Sumpter Papers-Draper Manuscripts
South Carolina
Series VV-Vol.11-13-Military Events
State Historical Society of Wisconsin

Sumpter MSS, 11-13VV

Vol. 11, Sumpter MSS

(Letters to Mr. L.C. DRAPER)


From Major Theodore STARKE, Columbia, S.C.-66 years of age, son of Robt. Starke.  Robert STARKE was born in Dinwiddie Co., Va. near Petersburg, April 10th 1762.  Died Sept. 1830, in his 69th year.

He was at Hanging Rock, Blackstock, Fish Down ford?, King's Mtn., Cowpens, & Eutaw, and other battle and skirmishes. He was Col. Sam'l HAMMONDS adjutant, at Eutaw, and always blamed LEE'S conduct there.

At Fish DOWN Ford (met really at BLACKSTOCKS' as Gen. Wm. Taylor relates) a British officer was killed, and young STARKE nearly naked? saw the coveted prize-but refrained from apprehending it to himself until he had asked the consent of his Col. Thos. TAYLOR "Certainly, Bobby, my son, go and take it"

His father was Robt. STARKE of Ninety-Six District, who was early sheriff there.

Robt. STARKE, Jr. was twice wounded bayoneted through the thigh-see Judge O'NEALS Bench & Bar of S.C.

Nothing special about SUMPTER.

Emily Geiger exploit---Rebecca STARKE a sister of Robt. STARKE, Jr., about 17 year old probably in 96 or Edgefield --- went with Emily GEIGER -were apprehended somewhere on the way and the girls put in a room, and women sent for to search them. The girls at once opened and read the letter, so as to know its contents, tore in 2, each agreeing to eat one half of it. Emily soon made way with her portion, the other failed-when Emily the good hearted, ----Dutch girl, exclaimed "Blast your dainty stomach, Rebecca STARKE, give it to me and I'll eat it." And she did.

Don't know exactly where this occurred.

Miss STARKE subsequently married a MR. WILLISON settled near Harrisburg? S.C. had a son and daughter -the son, a man of some prominence removed many years ago to Florida, don't know where, and the daughter became the wife of the late Hon. James DELLET, of Mobile and they had a daughter whose husband is a Judge, probably at Mobile. Mrs. WILLISON died quite early, near Hamburg? Only a few year after the Rev.


Emily GEIGER-visited Jacob and Abram GEIGER, of Lexington District, who say she married Lewellyn SHEWITZ? Who had a mill and a plantation at an early day in that region: she perhaps early lived above Saluda, in the forks, and when conveying the intelligence (not certain whether from GREENE to SUMPTER, or vice versa) she crossed above Fort GRANBY: Perhaps sometime after the war removed to Edgefield or Newberry, probably the former and never had children.

Wm. GEIGER, Sr.-of Columbia, S.C. not at home, can give further info. His son since, adding that Emily left no children, and that she early died in Lexington District.

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