Mrs. Theresa Hicks (professional genealogist in Columbia) says that the Accounts Audited were made after the war for military service and public service performed after the fall of Charleston in 1780.

"Records of the Comptroller General" 500 cu. ft.

These records consist of cards containing abstracted information on the muster rolls, pay rolls, and related records that arose from actions during the revolutionary war. The records are usually located grouped by name, and contain records of everyone of that name. Use the signatures or marks, witnesses, and substitute's names to sort the records for individuals.  Note that there are many more state revolutionary war records than these, all detailed under "other records."

The records are divided into three main groups:

  1. those of the Continental Army, which are arranged by name of organization and thereunder alphabetically by name of soldier;
  2. those for State troops, which are arranged by name of State, thereunder by name of the organization, and thereunder alphabetically by name of soldier;
  3. and others, which are filed under the headings Commissary of Military Stores Department, naval personnel, and miscellaneous, and thereunder alphabetically by name of serviceman.

There is a master name index, plus name index.  These records may be obtained from the South Carolina Dept. of Archives & History Center, Columbia, SC, and you may request copies by mail, once you know the specific record desired.  First request the record, and the SCDAH will quote you a price, and then return payment with the paperwork provided by them.

Some of this outline record form is after Côtè: "The Genealogist's Guide to Charleston Co., SC" Richard N. Côtè, Côtè Genealogical Publications, Ladson, SC 1978.  The record description itself is taken from "The South Carolina Archives, A Temporary Summary Guide, 1976," M.C. Chandler and E.W. Wade, ©1976 SCDAH, abbreviated "Temp. Summ. Guide".

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