Pencilled Notation on back of manuscript giving story of Emily Geiger

John Geiger, father of Susan Geiger and grandfather of Virginia Phillips and great grandfather of Ella Oliveros Seignious

Emily G's grandfather was the great great grandfather of Virginia Phillips 4 times great of Ella Oliveros Seignious, and five times great of Virginia Seignious.

John Geiger, by first marriage had three daughters and one son by second marriage 2 daughters, Susan and Antoneea


Copied from handwritten manuscript furnished by Mrs. Virginia Seignious Rhem, of Andrews, South Carolina.

(Typed: Emd)

Copied from typed copy of manuscript of Mrs. Helen Hawes Collins by Sara Texas (Geiger) Geiger

March, 1965

Copies for:

Mrs. Helen Geiger Hawes Collins (daughter of Daisy Charlotte Geiger and William Hawes)

Mrs. Annie Wolfe Roof (Daughter of Frederica Geiger and John A. Wolfe)

Sara Anne Geiger (Daughter of Sara Texas Geiger and Wm. M. Geiger)

William Henry Geiger (son of " " " " " ")

Alexander Milburn Geiger (son of Lellan Caughman and Alexander Geiger)

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