Richland County, SC, Former Slaves

by Minister John A. Middleton

This remarkable dataset was compiled by  Minister John A. Middleton, and submitted for inclusion on this web site.  Thanks to Minister Middleton!  Each of these files is Copyright ©2002, Minister John A. Middleton, Associate Minister at New Light Beulah Baptist Church, Hopkins, S. C, all rights reserved.  These documents may be freely used for private purposes, and included in your own genealogy. However, each document is copyrighted and may not be sold, nor given to anyone who may attempt to derive profit from same.

These files are very large.  I have minimized the size as much as is humanly possible.

Slaves Owned by Those with Surnames Beginning with:

  A    B  C   D    E   F:   G   H   I   J  K L   M N   O   P   Q    R   S   T  U  V  W  X Y Z  

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