Daysor (Days) David Gill born c1758-63? died d1834, a Revolutionary War Loyalist. Daysor (Days) David Gill born c1750?, 1770-1780 from 1830 census, various unreferenced sources state 1750-1760, one states he was born in SC, - died d1834, married three times: 1Sarah Blakeley mentioned in an 1815 Laurens Co. Equity record (Gill records of Mr. Leonardo Andrea, record #104), 2Mary ___ in Columbia County, GA 1808 deed (Deed Book O, page 409), 3Lydia Tansey born 1780-1790 (1830 census), (his 1834 widow, Baldwin Co. , GA,Will).   There is more detail on Sarah Blakely on the Gill web page.

Robert V. Woods, of Ridgefield,WA, kindly send the following record:

In your list of Loyalists, something we never leaned about in US History, there are two individuals that I can confirm. My mother-in-law was born in New Brunswick, Canada. Her ancestors were the Blakney's. Two of the names on your list are Chambers Blakely and David Bleachney (both Blakely). David & Chambers were both shipped to Halifax, NS in 1784.

Chambers died on board ship in the harbor of Halifax.  David Blakney went on to live in New Brunswick. These two brothers came to South Carolina in Dec.,22,1767, aboard the "Earl of Denegal" with their father, William Blakely who was born abt 1715 in Ireland. William  Blakely died before 1779 on their farm which was located on Cuffey Town creek (Coffeetown Creek) located in Edgefield Co., SC. The listing of William and his wife Elizabeth can be found in a book listing Protestants and others arriving in SC. My family was in SC also as patriots, their names were Holcomb, Hunt,Scales, Skelton, Campbell, Clark, Minton. My wife and I have had some interesting conversations about this War. Seems a lot of folks were betting on the Loyalists but they lost. There was one family of Tottens in NY who were determined to keep the family farm, one of the brothers was a loyalist and the other a patriot.

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