On page 187 of History of the Wofford Family History (note by FOC, I have not seen this history, and do not know where it is available.)

Here lived in the Revolutionary War, Dicy Langston, who waded the rushington impetuose Tyger River, just above Bull's Sluice ,and saved her friends at the Elither Smith place.  She lived on a bluff overlooking Beard Shoals . And near by was the home of Lucretia O`Shields, who performed a similar deed and whose name is perpetuated in that section by her descendants.  After over hearing the talk of the Tories and Only a few miles from the River was the home of Thomas Blassingame above mentioned,whose wife on one accasion was being whipped with Hickories(switches) just for the purpose of making her disclose her husbands whereabouts, made this declaration to her persecutors, which was ever after attributed to her: "That she was one of the old Blue Hen`s chickens,and one of the Blue stockings and would Die first."

(And on page 241- 242 this is written again in more detail it tells of the Dicy Langston feat ) On page 242 middle of page it tells: "The name of Lucretia O`Shields has been Perpetuated in that same section, as having performed an almost similar deed.  After overhearing some talk of the Tories in the house in which she lived, she made her exit by raising a loose plank in the floor, bridled her filly, and mounting bareback, notified the Whigs of an impending attack.  Lucretia also deserves a monument.  (and the next pargraph tells again of the wife of Thomas Blassingame being whipped to disclose the whereabouts of her husband, This was taken word for word from the HISTORY OF THE WOFFORD FAMILY by Direct descendants of Capt, JOSEPH WOFFORD , 1928.

Lucretia O`Shields was the sister of John O`Shields Rev War Veteran file No, S18146 his record and their brother Jethro O`Shields also a Rev War veteran File No. #S18144 Ref; National Archives all three of these were living around Spartanburg during the time of and before the Revolutionary War. The men John And Jethro `s Rev War records are on the Piedmont Historical Society Gen web Site.. I hope this will help with finding the History.

Thanks and Kind Regards The O`Shields Family


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Comments by Connie Chumley Stringer
Lucretia O'Shields/OSheal has never been proven as the sister of Jethro and John O'Shields/OSheal. It is pure speculation. Many researchers say that Lucretia was actually Lucretia Wooten O'Shields, the wife of Jethro O'Shields. Many of their descendants make this claim. However, no one has ever proved the exact identify of this Lucretia O'Shields. Therefore, Patrick O'Shields should not say Lucretia O'Shields was the sister of John and Jethro because Patrick does not know the true identity of Lucretia. I researched and wrote the book - OSHEAL--CHUMLEY (copyright 2003).

Commentary 12 Sept. 2007

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