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Seek burial place of James Graham BABER.Born 1828, Rutherford Co, N.C. Died 25 July 1889,Columbia,S.C.  Died in State Mental Hospital, Columbia, SC. Is there a cemetery where the state hospital buried their patients, if no family member was living? 19 Dec. 1999

V. Baber Scearce

Barhamville Cemetery Can you tell me who to contact to gain access to the Barhamville Cemetery in Columbia? I have called every city and county agency and no one has a clue. Someone had to gain access to this cemetery in order to collect the names listed on the website. 20 June 2005 Daniel Hornsby
BAILEY Seeking informatin for John Bailey (born 1805) married to Martha Bailey (born 1807). They are parents of William Dixion Bailey born 1828 in Columbia, Richland, SC.  (12/5/99 6:09:54 PM) AOkerlund


Is there a cemetery book for Richland County? If so, do you have it? I am looking for Charles E. Bailey b-1869 and his wife Ella Gray Wallace Bailey b-1875.  He was a Railroad Engineer for more than 30 years and lived in Columbia from 1900 through 1930 and until he died I suppose. In 1930 at age 60 he was listed as a Locomotive Engineer on the Steam Railroad.  June 2005 Robert Hale


I am searching for the cemetery and burial place for Obern Elmore BAGWELL. He was the son of David Thompson BAGWELL and Nova Pearl McGee. Obern died as a child in mid 1920's and is buried near Columbia, SC. Per his Sister (Nell Marian Bagwell) he has a marker but she is elderly and cannot remember the cemetery name. I would be very appreciative if someone could check SC death records for about 1924 - 1929 and see when Obern past away and where he is buried. August 2002 Douglas Page
BALDWIN Looking for info on James H. Baldwin born 1846 died 1919 in Columbia. Married Georiganna Adcock . Need to find his parents and his wifes parents.Thanks for any help you can give me.  (11/5/98 9:26:42 PM) Baldwin
BALLENTINE Seek info on Jacob Benjamine Ballentine (10/21/1857 - 5/17/1933)& his father John Ansley Ballentine (6/24/1827 - 5/15/1899). They are buried in Blythewood SC. JA Ballentine appears to be the son of William Ballentine, of Fork. Would love to know if he was a CW veteran, and if so, the unit, & any other info. Jacob Benjamine Ballentine's son was Melvin John Ballentine, my grandfather, died 1929, when my father (Jack Melvin Ballentine) was 2. Dad's health is getting bad and I would love to give him as much info on his family as I can obtain. Any help will be greatly appreciated.  (8/22/99 7:10:08 PM) Greg Ballentine


I am seeking information of the family of T. A. BARLEY who lived in Columbia in 1958. He was married to a daughter of J. Horace Lee of Union, SC, whose grandfather was my great-great-grandfather, Horace Lee. Mr. Barley’s name appeared in the obituary of his sister-in-law, Josephine H. Lee who died in 1958 in Columbia. If I can locate his family members they may know more information about J. Horace Lee’s children. 21 Sept. 2004 Charles A Hamilton
BARLOW I have just learned my ancestor, William BARLOW was born in 1801in Richland District, South Carolina. Any information on the Barlow line in this county would be welcome.  (8/22/99 6:48:48 PM) W. Hamilton
BARNWELL I'am looking for information regarding the African-American family of Barnwell's.My grandmother was Lucille (Dessasuer, Dessasure) lived in Eastover SC had 6 children with A Gabriel Barnwell. Uncle Died very young (Elliott) Lucille Barnwell is buried in Eastover.  (3/15/99) Elliott Barnwell
BARSH I am looking for a very quiet family, BARSH. Apparently, noone talks about the ancestors or what they may consider other personal business. My Mom's generation has all passed away now and their children are finding relatives we never knew. Grace Barsh was born Jan 1, 1927 in Bowers Beach. Where is Bowers Beach, Richland Co. just outside of Columbia, near a river?  Her parents were Frederick Washington Barsh and Annie Elizabeth Henson Barsh. He is buried in Elmwood Cemetary and she is in an unmarked grave in Jackson Creek Baptist Church. The family attended Park Ave Baptist Church and I believe that some descendents (the Champey family) may still be members. Grace Barsh had 2 sisters, Margaret and Lib, and one brother, John.Any help given will be greatly appreciated.  (9/3/99 8:35:51 PM) L. Rogers

Bastardy Bonds

does anyone know if South Carolina required Bastardy Bonds and, if so, where the would be recorded? 30 Sept. 2001 Roy Wessinger
BATES Looking for Anthony Bates in the mid to late 1700's. (11/5/98 9:14:27 PM) Jim Crocker
BATES Searching for information on Elihu Bates who was born in Richland County in 1820. His father is possibly John Bates listed in the 1820 to 1840 Richland Census. John's father is possibly Joseph Bates, Sr who is listed in the 1810 and 1820 Census. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!  (3/14/99 5:45:11 PM) Laurie


John Bauskett, died Oct. 24, 1867 and his wife Sophia E. Crozon Bauskett, died Oct. 7, 1872 in Columbia, SC. Sophia Bauskett's obituary stated that she was a pious lady who attended the St. Peter's Church. Can anyone tell me if this was a Catholic or Episcopal Church? Col. John Bauskett was " a distinguished lawyer" and "formerly represented the District of Edgefield in the Legislature of the State in both branches" according to his obit. Can anyone tell me more about this couple? Help would be greatly appreciated. 20 Sept. 2000 

L. Shields


I am looking for Frank Marion Baughman & Emma Julia Milton or Melton Frank born 1836 in SC and Emma born in SC in 1846. They where married in 1855, location unknown. Parents of each unknown. I have found some Baugmans on the 1850 Richland Co census but all it says is Baughman 85b. any thing you can link me up with will bring much thanks from me. 11 Oct. 2000 Dan Crumpler
BEARD Seeking info on anything to do with the BEARDS. Wife's grandmother was Mary Icabell Beard, M: Joel Phillip Weaver, lived and died in Scranton and Olanta, SC. Rumored to be that Mary's parents (William Thomas Beard and Ellen Robinson) are buried in a cemetery in Columbia, SC. Mary I. BEARD was B: January 06, 1897 in SC; D: July 21, 1990 in Lake City, SC. 27 Sept. 2003 John W. Turner
BEHRENS BEHRENS, E. enlisted at Columbia, SC, June 15,1861, at age 20 , private Company A unit Artillery Battalion, Hampton Legion Company A was seperated from Hampton Legion about Aug 22, 1862 and desginated Capt Harts CO SC Horse Artillery. Please e-mail me with any information.  (12/5/99 6:09:14 PM) cjk


Trying to identify the parents of James William Bell b. 1826-27 in Columbia area and married Rhoda Rosanna Pannell. When the Indian lands opened up in Mississippi, they moved to Pontotoc County. Children were Richard Samuel, Margaret L., Rosanna J., Lucy, George Peyton and James Andrew.  I have much information to share on descendants of James & Rhoda. 8 August 2001 Larry Bell


I looking for information on the Mary Belton, listed in the 1910 Richland census as the sister of Curtis Jones - his name was also known as Kirk, Kirkland and Kitt. Kirk was married to Julia Dobey/Doby.  Kirk is African-American and was born in 1858. Mary was born 1880 and Julia was born in 1868.  24 Jan. 2000


BENN, MCollum, Laws I am researching a family that is related to Benn from St. Matthews, SC, and his wife, Mattie Lee Mcollum Bemm from Columbia, SC, and her mother, Anise Laws from Columbia, SC. We do not know where Grandmom Mattie or Anise are buried. They may have attended Turner Memorial AME Church in Westcola, SC, or Mt. Olive Baptist Church in Cola.  24 March 2006 Gethro Benn
BENNETT I need information on Thomas Fletcher Bennett, born Oct 12, 1848. I have a family tree starting with Thomas Fletcher Bennett, born Oct 12, 1848 forward.  (5/15/99 4:23:57 PM) George Douglas Bennett
BERRY I seek info on Virginia BERRY. She moved from Columbia, S.C. c1852. She worked in a millenary shop. She also worked in one in Columbia for a Mrs. Bishop. She had 3 brothers, Sam, Charles, and Thomas William (T.W.) Any information would be appreciated. (3/13/97) D. M. Thomas
BERRY Gg-grandfather Charles Berry born c1824 SC, from Columbia, SC, had 2 brothers: Sam Berry b.1815 NC & Thomas William(T.W.) Berry b 1818 SC, 1 sister: Virginia Berry. Family legend says that their father was Samuel Berry, born about 1799, who moved to Hendersonville,NC. c1850, Virginia Berrry moved to  Laurensville, Laurens Co., SC. and Charles Berry moved to MS c1845. T.W. stayed in Columbia where he owned a bar.. Samuel & Charles were tailors, and Virginia worked in a millenery shop. They all lived in Columbia, SC. at one time. The father of these was supposed to be a Samuel Berry supposedly born 1799. The mother's name may have been Mary. Descendents of Charles Berry say that he got into a lot of trouble in Columbia & his parents lost everything they had because of this. Charles married Eliza Martin of Camden. She was the daughter of Samuel Martin and Rebecca Fleming. Charles and Eliza moved to Ms. along with Samuel and Rebecca Martin. According to census record for Henderson County, NC. Samuel Berry (II) was born in NC. The other children were born in SC. If you have come across any of these names, please let me know.  (2/13/98 10:27:30 PM) D. M. Thomas


Trying to locate JAN STEVEN BESON, DOB 1943. Last know to be in Eglin, South Carolina area in 1995. 20 June 2001 Lee Gordon
BETTS My g-g-grandfather, Charles Betts was a Methodist minister located in Columbia around 1841 when his wife, Ann Godfrey Betts died. I have not been able to find proof of death or location of burial. Does anyone have any ideas of where I might find such records? (11/5/98 9:07:15 PM) A. Caldwell
BLAKE Seek information on theColumbia family of MARY ELIZABETH BLAKE, born Columbia on June 1, 1852. Her father was CALEB ABERNATHY BLAKE,her mother, CATHERINE JOHNSON (BLAKE). Caleb may have served in the Civil War. Any records would be appreciated  (11/2/97 12:07:26 PM) G. Loafman
BLIZZARD Searching for Mary V. Blizard,B. Feb. 26-1869,D. June-5-1939. She married William T.Simpson no dates on him. Her mother is Elizabeth (maiden name unknown) Blizzard B. 8-24-1845,D.12-13-1926. We do not know who her father was.Any one with any information please contact us. Mary has a sister Lizzy Simpson Kelly born and died in Columbia. (3/14/99 5:35:12 PM) S. Steele
BLIZZARD I am searching for the parents of James M. Blizzard. He was born about 1874 and married Rachel Isabell Atkinson. He was killed in 1924 accidentaly by a circular saw. Listed on his death certificate is William Blizzard and Lizzie Miles. I believe this may be incorrect, because the informant was a neighbor and not a family member. Also I believe this to be incorrect, because he is not listed in any census related to a William Blizzard and Elizabeth Martin (not Miles). The only census I could find him on was in 1920. He owned some of the land purchased by Fort Jackson. If anyone could help me with this, I would greatly appreciate it.  29 March 2007 Melissa Gandy

Bluff of the Congaree

Land we are researching from an 1814 Richland County deed states it is located on "the Bluff of the Congaree". To date, I have been unable to locate any bluffs on the Congaree that lie in present day Richland County.  Can you provide any information on "the Bluff of the Congaree" in Richland County.  30 Sept. 2001 J. Lusk
Blythewood plantation Looking for information on a Blythewood plantation in area of current Blythewood?? my greatgrandmother, Jane Elizabeth Price, born either Aug 1 or Aug 15, either 1853 or 56 in Richland Co, SC used to tell her granddaughter about such a place owned by her father, either Henry Price or maybe John,they also had a place in Cedar Creek, SC.She remembered burying the silver ,when Sherman burned Columbia ,before the Union troops came thru their place. She recalled as she was a little girl and "scared to death"Her mother was out in the outbuilding that was the kitchen when they came and one of the Union soldiers held her on his lap and said he had a little girl like her at home. Any information in this area , including her fathers correct name appreciated. She married a David Martin, born 1848 in Kershaw co.  Oct. 2005 Sandi Casper



Does anyone know of a book titled "Foust and Boatright families of Richland County, South Carolina", by Henry M. Cox, published in about 1977 by Waco Printing and Stationary in Lincoln, NE.? I would love to know something of its contents and whether or not it is still available from any source. (3/18/99) Warren Smith
BOATWRIGHT Looking for death dates for John H. Boatwright b. 1816, was Mayor of Columbia in 1860 census, and his wife, Mary Elizabeth Lord Boatwright b. 11 October 1821. Have children. Can trace Mary Elizabeth back 4 generations. Will share info. (8/22/99 7:05:14 PM) K. Stirk
BOATWRIGHT Seek information on Benjamin BOATWRIGHT of Richland District, SC, born c1827 & died 1893 possible son of William & Mary BOATWRIGHT of Richland Co, SC. Benjamin married Mary Ellen/ Mary Ann/ Polly FROST, daughter of Charles & Cecilia Robinson FROST. Known children of Benjamin & Mary Ellen BOATWRIGHT were: Elizabeth (1857- 1936), married Wright C. TYSON; Ardella (d .c1977), married Randolph ADDISON; James Arthur (d. c1974), never married; John (d. young); Benjamin; Nancy , married Randolph ADDISON; Martha, married Mr. RAINES; Ellen, married Mr. MEDLIN; Sarah Frances, married Chesley Vincent MEDLIN; & Caroline, never married. (4/20/98 9:38:07 PM) URQ
BOATWRIGHT John H. BOATWRIGHT, physician of Columbia, SC, born c1820 in SC, married Mary E. Known children: John L., James H. Alice L. Anything familiar ? (4/20/98 9:39:25 PM) URQ
BOATWRIGHT Searching for information on William Boatwright Jr. who was born in Richland Co.SC date unknown. His wife was named Elizabeth. This info may not be totally accurate but it's all I have! I have been searching for this for several years now. Thanks for any help. (4/19/99 8:26:13 PM) Bobby Boatwright
BOATWRIGHT James William Boatwright, born 1827 was in Lexington Co., at least in the 1850 census, &  a Washington Boatwright was listed --- but the same date of birth (by age) and same wife's name and age as we know to be correct. Don't know why the name was entered as Washington Boatwright in this census. James William seems to be his given names because a son and grandson were named later "James William, Jr. and III" I seek the ancestors of James William (Washington) Boatwright. (12/30/98 9:39:35 AM) James Houston Boatwright


Looking for any info on the parents of my Greatgrandmother Susannah Boatwright Wages. She was born in 1868? in Richland County. She died in 1944 and is buried in Elmwood Cemetery. Her death certificate lists her parents as Ben Boatwright and Mary Wages from SC. I have not been able to find out anything about them. I think Ben might be the Benjamin Boatwright who was son of Burrell Boatwright...not sure. 27MAR2000 Tony Wages


Seek info on Benjamin  Boatwright, b.abt.1795? SC m. Rebecca Wages (Widowed, later m. Dawson Wages).  Children: William Boatwright b.1818 SC, married Elizabeth Starling and had 5 children; & Rebecca Boatwright, married William Wages b.abt.1771. I have a lot of the family information after Benjamin. I seek his father & info. 20 Sept. 2000

Bobby Boatwright


My children's great, great grandfather Thomas Calvin Boaz was married to Rachel Josephine Shirah. I believe that the Boaz family may have been linked to the family of Dr. Michael McGarity in Columbia. Any information about Rachel Josephine Shirah, who may be from Richland Co. is appreciated. I believe she is buried in Ripley, OK. 25 May 2000

L. Slaughter

BOSTICK BOSTWICK I am seeking information on the Bostick (Bostwick) Family. Free Persons of Color (FPC), Mulatto or Black. My great grandfather was John Bostick, born abt 1838,  married Sarah Ann Miller. I found him in 1850 as a 12 yr old living with older sibling. Again in 1860 in Richland. I believe that his father was James Bostic (FPC) in the 1830 census.   7 Nov. 2002 H. Atwater
Baughman Looking for info on Caroline "Carrie" Baughman married a ? Hadley then "Henry T Quick. Had two daughters, Harriet Eugene Hadley and Martha M Hadley. Should have lived in Richland County. Hariett Hadley went on to marry Robert C Watkins. Looking for information on Baughmans and Hadleys. Harriet's daughter Aletha was my grandmother.   Jan. 2004 Nicole Bracken
BOUKNIGHT Michael Bouknight: I would like to know what his contribution was to the confederacy during the war between the states.I had heard from relatives that he was in the army during this time. He is buried at Bethlehem Luthern church.
D. Stutts


My Mother's birth certificate in 1927 shows that she was born in Bowers Beach (Richland Co) SC,. Can anyone tell me where Bowers Beach is/was. Any help is greatly appreciated. L. M. Rogers


The Bowman family reunion was held in Charleston at the turn of the new year., at which I learned that Oz and Chairity Bowman owned property near Irmo in 1790. They were free Blacks living in the area. Any help you can give us on this link to our past would be greatly appreciated. 21 Jan. 2000 Jon Bowman


Jon Bowman


I seek info about the Boyd family of Columbia SC. Dr. William Augustus Boyd born in Charleston SC in 1881 to Bernard and Johanna Sherfesee Boyd. He was a twin of Elvina Boyd. He went to medical school in Pa and settled in Columbia SC around 1906. He married Mary Keller of Ga and had one child a daughter, Mary Keller Boyd who graduated from college in 1934. Dr. Boyd was the FIRST orthopedic surgeon in SC. He belonged to Trinity Epsicopal Church. I believe he may have died around 1961 based on an article I found about him, but I do not find anything to prove or disprove this theory. I would appreciate information. He would of been my 1st cousin twice removed. I do not know what has happened to his wife or daughter. I think she still had family in Ga, because one of his sisters died in GA but was buried in Magnolia Cemetery in Charleston. 27 May 2002 Jean McCluskey


Looking for information about Dr. William Augustus Boyd, the 1st orthopedic Surgeon in South Carolina. He was born in Charleston, went to medical school in Penn. His parents were Bernard & Johanna (nee Sherfesee) Boyd of Charleston SC.  Wife was Mary Keller. They had one daughter, also named Mary. They attended Trinity Episcopal Church. Would like to know more.  26 Sept. 2003 Jean McCluskey
BOYLE My G-G grandfather, Cunningham Boyle, B:1795, D:?, arrived SC 1815, last residence Belfast, Antrim Co., N.Ireland. Believed buried in Richland Co. From will, he lived along the Edisto R. at one time. Had 5 sons: William C., Edward V., John C., Alyston Stephen, and Cunningham Jr., &5 daughters: Anna D., Mary Emily, Eliza jane, Lousia, & Caroline. Cunningham Boyle was naturalized & married Mary Cannon in 1822. (8/9/98 11:23:31 AM) James A. Boyle


Will share old photo of Ella F. BRAINARD of Columbia, SC. Found in Portland, Oregon antique shop. 19 Jan. 2001

P. Stewart

BREEDLOVE any info on Breedlove family ,they are on 1840 census  (12/30/98 9:24:46 AM) Don Adams
BREWER -ROSS I am searching for information pertaining to a James Huriah Ross & Viola Brewer Ross which are confirmed on the 1900 census in Richland County, SC, living with a David and Sarah LeGrande. I am interested in finding the Brewer family line. Viola Brewer Ross b 11/15/1877 to a Joel Brewer. This is all I know. Any help appreciated.  (5/18/99 7:55:04 PM) D. G. Hasty
BRIGMAN / LLOYD BRIGMANS:Seeking information on Brigmans of SC/NC. Grandmother: Euna Magnolia Brigman Lloyd. Grandfather: CHARLES GORDON LLOYD. Abt. 1880 - 1964.. Charleston, Bamberg, Orangeburg, Columbia, Kershaw, Camden Any information greatly appreciated. Willing to share.  (11/3/99 8:28:18 PM) H. M. Harrington


I am in search of the elusive W.T. Brooker who wrote an article," The Geiger Family History".He also wrote an artcle about "George Sightler,Scraps of History" in 1902.   Both of our families( Geiger and Sightlers ) are intertwined at the Murph connection What I would like to now is if you have any information on the author,W.T. Brooker.   I have him listed as a "Dr. W.T. Brooker"-Swansea,S.C, March 25,1902,  30 June 2004 Susie Mosholder
BROOKS Twins This occurred in about summer 1966/7 on the Peninsula in Charleston, SC at that home for unwed mothers near the Citadel. It was called Criitte(n)don? Everybody had a cover name. My sister called herself BRIDGET Brookes. She was born in NJ but was living in Aiken, SC and my father brought her down to Charleston to hide her, so to speak. I want to find out if they are dead (and where they were buried) or alive (and where they are).   My mother says: "I never did believe they had not survived -- they were full-term to begin with -- and when I asked the dep. right there in the hospital to SEE their birth record, they refused me!! Then I asked to see their death record - they REFUSED me!! Then I asked to take them home to Aiken for family burial -- they REFUSED me!! I made an appt. with the obstetrics dept. head for that very afternoon & got a time -- but when that time was there, the nurse said he was called-away -- so I made appt. for the next day - and got there -- I was told he wasn't available or something like that! I had to return to Aiken that afternoon -- so when I got home I wrote to the dept. head doctor - he never answered -- so I wrote again - and he never answered. I could not get an attorney -- I had no money of any kind. Your father did NOTHING!! NOTHING!! I asked him to -- he couldn't have cared less! I once suggested to LBT that her name be registered wherever you do it - in case the children (if living) needed to know about their parent (blood parent) -- for health reasons later in life. I still wonder what really happened to them, of course. When I asked to bring the twins home to Aiken for family burial, the head nurse said "they've already been buried" (they had only so-called died the day before!!). I asked her WHERE they had been buried -- she said (quipped, actually) "Oh, we have a special place" - I asked where that was - she quipped "It's confidential - we don't give that information". How DARE THEY!! They were MY GRANDCHILDREN!! That's how I was treated. So, I do wonder if they really died -- I could get no evidence of their dying. LBT's name at the Crittendon home was Bridget Brooks. Well, if they did live, they are age 37 now."  My name is susan taylor aldridge. I am the twins' aunt. I need to put this subject into my solved box. I am doing the family tree research. And will gladly give out all info needed for anyone who can help. 27 Sept. 2003 Susan Taylor Aldridge




BROUGHTON, Edwin M. between 1850-1890. Supposedly was appointed Probate Judge (1882-1888) in Columbia, Richland Co. He was also connected to two newspapers; The Democrat and The Telegram. He was married twice. 1st wifes maiden name could have been OLINSKY. Possible children, Claude, Eugene, Lillian, William, Daisy. 2nd wife Levina Adeline JONES. April 2007 B. Miller


Seeking information on descendants of Henry B. Browder(1854- ? ) lived in Columbia in 1900 and 1910. Probably buried in Elmwood Cem. with wife Sarah E. Carmon and maybe children according to WPA survey from the '30s. 27 Sept. 2003 Larry Browder
BROWN Am looking for information on Joel J. Brown. He lived in Richland County on what is now part of Ft. Jackson. He was the son of Thomas and Martha Brown from the same area and was there around 1870-1880 or there about. He disappeared and was reported to be somewhere in Florida. (8/9/98 11:31:16 AM) J. Brown/Maxwell
BROWN Seeking information on Thomas Brown that operated an Indian trading post on the Congarees (near now Cayce) in 1741. He had two children of Indian descent.  (11/5/98 9:20:43 PM) John Howell
BROWN I am dearching for the family of Burrel Jefferson Brown, in 1860 census Richland Distric. He inlistedin Dec.1862 in Sumpter, or Columbus SC. both are listed in military records. He served with Cheaton in Company E 19 SC infantry, was captured in Mumfortville KT and imprisoned at Rock Island Prison. When released he married Comfort Watson and moved to MO. He never contacted his family and we have no record of them. Any information would be appreciated.  (9/3/99 8:35:09 PM) W. Fuchs




I am Researching BROWN in Richland County.??  Looking for this Cornelius Brown of the Congrees (sic?) Conagrees about 1766.  was he a member of the colonial Rangers from Virginia sent to protect the settlements.?  4th November, 1766. Cornelius Brown, of Congras in South Carolina, taylor, power attorney to Abraham Brown, his brother, planter, of Augusta County,< Virginia> to make deed to William Davis, of County Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to 175 acres on Woods River,<located on New River, Pulaski County Belspring Virginia> otherwise called New River, part of 350 acres conveyed by John Harrison to Cornelius. Teste: John Paxton, James Trimble, John Hickman, John Trimble.   17th November, 1767. Cornelius Brown of the Congrees in South Carolina, taylor, by Abraham Brown, of Augusta County,< Virgnia> brother of Cornelius, to William Davis, of Philadelphia, Penna., skinner. Cornelius gave Abraham power of attorney, 24th November, 1766; £43, 175 acres, one-half of 350 acres on south side of Woods' river, <located on New River, Pulaski County Belspring Virginia> commonly called New River. Conveyed to Cornelius 28th November, 1750, and was patented to John Harrison 25th September, 1746, on side of Neck Creek. Delivered: Wm. Davis, 31st July, 1770. 20 Nov. 2002 Richard A. Brown Jr


Thomas Brown operated a trading post on the "Congarees" in the 1740-50 years. It has been told that Indians came from as far away as NY and Ohio to trade with him. An event occured that made the Indians angry. They kidnapped him and took him back up north. Captain John Pearson and his militia tracked him down only to find him living contently with the Indians and having two sons. Thomas and his sons returned to the Congarees.  "The History of Richland County', by a Mr. Greene.  Jan. 2004 John Howell
BRUNER Searching for information related to Bruners in Richland County who may have information of the begining,formation and history of the city of, Bruner,Richland CO., SC. Located on Airport Rd. some 15-20 miles NE. of Columbia, SC.  (12/5/99 6:06:04 PM) Donald w Bruner
BULGER Seek info on BULGER family. Pearce BULGER born c1785 in Richland Co., died c1815 Richland Co. Pearce married Ann Rona Adams. They had four boys: Michael Jefferson b. 1806, Charles b. abt 1808, and Pearce, Jr. b. abt 1810. I have another name that I believe is the fourth child: John Carroll Bulger b. abt 1800 in Richland Co. I am very curious to find out if this all one family. Have info on John Carroll Bulger, but no parents names.
(5/18/98 10:17:37 PM)
T. Williams


I was wondering if you knew how I might find information on my great grandfather. He served in WWI. I have some information on him but I'm not sure what it means. Cornelius K. Bundy Sr.; Btry C 3 Regt; FARD Camp Jackson, S.C. U.S. Army.  Could you tell me what FARD means? Or what the signficance of Camp Jackson was to WWI?  2 June 2005 George Kemp
BURDELL Looking for info on Rebecca Burdell who was born around 1839. She married James C. Goff who was born around 1839 also. They lived in Richland county but i can find no record of where they are buried.  (8/9/98 11:30:11 AM) J. Brown/Maxwell


Seek info on my BUSH/PRESCOTT line. Sarah (Sallie) Caroline Bush (1824-1905. Her father was Greenberry Bush and mother was Martha Prescott, daughter of Jesse Prescott. 23Mar2000

Tony & Kat McDonald

BYNUM Looking for information on Drury Bynum, VA > Richland Co, SC, and descendants, including James Benjamin BYNUM, M.D., born 1821, Richland Co, S.C., died 1897, York Co, S.C.  (2/12/97) L. Betts
BYRD Seek info on my great-grandmother Susan S. Byrd, born c1854/55, married James Wright in 1873, in Richland County 1880 census. Susan's brother, Stephen Byrd, also lived in Richland County.  (3/9/98 6:49:07 PM) V. Patterson

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