I am searching for John Jenkins who was born around 1750 and served from Fairfield county S.C. in the American Rev. in 1776 and 1778 under Capt. Samuel Boydkin. He married a lady named Sarah, whp had a sister named Elizabeth Gladden. Do not know their maiden names. John and Sarah had a son named Jesse Jenkins. John and Sarah were married in 1777 in Fairfield County S.C. and he died in July, 1830. At the time of his death he was living in Cleveland, N.C. but he served during the War from Fairfield, S.C. I am trying to find the maiden name of his wife. He did have a Pension and I found it in the Archives, but I would like to find a Questionnaire or some record of his wife's maiden name. I know that Sarah's sister was married to William Gladden and that she was the grandmother of General Addley Hogan Gladden from S.C. and that she lived to be 108 years old. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

Please contact Annelle Gladden Womack

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