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The Revolutionary War in South Carolina Welcome!

General Francis Marion, the "Swamp Fox," shown on the right.
The Setting for the war in South Carolina
The Onset of war
War!                           (and) Loyalists
The British Ascendancy
Turning Point
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Emily Geiger and other Women in the Revolution on line!
Sources and References Battle Chronology
Patriot Records Loyalist Records

Snows deep.

Thoughts long.  

Sorrows many. (Haiku)

Coming very soon: Memoirs of Tarleton Brown!  Thanks to Gene Jarrell.
Brand New!  An extensive section on South Carolina's own revolutionary war heroine, Emily Gieger, and other women who served in the revolution.  This is extensive documented material contributed by one of Ms. Geiger's descendants for use on this web page!  Thanks to them, especially for giving us this material, permitting us to put this on the web, and thanks to Helen Skipper for getting  it all and sending it to me!
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Thanks to each and every one who has provided feedback.  Especial thanks to folks who have provided very extensive suggestions and web links: Judd Hair, Roxsanne Layton, and to Helen Skinner who obtained all of the documentation on Emily Geiger for us!  Very special thinks to Mrs. Geiger for permitting us to post all of this material on South Carolina's heroine!  It is People like these who really make a web site good.

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Please send digitized, referenced, lists of revolutionary war participants (patriots, loyalists, bystanders, or "other") for inclusion on this South Carolina resource web page.

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