WISE.   I walk my dog along the trails and fire breaks of Ft Jackson daily one day I came across a sign along a trail with the word cemetary on it. the sign had an arrow pointing in to the woods, I followed the direction of the arrow and found another sign that simply said "cemetary # 6" there in the middle of the woods, no fence no bordering, just a spot in the thick woods next to a tree is a headstone.  It's very old but it appeared to say: "In memory of Darrell E. Wise, died on __ June 1864, was born on __ Jan 1842 was 23 years of age."   There were some plastic flowers there that are at least a couple of years old.  This just got my curiosity going so I am scanning the web geneology links. I don't know if this is much to you, but if you do research it etc. and find out something about it. Please drop me a line at tysariego@aol.com 17 Jan. 2000.  Please reply to Ty Sariego

A copy of a project done by an Eagle Scout entitled "Cemeteries on Fort Jackson (1982) shows Cemetery #6 as "Andrew Patterson Cemetery" with only 1 grave, Darrell Wise.  Submitted by M. J. Wood.

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