James Davis who may have been a Loyalist during the Revolutionary War. He, Philip Davis, and John and James Adams are on Col. Brandon's List. In 1790 and before (1784), my James Davis was living on the Oolenoy River next door to John Adams. A John Davis was living on Shoal Creek also in Pendleton. We think our James Davis was b. 1741 or so, and wonder if he could have been captured during the Snow Campaign with John Davis. I noticed a List of Capt. John Martin's Company. Does anyone know who this John Martin was? Other family connections who were Loyalists was George Shelnut. I believe he was married to a Caty LNU, and their son Andrew Shellnut of Abbeville m. Elizabeth Gentry. They went to GA to Franklin Co. and later Fayette Co. Elizabeth is somehow related to David Gentry who married into the Cherokees.

I am interested in John Martin, because two of James Davis's sons married Martin girls. Rachel Martin was the Cherokee mixed daughter of John "Jack" Martin, and Rebeckah Martin was the Cherokee mixed daughter of Wm. Martin, of Tommassee Creek. My understanding from Don Shadburn is that John "Jack" Martin and Wm. Martin of Tommassee Creek were brothers of Gen. Joseph Martin. This information is new and not generally known.

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