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DABBS I am looking for information on the first wife of Thomas David Dabbs, shown on the 1900 census as follows. Thomas David Dabbs, b. June 1860, and wife Rachel b. May 1860, living with their two sons, Thomas Zacheria Dabbs, b. Feb. 1880 & James A. Dabbs b. Dec., 1881, in Richland County, Columbia City Ward, Ward 5, Dist. 94, on Blossom Street Alley.  I can find no further information on Rachel, Thomas Zacherie, or James A. after the 1900 Census. It is like they have just vanished. I have tried every cemetery I can find info on and cannot find graves, nor can I find a divorce record for Rachel & Thomas David.  The 1880 Census confirms the above information as it lists Thomas David Dabbs with wife Rachel, and 3 month old son Thomas Zacherie. Of course, James A. would not have been born yet.  Thomas David Dabbs' father was Archibald Dabbs, and his mother appears to have been Archibald's first wife Elizabeth. It also looks like he had four brothers in the 1870 census. William 15, Thomas David (my Grandad) 13, Daniel 5, Green 2, & Adolphus 1. I believe that William & Thomas were Elizabeth's children, because of age & because they are listed as white. I believe Daniel, Green & Adolphus were Amanda's, because of age and because Amanda and these three children were listed in the census as "Mullato" not white.  6 September 2005 Sarah W. Crook
Dancer / Lotty I am looking for any information on Henry Dancer born about 1766 also Lottie Lotty born 1770 both are believed to have been born in Richland County.  17 Nov. 2004 Dodie Finstead
Dancer Searching for information about Peter Dancer. He was evidently in the area of Richland County by 1750. He got his first land in 1758 in what is now Richland Co. We have no information about who his wife was. One daughter married Jessee Shoote and one married Jacob Hunter. Known sons were: Peter, John, Henry, and Jonas. The Dancer land was along Crain/Crane Creek. Will share information. 23 March 2005 Bertie B. Dancer
DAUGHERTY The Civil War Pension papers of Sidney James DAUGHERTY said he was born May 1830 in Columbia, Richland Co., SC. He and his parents, James Robert and Matilda DAUGHERTY migrated by 1840 to Bibb Co., GA. Seeking information on parentage of James Robert and Matilda. Name also spelled DOUGHERTY, DORITY and DOUGHTY and is by descendants today spelled DAUGHTRY. (11/11/96) David
DAVIS I am researching Dr. James DAVIS b 1774 d 1839 Richland Co SC m 1799 Catherine ROSS d 1861 Columbia SC. One dau Caroline DAVIS m Edward Gendron PALMER and another dau Louisa Penelope DAVIS m 1st William C. PRESTON, President of SC College. A son, Henry Campbell DAVIS b 1823 Columbia m Isabella Harper MEANS. He graduated SC College 1844 and was a member of the SC state legislature. I am doubly related to the Palmer and Davis line. Would love to correspond with descendants from these lines. (3/14/97) Clark Sinclair
DAVIS I am trying to trace my great-grandfather, Hampton "Hamp," Davis. He had a son, Lee Davis who married Victoria Gorman back in the early 1900's or late 1890's. Hamp was probably born in slavery and became a sharecropper or farmer in the area outside of Eastover, SC in the late 1880's. Would appreciate any information (11/3/99 8:26:55 PM) Myra Davis Walton
DAVIS Looking for descendents of the following family, as listed in the 1850 Census of Richland County Residents -- Matthew (50) and Huldah (40) Davis; Children: Washington (16), Hiram (15), Mary (10), John (7), and Victoria (5). (11/5/98 9:12:18 PM) Gary Davis


Searching for info on James Derrick Davis, Columbia, Richland Cty. b-31 July 1849 d-1 Nov 1914 M-Frances Byrd b-26 Aug 1861 d-13 May 1916. Children: Mary Bessie, Derick Shadrick, David Clarence, Margaret Frances and William Shelton Bailey Davis. 8Feb2000 D. Spires


I'm looking for information on my dad - Rufus Mannie Davis,Sr born between March 4, 1888and1889. Married Lorraine Floyd b. Nov 22, 1916 (Richland,SC) the daughter of Victor and Mariah (Woods) Floyd. I'm the youngest of three children from that union Frances Elaine Davis b.3/14/1955 (Columbia,SC). Rufus M. Davis,Jr and Betsy P. Davis are the other two children. If possible I would like more information my dads ancestry ie his mom & dad, etc...   18Feb2000 F. E. (DAVIS) Purnell


Looking for: Victory Davis who married a Drawdry and owned a boarding house in Columbia SC in early 1900's married Jesse Carson they had one child Eula Carson. Any help would be appreciated. 17 Jan. 2001 J. Himaya


Surname: DAVIS, Jackson Leroy.  Looking for information on my g-grandfather, Jackson Leroy DAVIS (aka Jack DAVIS) born 11 August 1888 in Marshall, NC and died 29 October 1929 in Winnsboro, SC. He had two brothers - Conley and William, and possibly a sister named Matilda. He married Marie Maude Davis abt 1912 in SC and served during WWI. I have no other information about him or his family. If you have any information I'd appreciate hearing from you. 8 June 2010 Sue Holmes


Surname: DAVIS, Benjamin C.  Looking for information on my g-grandfather, Benjamin C. DAVIS born on 9 May 1873 in SC and died 10 July 1915 in Columbia, SC. He married Hattie Seay Frick. She was born 23 August 1872 in Lexington Co., SC and died 3 June 1964 in Columbia, SC. His parents are listed as Washington Davis and Sarah A. Beckman. Children: L. Murray, Gordon (aka Doc), George William, Edgar Spigner, Beulah Evelyn and Marvin. If you have any information I'd appreciate hearing from you. 23 August 2012 Sue Holmes


Please send me copies of the death certificates of my parents and grandmother who died in Columbia: Mildred Satterwhite Davis, died 4/13/1946; Frank Lawrence Davis, died 1/02/1990; Lula Lawrence Davis, died 2/25/1955.  Perminant address of the above was 210 Woodrow Street, Columbia, SC 29205 at the time of their death. Although my grandmother, Lula Lawrence Davis, was in the Lakeside Rest Home in Lexington County when she died., 27 May 2002 A. Bunn


Have found the names of slave ancestors who were owned by a William Weston on Live Oak Plantation in Richland County. A number of Davises are listed in this Census. Looking for relatives of Hampton Davis (22 during 1870's census) and any Gallmans (or Gallmons). Am a greatgreagrandaughter of Hampton Davis who had a son named Lee Davis and who married a Victoria Gallman. June 2005, Email address updated 15 July 2013 Myra Walton
DAWKINS I am helping a friend with her family history. She has a great grandmother, Estelle (Williams) Dawkins, whose funeral was held at the Cedar Creek AME Church in Richland County, South Carolina. She died 8 September 1965. We have tried everything we can think of to get ahold of someone in the church to help us. We have tried phoning and e-mailing the number and address that was listed on their outdated website. My friend even wrote a letter snail mail and nothing came of it. The letter wasn't even returned as undeliverable.  We have even tried e-mailing the head of the AME Church hoping that he could help us get a good number to no avail.  We are at out wit's end! My friend is hoping the church might have a cemetery associated with it or at least have some records that might help her get past a brick wall.  19 Aug. 2008 Debbie Engelking


SSDI reports the information of Francis W. Dawson b. Mar. 23, 1919 and died October 18, 1997 in Columbia.  I am interested in his obituary. In particular, his parents and possible siblings. Can you tell me of the proper procedure to obtain this information?  Would the local library be the place to start? Do you know what their policies might be?  27 Sept. 2003 Emily Fredrick


I am looking for info on the Days family. My Grandfather Jessie Days was from State Park, SC and moved to Durham, NC around 1927, my father Lewis was born  in 1933. I will be grateful for any info. 2 August 2000 D. Days
DELLA HOUSE Does anyone knows anything about a Children's home that is called Della House Children's home in McCormick, SC? I don't know if it is still around but, I would like to try to get in touch with them to get some information for my father and his sister who spent some time there. I was hoping to get some information from them. I am also trying to get some information on my father's real father who's name is Jarves Williams. I don't have any information on him at all. I know that Jarves married my grandmother and they got an annulment in NC. My father was born 14 Oct. 1940. Any information appreciated. 1 April 2001 V. Ellisor


have from the SC DEATH INDEX 1915-1949 the notice that:   FRANK DELLINGER (who I believe is my Grandfather) Died/ Aug 25, 1929 BD/ 1866 County of Death/ County of Richland.  Yet I looked at every Cemetery listed (62) in Richland County and every name on every cemetery and did not find this name.  I have been looking for years to find where they settled after leaving NY after 1919. How do I go about finding more information?    FRANK DELLINGER (DIED 8-25-1929)  WIFE; THERESIA MYRTLE (UNKNOWN).  DAUGHTER; THERESA MARY (MY MOM) ( 3-25-52 IN FLORIDA).  IMMIGRATED FROM GERMANY IN 1899 TO NY.  NATURALIZED IN 1909 (IN NY).  24 March 2005 C V REAMS


I am trying to find any record and date of a marriage between Eugene Olliff DeLoach and Nell Joiner ("of Columbia, SC"). Guess about 1933 or so. 20 June 2005 Steve Peterson
I am looking for information on a James DENLEY, married to Mary HYDE, birth dates and marriage date unknown. James DENLEY died, November 17, 1757 in Richland Co. SC. I do not have any other information. Thanks for any information you have on any Denleys. (8/20/97) Nick Denley
DENNIS Searching for info on John Hampton Dennis b. 1969 d. 04/08/1919 m. Minnie Gertrude Lee. His father: Robert H. Dennis, b. 1842 d. 01/12/1922, mother: Ornder Coleman b. 1836 d. 10/12/1930(possible of Cherokee Indian descendants) John Dennis' children were Bessie Marion Dennis Simpson, Mattie D. Rodger Shannon, Ethel Dennis, Dewey McKindley Dennis. Any information would be greatly appreciated. (9/3/99 8:37:15 PM) Delores Spires
DIAL I am looking for information on the DIAL family of Richland County, SC. James DIAL married Sarah Ann and had daughter Nancy (1831-1910). Nancy married James BRAZELL. The parents of James DIAL were Joseph DIAL and Martha. Any information on this family would be appreciated. (4/1/99) Cheryl Hudson Passey


Looking for information about Harriet Dickerson Anderson who owned property From 1899 until 1940's on Taylor (Wayne)Street, Columbia. (3/14/99 5:26:44 PM) Marie Southard


How does one find divorce records for Richland County circa 1978? 20 Nov. 2002 Winona Rhodes


Joel Daugherty B; 1789 wife Rebecca Kelly.I need info on the families of these ancestors. I have not been able to find anything. 28 June 2005 Linda Daugherty
DOMINY I am searching for a Jonathan Dominy. He had a son named to James H. Dominy born in S.C. around 1813. I believe they could have been in Richland Co. prior to moving to Laurens Co., Ga. sometime between 1813 and 1820. There were other Dominy(Domincks) located in this county at one time and I believe that they are relatives of Jonathan Dominy. Jonathan died before 1820 and may never have lived in Ga. but his son James H. was in Laurens Co., Ga. in 1820 because he drew in the 1820 Ga. Land Lottery as an orphan. If anyone has any information please let me know and I will be glad to share any information I have. (2/8/97) Rhonda D. King
DOMINY I am looking for information on Andrew Dominy (Dominick), born Germany 10 Aug 1720 and imigrated to Richland County. I am descended from his son Frederick Dominy who moved to Laurens County, GA. I have a little information, but would like to obtain further infoemation, records sources, etc. (8/18/97) Roy D. Welch
DOMINY Andrew DOMINY (spelled Domini on 1810 census) was living in Richland County,SC and we think he had a son just before the Revolution named John. John moved to Washington Co., GA and married Rachel Bradford and then later settled in Irwin County,Ga in about 1830. If anyone has any information that would tie Andrew to John, I would appreciate it. (11/2/97 12:05:45 PM) J.E.(Edd) Dorminey


I am looking for William Hugh Donny who was in Columbia during the 1930s . He worked for Seaboard Airlines (a railroad company?) He is my grandfather but I did not know him. 19 Nov. 2001 J. Vaughan


In 1787 John DOUGHERTY and his wife Judah of Richland Co SC sold land in Lancaster Co SC. I am very interested in learning more about this DOUGHERTY family. I have a John DOUGHERTY 1st wife unknown who was born in NC in 1761 and arrived in TN between 1805 and 1827. His life before TN is a stone wall. His son John DOUGHERTY b. 1805 NC named his first child Judah. I am trying to find a connection with this land deed and my DOUGHERTY Family. The above deed was witnessed by a William BROWN. John' Sr.s daughter Sarah married Archibald BROWN about 1830. I am wondering if my BROWN and DOUGHERTY family had a long term connection as Archibald BROWN b. 1812 GA, father was born in SC. These families wound up in Marion Co TN. Any help appreciated.   18 April 2002 P. Hoffman


Have Been Trying to Locate the Resting Place of My G-grandfather Samuel B. Dove for Several Years Now.  he Last Appeared on the 1910 Richland Census I Recently Learned.he Was Living with John Wesley Marthers and His Daughter Minnie Dove. I Feel He must Have Been Laid to Rest Somewhere in Richland County. Anyone Having Access to Listings on Richland County Cemeteries Please Try and Locate. Any Other Information on Samuel Bryant Dove Will Be Appreciated. 20 June 2001

Bill Dove


DREHER I am trying to find information on Ernest Augustus Dreher b.1864 d.1934 he was married to Hattie Rials then Dolly Matthews Bugg.They lived in Richland County in Palmetto Village. Ernest Augustus Dreher's father was also Ernest A. Dreher married to Mary L.Bowers.I have no dates on either of them. Any help would be appreciated (7/6/98 9:05:26 PM) Linda Shull
DRIGGERS My email is I am trying to look up my ancestors in

Richland County. My grandmother was Elsie Helena Driggers married to George Walter Birdwell. Elsie's mother was Jesse Russell and her father was Samuel Driggers. Her sister was Mildred Driggers married to Josh Floyd. Her brothers was Carl Driggers, Nathaniel Driggers, Heziakiah Driggers. George might have been adopted by Elizabeth Morris who also had a son Berry Clack and a daughter Fannie Morris.  When I put in George Walter Birdwell. Information comes that he might have been related to the George Birdwell who was with Pretty Boy Floyd. July 2006

Elizabeth Hinson
DUCKWORTH I am looking for info on Thomas Benjiman Harrison. He Married Elizabeth Duckworth in Columbia in 1865, and lived there until his death, around 1900. The 1870 census says that he was born in GA., in 1840. He has really been a pain to track down. I can find no info on his parents or family. One of his children married a Moore of Columbia, it is possible that some of there descendents still live there. any help would be appreciated. (4/20/98 9:52:12 PM) Terry Harrison
DUE I am trying to locate the burial place of James Harrison Due, died October 10, 1890 in Columbia, SC. He was born there in 1817. Lived in Winnsboro, SC with first wife Harriet Christine Jackson Due, she died 1864. He remarried a girl named Jane Usher from Lancaster Co. SC James H. Due and Jane Usher Due lived in Lancaster for several years around 1870 til his death in 1890. If you have any information that can point me where to look for his burial place I would be most greatful. (7/6/98 9:01:26 PM) Melinda
DUE JOHN S DUE, born in Darlington Dist. SC, lived in Columbia, Richland Co., SC at the time of his death, in 1867. Would appreciate any information on him, and his family. Thanks for any help. (12/7/97 12:44:39 PM) Victoria A. Pickrell


How can get copies of my husband's parents' birth and marriage certificates, his grandparents' birth and marriage certificates and their death certificates? The grandparents were born in NC and VA and were married in VA. All other events occurred in Richland County SC. 21 May 2001 H. Dunlap


I need to determine the name of the other son of Aaron Duke, born circa 1764, Fairfield SC. I've found references to Reuben C Dukes being his son, and have found Aaron on the 1850 Federal Census, with an 'Ensley Duke' living in his household, but this cannot be the son referred to in 1828 as his son who 'died without issue', as earlier census records seem to indicate another, older son.  I have reason to suspect that my gg grandfather Meredith Duke may have been that other son, and that he knew he wasnt dead, but didnt want to deter his granddaughters from inheriting their father's estate. I have found only a deed for Samuel Duke with both Aaron and Meredith Duke as witnesses. Surely, there are other connections.  27 Sept. 2003 Dorothy Duke Rhodes


Looking for info. on my GGF. Ensley Dukes, who appears on 1870 Cs. Richland Co., SC. as 44 yr. old farmer with children Ensley Hall 21,Henry P. 19, Thomas T. (Taylor my Gf.) 14, John 5, Margaret 20, Susanna 15, Clara 11, and Mary 9. "Polly" Alden, wife of Ensley Dukes was apparently deceased by then. Ensley Hall, Thomas Taylor, Margaret and Susanna left SC. and settled in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and dropped the s from the name. Other names repeated in this family are Benjamin, Shirley (male) and Wiley. Have been unable to find Ensley Dukes prior to 1870. Cs. stated he was born in SC. Any help greatly appreciated. (12/28/97 12:58:40 PM) Ethel

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