Jasper County, South Carolina Native Americans 

Map of Distribution of Native Americans near Jasper Co., SC before the intrusion of the British.

The Catawba tribe, just to the north of Augusta, appear to have been a Canadian tribe, who migrated to SC c1650 (map adapted from a map contained in "History of the Old Cheraws: by Rev. Alex. Gregg, The State Company, Columbia, SC 1925.).  Most of the Native Americans in SC were killed by a smallpox epidemic in the winter of 1759 (ibid p16).

The  Catawba and Pedee tribes owned slaves!  In 1748 an article appears in the Gazette of Charleston describing a slave who gave his name as "Fortune" although those in whose hands he found himself did not believe this to be his true name.  He says he belonged to a Mr. Fuller, who sold him to Billy, King of the Pedee Indians, that the Catawba Indians took him from King Billy, and to their nation, and that he escaped from them and became lost (ibid page 13). 

"The Westoe tribe lived in what became Beaufort district.  They were driven out at an early period by the Savannahs, or Yamassees, who belonged to the Lower Creek Nation" (A Sketch of the History of South Carolina, Rivers, McCarter & Co., Charleston, 1856, p87, 88).  Rivers writes: "At the close of the Westoe war in 1681, many individuals had added to their traffic the purchase of captives, and the proprietors (FOC: Lords Proprietors) endeavored to check abuses of this kind ... by taking under their protection (nominally) all the Indians within four hundred miles of Charleston."

Rivers states that the Yamassees and Tuskaroras were "warlike and adventuresome" (ibid p38) and that the Yamassees belonged to the Lower Creek Nation (ibid p87, 88).  Rivers further states that the Tuskaroras once dwelt between the Savannah and the Altamaha, but after conflict with the whites, removed to North Carolina, and thence to the frontiers of New York (ibid p38, 39).  Some Tuskaroras were still in Port Royal in 1721.  The Yamasees removed to Beaufort District c1680-90, until they were expelled in 1715. Fragments of the Yamassees then removed to the Catawbas in 1743, but the majority retreated to Florida, from whom the Seminoles are said to be descended.

There is a web site devoted to Native Americans in South Carolina (off site).  Obviously, not all were forcibly removed.

Family traditions of Native American descent:

The nearby Allendale PaleoIndian Expeditions (off site, use your backarrow button to return) explore early Indians in the area.

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There is an interesting, rather lengthy, web site at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, Netherlands (my old stomping grounds!) on Geronimo, in his own words.  Geronimo was thought by his own people to have supernatural powers given to him by the Great Spirit.

Geronimo himself!  Now he was one interesting looking guy!

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