deposited
side by side the remains of 
Matilda Frances Solomons  
who died at Savannah
July 22nd, 1854
Aged 4 years 3 months and 11 days
and of 
Oliver Bostick Solomons   
who died at same place
July 24th, 1854
Aged 1 year 10 months and 14 days 
Children of Samuel & Mary 

E. Solomons
"For of such is the Kingdom of Heaven"
Footstone: M. F. S.
                  O. B. S.

Miss H. M. Solomons
(there is no other information)
Footstone: H. M. S.

Infant daughter of 
Samuel and Mary A.E. Solomons
died 3rd March 1848
aged 7 months and 5 days
Happy infant, early blessed! 
rest, in peaceful slumber rest,
early rescued from the cares
which increase with growing years.
No delights are worth thy stay;
smiling as they seem and gay
short and sickly are they all
hardly lasted ere they pall.  

monument marks 
the spot where are 
deposited the
remains of
John R. Bostick
who departed this life
on the 7th of
November 1852.
Aged 65 years 
9 months 
and 19 days
Other side:
He was an 
affectionate husband
and parent, a sincere
kind and courteous
to all upright and 
just never having
wronged his fellow
man, nor in his heart
imagined harm
against him. 
He died esteemed by
all who knew him
and in the full faith
of a Christian.
He has left this world
of trials 
and tribulation and
has gone to reap 
the reward which 
is laid up for the

In memory of
Julius Richard 
Son of
Col. J. A. and A. Bostick
who departed this life 
on the 17 day of October 1853
Aged 1 year 11
months & 9 days
Suffer little children to come unto me
and forbid them not for of such 
is the Kingdom of Heaven
So fades the lovely blooming flower
frail smiling solace of an hour
so soon our transient comforts fly
and pleasure only blooms to die.
Footstone: J. R. B.

Confederate Cross
No tombstone, no identification

Oliver Perry
Jan. 17, 1830
Nov. 25, 1899 

Margianne Kane
April 30, 1901
Aged 81 years
An orphan, yet an heir
of God.

(end of fenced area)

Hiram L. (this stone is broken)
Son of  E. F. & S. U.
Died July 3 1887
Aged 16 months and 17 days
Of Duplin
???? N. C. 

Broken and turned over
In memory of 
Thadoeus M.
Son of
A & S. McKinlay
Died June 2nd 1851
Aged 14 months

Large open area - probably many unmarked graves here

Memory of
daughter of 
B. and S. T. Jaudon
Footstone: C. J.

Memory of
Lewis Shuck
son of
B. and S.T. Jaudon
Footstone: L.S. J.

Memory of
Laura Josephine
daughter of 
and S. T. Jaudon
Footstone: L. J. J.

Memory of
Eleanor Sarah Kempton.
who died Aug. 11th 1855
in the 84th year of her age 
Her children arise up and
call her blessed.

Katie E. Buckner
Jan. 17,  1886
July 1, 1954
Footstone: K. E. B.

Benjamin H. 
1854 - 1916

In memory of
Sarah E. Buckner
Wife of 
J. A. Pender
Born June 29, 1852
Died June 8, 1903
Gone but not forgotten
Footstone:  S. E. B.
  1. B. Richardson

Nov. 28, 1861

Sept. 14, 1915

Other side:

Olive Cornelia

wife of

  1. B. Richardson

Jan. 27, 1871

July 16, 1907.

Third side:

All things that

we love and


like ourselves

must fade and



Robert Pooler Hambaut

Born 15 May 1811,

Died 24 August 1845.

In memory of

Mary Charlotte

daughter of

Joseph L. &

Phoebe Lawton

who died

Aug 11, 1820

E. 12 years 1 mo.

& 5 days

(This is a concrete tombstone in very bad shape.

Portions are unreadable.)


Memory of

Emma Ann Lawton

Daughter of Mary J. and ? Lawton

Born ??? 1823

Died ??? 1829

In memory of

Thirza Lawton.

second daughter of

Col. Alexr. I. Lawton &

Martha his consort.

who died on Blackswamp

So. Ca. 21 Oct. 1817:

aged 4 years 10 mo. &

28 days.

She was esteemed by all her friends

and a most lovely and interesting child.

In memory of

Eusebia Sarah


Third daughter of

Col Alexr. I. Lawton &

Martha his consort.

who died on Blackswamp

So. Ca. 28 March 1816:

aged 15 months and 14 days.


to the memory of

Joseph Lawton

who died

On Blackswamp, S. C.

March 5, 1815

Aged 61 years

He lived & died a pious Christian

& good Citizen.

On Back:

Duplicate stone

George Moss Lawton


November 9: 1820


April 3: 1878




Mrs. Sarah Lawton Sen

who was born

At St. James, Santee, So. Ca.

6th Feb. 1755

died on Black swamp

6th Oct. 1839,

Aged 74 years & 8 mos.

She was sixty two years a

member of the Baptist Church

lived a consistent Christian

life, & finished her course,

with a firm hope in the

salvation of her Savior.

At her death she left 114 descendants

to mourn her loss and imitate her virtues.

On back:

Duplicate stone

erected by the
Lawton Family



Broken marker with initials

R. G. N.

James Marion Boyd

son of

J. E. & M. R. Boyd

Aug. 21, 1906

June 15, 1907

Little children shall

lead them.

Infant daughter


J. E. & M. R. Boyd

Sept. 19, 1908

Sept. 20, 1908

Safe in the arms of


Footstone: unmarked

Infant son


J. E. & M. R. Boyd

Born and died

June 6, 1909

Footstone: unmarked

RICHARDSON (double stone)

Ruby Lina

July 20, 1882

June 3, 1959

Footstone: R.L.R.

Cora Olive

Nov. 28, 1890

Dec. 23, 1974

Footstone: C.O.R.



God knows best

all is well

Marion Earnestine

daughter of

  1. M. and S. H.


Mar. 10, 1885

Aug. 3, 1921

Heaven lifts it's everlasting

portals high,

and bids the pure in heart

behold their God.

Footstone: M. E. R.

William T.

Son of

  1. M. & S. H.


Feb. 4, 1888

Feb. 12, 1888

At rest

Footstone: W. R. R.


Alpha Marion Richardson

Mar. 13, 1856 - Sept. 2, 1927

his wife

Sarah Hamilton Tison

Nov. 8, 1858 - Apr, 6, 1935

Copen: S. H. R. A. M. R.

"He fell in the cause of lost still just

and died for me and you."

Capt. Edward P. Lawton


Fell while leading a charge

at Fredricksburg.

Dec. 13. 1862

Aged 30.

Mourned with unconsoleable

Love and Sorrow.

Until the daybreak

and the shadows flee away.


In memory of

Capt. Edward Payson Lawton, C.S.A.

b. Apr. 23, 1832 d. Dec. 26, 1862

m. Evelina Loyer Davant

Mortally wounded lst battle of Fredericksburg

Led "Lawton's Charge" which excited admiration

of both Confederates and Federals. Cited for his

gallantry and courage by General Lee.

His grandchildren

Florence Davant Lawton

Loyer Lawton Zahner

Susan Lawton Daugherty

  1. Davant Lawton

    Eleanor Lawton Reynolds

    Confederate Cross

    (concrete marker in bad shape - not sure of information)


    Memory of


    Benjamin Lawton

    only son of

    Wm. J. & Martha Lawton

    who died 7th Sept. 1861

    in the 12th year of his age.


    To the memory of

    Amanda M. Miller

    wife of

    Jonathan M. Miller

    Of Beech Island,

    who departed this life on the 12th

    of June 1838.

    in the 22nd year of her age.

    No more confined to grovelling scenes of night

    no more a tenant pent in mortal day,

    now would we rather hail thy glorious flight,

    and trace thy journey to the realm of day.

    In memory

    of the

    worth and virtues of

    Mrs. Cornelia P. Lawton

    wife of

    Alexr. J. Lawton

    Born in Germany, Europe

    25th December 1798

    and when a small child brought by her parents

    to this country.

    She removed to Black Swamp, Beaufort District, So. Ca.

    As the wife of him who mourns her loss

    About 19 years since a stranger,

    And by her active and pious attention

    To all the duties of life

    Secured the affection or respect

    Of a wide circle of friends.

    She died at her home of paralyses,

    11th September 1856

    aged 57 years 8 months and 16 days

    she was strong in faith in her Savior

    and professed his name as a Baptist

    more than twenty years.

    As her life was useful so her end was peaceful.

    Life's labor done, as sinks the day,

    light from it's loved the spirit flies,

    while heaven and earth combine to say

    how blessed the righteous when she dies.

    (Flat stone cracked and damaged)

    Through the gate of death

    passed to his joyful ressurection

    April 8, 1876 in the 86th year of his age

    Alexander James Lawton

    Active & self sacrificing in the

    discharge of every public, charatible

    social & religious duty.

    As widely as he was known

    This monument is a token of the

    gratitude of his devoted sons for

    useful life length of days

    happily lived and peacefully closed

    Patient and continuous in well doing




    Eternal Life

    In memory


    Mrs. Martha Lawton

    Consort of

    Col. Alexander J. Lawton

    Who departed this life

    26th July 1836,

    aged 47 years 10 months & 21 days

    The loved and respect and regarded by all her

    friends & acquaintances.

    In the various relations of

    mother, friend and wife

    And as a humble follower of

    Jesus Christ.

    she acted her heart


    Usefulness & honor.


    To the memory of

    Rev. Martin Swift

    A native of the town of Wareham

    Plymouth, Co. Massachusetts

    Late pastor of the saptist church

    At Black swamp, S. C.

    He was born in Decr. 1793.

    And died 11th Aug. 1834

    Aged 40 years 8 mo.

    He was deservedly esteemed as all

    Able, faithful and successful ministers

    of the Gospel for more than

    ten years.

    And was distinguished for this.


    To the memory of

    Mrs. Elizabeth Graham

    Who died 23d Octr. 1832

    Aged 83 years 2 months

    and 12 days

    She had been an

    exemplary member of the

    Baptist Church thirty years

    and was distinguished for

    her piety and benevolence.


    Memory of

    Robert G. Morgan, Jr.

    Born 3rd April 1815, & died

    in the triumphs of

    the Christian faith C. F.

    18th May 1840

    aged 25 yrs 1 mos 15 days

    He had been for 7 yrs & was

    At the time of his death,

    an exemplary member

    of the Baptist Church

    at Robertville, S. C.



    many citizens

    of St. Peter's Parish

    to the memory of

    Robert E. Sweat,

    of Washington

    Light Infantry,

    Hampton's Legion

    So. Ca. Volunteers,

    who died at

    Culpepper C. H. Va.

    on 19th August 1861

    of a wound in the

    left arm received

    at Manassas Plains

    on the memorable

    21st July '61,

    aged 24years 6 mos.

    and 26 days.

    Other side:

    He calmy embraced

    the religion of


    and died in

    the triumph of


    Third side:

    Among his

    last word were,

    "I have a precious

    Savior to trust in."

    Tison (headstone)

    Benjamin Thompson


    Apr. 26, 1865

    May 24, 1941

    Rosa Folk

    wife of

  2. T. Tison

    Aug. 2, 1873

    Apr. 27, 1945


    daughter of

    J. D. & E. T. Carter

    July 7, 1925


    Ralph Tison

    Infant son of

    J. D. & E. T.


    Sept. 7, 1926

    Oct. 5, 1926

    Footstone: R. T. C.

    Ralph Robert Tison

    Oct. 20, 1863

    May 26, 1925

    Small marker no inscription

    Dr. J. Ralph Blount

    Nov. 26, 1838

    Jan. 12, 1906

    Confederate cross

    Eliza Norton Sweat


    1849 - 1926

    William A.

    Son of

    J. R. & E. N. Blount

    November 25, 1869

    June 9, 1870

    Sacred to the memory of

    Lauren ?? Fitts (unredable - cracked)

    Born November 22, 1856

    Died September 21, 1890

    Aged 33 yrs 9 mo and 30 ds

    God in his wisdom has recalled

    the bloom his love has given

    and though the body mourned here

    the soul is safe in Heaven.

    Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.


    William ("Billy")


    Apr. 30, 1903

    Oct. 22, 1971


    Sophie Barina

    Dau. Of

  3. E. & Mattie A.


Mar. 27, 1899

June 11, 1908

Not lost but gone before

to meet us on the

blessed shore.

Footstone: S. B. R.

Viola Pearl

Dau of

C. E. & Mattie A.


Jan. 15, 1898

June 3, 1908

Not lost but gone before

to meet us on the

blessed shore.

Footstone: V. P. R.

Infant son


C. E. & Mattie A.


Born and died

Oct. 13, 1894

Names in Heaven

Mattie Pope Rivers

wife of

Charles E. Rivers

Sept. 17, 1871

Sept. 3, 1950

Footstone: M. P. R.

Charles E. Rivers

Aug. 11, 1885

Aug. 12, 1930

Robert Henry Pope

Mar. 17, 1868

June 11, 1965

Adella S. Wall

wife of

William Pope

Sept. 5, 1844

Mar. 10, 1930

A faithful wife, devoted mother

and a friend to all.

She is not dead, but sleepeth.

William Pope

Mar. 19, 1845

Feb. 23, 1924

A Confederate soldier and

Christian gentleman.

Gone but not forgotten.

Confederate cross


William, Jr.

Son of

Wm. & Carrie


Oct. 13, 1918

Feb. 8, 1921

The lovely flowerHas faded

Kimberly Michelle


Sept. 1, 1959

Sept. 1, 1959

Footstone: K. M. P.

BARKER (headstone)

Will C.

Husband of Irene

Nov. 28, 1916

Ellen S. Barker

Mar. 5, 1917

May 19, 1968

Joseph G. Barker


Sept. 28, 1942

Sept. 12, 1962

Irene Tuten

Wife of Will

Aug. 11, 1931

LANGFORD (headstone)

Henry C. Langford

South Carolina

Pvt Co E 105 Engineers

World War I

Sept. 24 1888 Jan. 28 1969

Mamie Smith


June 28, 1901

Feb. 26, 1963

William Joseph

Langford, Sr.

Dec. 7, 1916

June 12, 1983

Mildred Blakewood


Jan. 26, 1919

Dec. 21, 1990


William Joseph

Langford, Jr.

July 22 April 1

  1. 1976


Jo Jo,

You will be forever loved

And remembered by your family

And your friends, our love


Your wife Suzanne P. Langford

and daughter Misty Langford.

Trevor O'Neal


Son of

Tommie Ray & Richanna Tuten


Brother of

Ashley Knowles

Born & died Jan. 19, 2001

If we could have taken your place

We know that we would

But today you are with Jesus

Who loves you more than we

ever could

Forever our love, Daddy, Mama

And Ashley

BUCKNER (headstone)

All shadows

vanish in the

light of light

Logan W. Buckner

May 6 Apr. 10

  1. 1968

Other side:


All shadows

vanish in the

light of light

1 unmarked grave

STANLEY(double stone)

Waiting in Heaven

Wilbur T.

Aug. 1, 1922

Apr. 27, 1996

Footstone: W.T.S.

Willie Alma

Sept. 3, 1912

Oct. 15, 1996

Footstone: W.A.S.

Roger Stanley

July 22, 1956

Nov. 24, 1999

Catherine V.


May 29, 1997

May 25, 1966

Footstone: Mother

HADWIN (headstone)

Joe M. Hadwin

Jan. 2, 1902

Feb. 23, 1974

Jennifer Clotele


Born and died

April 5, 1986

Infant son of

Joe & Jennifer Hadwin

Andrew Hadwin

Sept. 21, 1984 Sept. 21, 1984

Footstone: A. H.

TUTEN (headstone)

Redden Tuten, Sr.

July 22, 1904

May 9, 1963

Virie Crosby Tuten

Nov. 17, 1910

Apr. 19, 2000

TUTEN (headstone)

Betty Peeples


Wife of

Redden Tuten, Jr.

Nov. 13, 1939

Aug. 20, 1972

NOONAN Plot in copen

2 unmarked graves

Mrs. Edna L. Phillips


Doris Noonan


Oct. 30. 1939

Mar. 2, 1980

Footstone: D. N. B.

ARLEDGE (double stone)

The Kingdom Come

Heusie Fanning

Dec. 10, 1906

Nov. 7, 1979

Footstone: H. F. A.

Gladys McElveen

Sept. 27, 1909

Aug. 6, 1985

Footstone: G.M.A.


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