Taylor Buring Grounds Cemetery. The directions to the Taylor Buring Grounds Cemetery are exactly one block off. It is on the NE corner of Barnewell and Richland

The Church is on the NW corner of Barnwell and Richland.. I have attached 5 photographs.  taken Saturday.. one is Thomas Taylors grave which you can not read. The marker outside the church at the corner of Barnwell and Richland. one of the marker.  The cemetery is behind the hedge on the right side of the church photograph. The graves are crammed in .. We could not read any of the earlier ones.. The stone descriptions was beside one of the graves.  We even tried to find the Goodwyn family graveside from the description given off web of being near neal road which is closer to Hopkins.  We found one that might have been it but there were alot of recent graves from a nearby church.. but did not take any photographs. A marker indicated that a number of black soldiers were buried there I think it was St. Pauls Church graveyard... have to check the name of the church.

Nancy Reeves

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