George Perkins, Revolutionary War patriot, and son of Joshua Perkins. Upon reading the Perkins vs. White case of 1858, where Jacob F. Perkins, the great-grandson of Joshua Perkins sued Mr. White for slander; there was mention of Joshua "Old Joc(k)" Perkins running a ferry and having race horses in SC, along the Peedee River.

In the piece about Cheraw Indians of Florida, it's listed that Thomas Sweat was taxed in the household of Ann Perkins. Does anyone know how she fits into the Perkins line? Also listed; Robert Sweat was granted land near the Little Peedee River that was adjacent to Joshua Perkins. Does anyone know if this would be my Joshua Perkins? And finally, is the Joshua Perkins who gave testimony in the Gilbert Sweat Case the same Joshua Perkins just mentioned who had land adjacent to Robert Sweats' granted land?

I have not found where any of my Perkins family went to Florida or Louisiana. After the Revolution, George Perkins went to Kentucky, and later, along with his wife Keziah, went with their daughter Anna (Perkins) Graves to Lee Co., Iowa after the death of Anna's husband William Graves. George died in Lee Co., IA in 1840.

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