Why would a supposedly intelligent and well-reared man such as Mr. A.S. Salley, Jr., Secretary of the South Carolina Historical Commission, become so adamant, so sarcastic, and verbally too near abusive in his refutation of the records, verbal and written, with affidavits of honorable and truthful ladies and gentlemen?????

 Down through the years the reason for Mr. Salley's animosity has been told within our family: (Now we have no dates, nor to my knowledge, written words of proof  --- but we do again have the words of honorable and trustworthy ladies and gentlemen: Virginia Lee Geiger was the daughter of Edward and Elizabeth Gardner Geiger. We were told that she was a beautiful and accomplished young lady. (She and my aunt, Daisy Charlotte Geiger, attended Columbia College together) A.S. Salley, Jr. became enamored of "Jenny" and asked her hand in marriage. When he was refused he became angry and bitter, and vowed revenge on the Geiger family! Could this be the reason he so diligently sought to discredit the words of our ancestors?

Perhaps now in the world to which he has gone, he has met Emily and apologized for seeking to besmirch her name, her family's credibility, and her heroic deed! (That is for us - the Geiger family - a pleasing thought!!!)

Sara Texas Geiger-Geiger

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