Bernard aka Barnett  Snell

George SNELL 1783

George Snell is listed in Sarrett's list, but his father, who fought by his side, Bernard aka Barnett Snell is not listed. Adam Fralick and John Thornton (listed) were sons-in-law of Barnet. This info comes from Clark's Loyalists in the Southern Campagne.

Barnett Snell died on James Island, SC immediately before the family (George, his two younger brothers described as 'orphan lads' on the ships list, his half sisters and their husbands Adam Fralick and John Thornton) left for Nova Scotia.  In Nova Scotia, George made a claim with the British authorities for compensation for his loss. In it he claims his father Barnet disowned another son, Christian Snell, for fighting on the side of the Patriots.

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Snell/Frelick/Fralick family

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