Following is what was sent to me by another Chancey researcher on August 25 1999, where she found Jeremiah Chancey as a Loyalist in a book. I am fowarding the complete mail, and from that you can pick up on the source of the data, which may assist you to further your Rev. War pages.

If possible, please keep me in mind concerning any Chancy/Chancey and/or Chauncey names you may happen up on in Beaufort/Colleton regions. This is where we are at, and have been unable to get back before lower SC in the late 1700s. The following Jeremiah was enumerated as Geremiah Chancy in the 1790 Charleston District, St. Bartholomews Parrish. A few years ago, I covered that area..mostly around Jacksonboro to Walterboro like the dew on Dixie, but found nothing. The Genealogical Society at Walterboro says most all records of that era have been lost.

Robert Chancey

August 25 1999

Not a Torrie, A Loyalists in the Revoluntionary War. (Her note to me because at the time, I did not know a Loyalist from a Tory/Torrie,)

In a book I purchased at an estate sale. Loyalists in the Southern Campaign of the Revolutionary War by Murtie June Clark - Volume One - Official Rolls of Loyalists recruited from North and South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi and Louisiana. - Genealogical Publishing Co.,Inc. 1981.

Page 172 - Colleton County Militia - Saltketcher Militia Company -

1 Captain Jones, Edmund, 102 days

1 Lieutenant Harper, Baraka, 102 days

1 2d Lieut Wilson, Jesse, 102 days

1 Sergeant Chancey, Jeremiah, 102 days, Jul 19

2 Sergeant Platts, Jacob

1 Private Ayres, John, 72 days

2 " Bishop, George, 102 days

3 " Broxton, Hezekiah, 102 days

4 " Carter, Jesse, 102 days

5 " Carter, George, 102 days

6 " Cruse, John, 72 days

7 " Davis, George, 33 days

8 " Davis, William, 33 days

9 " Harper, Carrol, 72 days

10 " Hanson, Zachariah, 102 days

11 " Hyrne, James, 102 days

12 " Hyrne, Philip, 102 days

13 " Hier, Godfrey, 102 days

14 " Hier, Michael, 102 days

15 " Hier, Jacob, 102 days

16 " Kling, Adam, 102 days

17 " Ponds, William, 72 days

18 " Rentz, Peter, 102 days

19 " Shepherd, Abrahm, 102 days

20 " Shepard, Robert, 102 days

21 " Walker, Robert , 102 days

22 " Walker, Thomas, 102 days

23 " Walker, Benjamin, 102 days

24 " Walker, Joel

25 " Weston, John A., 72 days

26 " Wiggins, John, 102 days

At the top of this page it says" Pay Abstract Nr 133, Colonel Robert Ballingll's Regiment, Colleton County Militia, Soldiers' Certification for Service. In this whole 635 page volume this is the only place that a Chancey is mentioned. We NEED to find out about this Jeremiah Chancey. If you go to Charleston try to find out about him. Give them this information and they should be able to show you where to look. These are the colonist who supported the British during the Revolutionary War, They say that the older settlers tended to be Loyalists so maybe that means that Jeremiah was one of the older settlers of South Carolina. Did he come from North Carolina? If he had some rank, there may be records in England on him as they were so to speak employees of the British. Please let me know if you find out anything about this. I think it may be one of those missing links we are searching for.

I believe we Chanceys had a Loyalist among those in Charleston District, in what is now Colleton Cty. I have seen a report of a Jeremiah Chancey who was listed in a roll from the "Lower Saltketchers", which today is the Combahee R. area, however, I have been unable to verify this online. My age and health severly restricts my travels to Charleston or Columbia for archive research. I live near Myrtle Beach, SC.

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