The LeGrand Famiy Cemetery is located in Richland County just past the church on the corner on the right is the cemetery.  I just learned of it this week and went out today to take a look.  Our family lived from that part of Legrand rd, up Ross rd and LeGrand Rd  and Parkland rd. The cemetery is on private property of one of our cousins  but has been vandalized and there is only one headstone that is legible-photo attached - D.L. LeGrand 1836 - 1921. He was married to Sarah Medlin LeGrand according to my records.

One gravesite looks as if it has been dug up and just the hole left open. Is there anywhere that there is a list of the people who are buried in private family cemeteries?

The names in the family were McDonald, LeGrand, Medlin, Ross, Haynes.

L Frye

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