Women of South Carolina in the Revolution, a set of source documents

This section was basically begun by readers.  Several teachers requested information on Emily Geiger, which resulted in the treasure trove contained within these pages.  An elementary school student wrote asking about the Martin sisters.  Thanks to all, thanks to all contributors, and thanks for all corrections and documented data points.

  1. Emily Geiger
  2. Rebecca Brewton Motte
  3. Elizabeth Lucas
  4. The Martin Women of Edgefield 1851
  5. Jane Black Thomas
  6. Dicey Langston (off site)
  7. Various women whose roles we have not yet documented on line
  8. Lucretia O`Shields
  9. Frances Griffin
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This material was submitted by various people, as stated on the pages.  All material contained herein is copyright ©2002 as attributed, all rights reserved.  Many have contributed this material, and indeed continue to do so.  Thanks to all, and please continue these contributions!

As a scientist, I must caution any of you using these documents for school work, that Mr. Salley is correct on one point.  None of these documents on Emily Geiger survive the test of scientific validity as original source documents, as presented.  The original wedding invitation would have to be examined by someone who could judge the authenticity.  That said, methinks Mr. Salley doth protest too much!  Even if that invitation is authentic, it of course, does not prove the reality of Emily's Ride.  Some background reading on oral history would be appropriate.  Note that given the temper of the times, it was decidedly unladylike to have done what Emily and these other ladies are reputed to have done.  That alone is a pretty strong argument that these events happened.

Most of this material would not stand the test of scientific validation.

Thanks in advance for contributions, suggestions, and comments, Frank O. Clark, Ph.D, webmaster.