Phillip Goodbread (Sr.).  Born 1731 in PA, son of Ludwig Gutbred, moved to NC after marriage on 10-30-1777, he and three sons, Phillip, Jr., Joseph, and Thomas enlisted in Capt Thomas Porter's Company "C" Tyron County NC Militia, (Sr.) serving with the rank of Sgt.

Source: Pioneers of Wiregrass Georgia, Vol.VII, pp152-153.

Author is Judge Folks Huxford, FASG, (now deceased).

Phillip Goodbread, (Jr), 1761-1839 enlisted as above, was captured and given the opportunity to take an oath of service to the King (or else) and kept his oath, becoming a Tory.

In 1782, he was accused of treason in Rutherford County, NC and fled to FL and is in the 1783 Spanish Census of FL.

In 1786, he moved to Camden County, GA. and on July 13, 1799, he took the oath of allegiance (to the US).

Source PWG, Vol. IV, p 110-111. same author, and the book "Gutbrodt is Goodbread", compiled by Rudelle Mills Davis.

The book "Loyalist in the Southern Campaign of the Revolutionary War" by Murtie June Clark is listed in the Goodbread Book as the source for the information about the Tory Service of Philip Goodbread Jr.

The Goodbread family book appears to have reliable information as well, my experience being that a will mentioned in it was indeed in Columbia County, FL probate records.

This was submitted at my request by, and the greatest thanks to, David B. Dukes, 1381 Odum Highway, Jesup, Georgia.

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