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HAIGOOD Am looking for information on the James Haigood that witness a 03/01/1834 Richland Co. deed transfer. The property was listed in the estate of Aldheus Bell. It was also witnessed by George Turnipseed. James had a wife Selena (Bell?). James Haigood and George Turnipseed settled in Pickens County, AL ca 1836. (12/5/99 6:08:12 PM) Linda Prickett
HAILE Looking for information on the HAILE family. (late 1700-1800's) Trying to piece together their connection to the Union Co., SC Haile's. Contact me if you know anything about the Lexington/Richland Co. Haile's. THANKS! (12/30/98 9:37:39 AM) Haila Adams


I m trying to locate my G-Fathers and all the info I have is he came from SC.  the name I have is J.T. Hamilton called Toss.  I am sure his name was Joseph Thomas . He came to Florida before 1872. Any help with this will be more than welcome.16 Dec. 2000 L.Eary



HAMITER HAMITER - Mary Eve Hamiter, b. abt 1766 in RICHLAND Co., SC, d. abt1830 in FAIRFIELD Co., SC; m. Stephen SMITH Jr. abt 1787 in CAMDEN Dist., SC. Stephen SMITH Jr was son of Stephen SMITH Sr and wife Mollie (both b. in England) migrated to South Carolina in mid 1700's and received land grant. Interested in any info on either HAMITER or SMITH families. (12/21/96) Robert Leitner
HAMITER I am interested in the Hamiter Family, and the family of John Hamiter & Mariah their siblings, Jane C, Samuel, Harriett, James, John and Adam.  24 August 2012 Paula Hamiter Baird
HAMMOND (note by FOC, before you write, this is my only record of this church. A query.) My great-great grandfather, Samual Hammond, Was a planter in the Columbia-Camden area and in the 1840s, he was pastor at the Jackson Creek Baptist Church. He was married to Eliz. Motley and died in 1849. Is the church still active and is there any other info on my family?  7 Nov. 2002 Jerry Hammond
HANCOCK I am looking for information on my great uncle, Wilson R. Hancock born in Ga. abt. 1884-1885, he is on the 1920 S.C. Census in Lexington, Congaree Township. I believe he married Sarah T. and had 2 boys, Wilson R. and William A. In the 1930 S.C. Richland census she is a wifow. Any help would be appreciated. 7 Sept. 2004 Helen Hirtriter.
HARRIS Looking for any record for Geneva Harris born 5/18/20 or 21 in Columbia, SC to Sally Spann and Sylvester Harris. (4/20/98 9:29:50 PM) Sally Verser


John Washington Salmonds listed in Richland Co. in 1830 as Salmonor, 1840 as Salmons, 1850 as Washington Salmonds. Family also related to Harris and Portee families. Family in Fairfield and Kershaw Counties also. 26 Nov. 2000 K. Simons Alexander


im looking for my grandmother.lived in columbia sc all her life.born around 1901. married a john r harris had two sons augustus lewis and john harris.her name was kathleen ott harris i think married a cromer later on. had a nickname of kat. any info would help im at a dead end.thank you  17 May 2002

S Jones


I am looking for information on Henry Walton Harris, b. 30 Jan. 1906 Wilkes County, GA and died 14 November 1984 in Columbia, Richland Co., S.C.. He married on 1 Dec. 1934 (don't know where) to Elizabeth Rowanstine (sp?). He was granted in 1935 dismission letter from Rehoboth Baptist Church in Metasville, Wilkes Co., GA to join Tabernacle Baptist Church in Columbia, S.C. Do you know where or what Tabernacle Baptist Church was? Do you have cemetery records for the area? He may have been a Doctor (MD). 30 June 2004 Suzanne Walton Ammons


I seek information on a John Harris of Columbia SC, who died about 1918. He had a brother named Preston, wifes name Emma. His father was refered to as "big john" and he as "little john". Also, he changed his last name to Harris from his fathers (Mclaughlin) to his mothers maiden name. I have on my records the counties of Kershaw and Richland. Also of Henry Harrell born 1863.  Henry married a Polly Chavis, she is believed to have been Indian. 23 March 2005 Ovelma Shealy
HARRISON Benjamin HARRISON (m. Nancy Hart and Mary Grice)...b. 1768 in Va.; died 1837 in Columbia. (He had 13 children by both wives). Benjamin was the son of Burr HARRISON (1738-1822) and Eliz. DARGAN (1736-1825); both from Va. Would like to exchange information. (2/21/97) Glenna Kinard
HARRISON I am looking for info on Thomas B. Harrison. married to Elizabeth Duckworth they where Married in Columbia in 1865. And lived there until thier deaths. any info would be appreciated. (4/20/98 9:33:14 PM) Terry Harrison


My great great grandfather was Burr John Harrison. He was born in 1864 in Richland County and died in 1922. I know he was buried in the Barhamville Cemetary on Hughes St. in Columbia. I need more information on the family. 19 APril 2002 M. H. Williams
HARRISON I am wanting to know if there was ever a person by the name of William Riley Harrison who was most likely born around 1755 who lived in the Richland Co., area. Family information has it that he was married to Hannah Riley the daughter of Miles Riley. It is also rumored that he lived on a farm where the present Columbia, SC is. He and Hannah had the following children: William B. "Billy Buck" Harrison, John Henry Harrison, and Nancy Harrison. William B. Harrison is listed as being born in Spartanburg, SC in 1789 and he married Hannah Perle Taylor daughter of John Taylor and Mary Taylor from Union, SC in 1810. William B. Harrison and Hannah Perle Taylor Harrison were my GGG-grandparents. William B. Harrison served in the War of 1812. If William Riley Harrison really existed then he also was suppose to have served in the Revolutionary War either from Virginia or SC. I have been told that there was one William R. Harrison who served in the Revolutionary War. I have also been told that William Riley Harrison was deceased by 1797 but I have no way of proving that any of this is true. How do you get the land record for the area that was now Columbia, SC (that was previously before Columbia became in existance farm land).  The only William Harrison that is on the 1790 census is the one from Fairfield. Was a part of Fairfield latter Richland?  July 2006 Karen H. Nabours
HAWKINS I'm looking for anyone who is related to, or knows information about my grandfather HALKARD ASBURY HAWKINS. He was born April 6, 1909, possibly in Richland County, SC. He died September 27, 1946, possibly in Alexandria, VA or Washington D.C. He was a tailor, and a Republican National Committeeman. He spent time in the military with the 2nd Infantry Division. He married Julia Margaret Wessinger, and had 5 children. His father was Hugh Algernon Hawkins, a farmer and former constable of Blaney SC. Hugh Algernon's father was William Jasper. (4/22/99 9:49:20 PM) Joel H. Hawkins
HAY I am looking for the will of William Hay dated April 12, 1784 in Richland County, SC.(One book list the date 1782) In his will he mentions his grandson W. Howell. He moved to Richland County around 1748 from Virginia and settled on Raiford Creek, operating a grist mill. He purchased the tract of land from Richard Jackson on Oct. 8, 1750. (11/3/99 8:24:58 PM) Lisa Hay
HAY In the "History of Richland County" there is a referance to a William Hay who came to Richland County about 1748 from Virginia. I am looking for something that may help me find out anything about where in Virginia he came from or if he just got off a boat. Any help appreciated. (4/20/98 9:43:37 PM) Jerry Hay


I am researching William Hay and his sons that settled on the Congaree about 1748. They came there from Virginia. Williams wife was Mary (Howell) Hay. I have a copy of his will and it names only 3 sons and I know he was suppose to have more. I would appreciate any information you can give me.   19 April 2002 B. Ellison
HAYES Holsworth Hays was one of seven sons of Adam Hays and Mary Messenger. He was teaching school in Arkansas when the War for Southern Independence began, and he enlisted in the service of the South. His father and all his brothers served the Union. Bitterness broke the family apart, and a gentleman in Iowa knows only that Holsworth was reported to be living and working in Columbia, SC, after the war. He is looking for more information and especially for descendants. Any information will be most appreciated. (6/15/97) Sandy Whittington
HAYS Need information on Holsworth Hays son of Adam and Mary (Messenger) Hays (11/5/98 9:13:50 PM) Jeanette Miller


I am looking for information on the Hays Family, originally from Virgina but migrated to the Carolinas in the middle 1750's. Would love sharing or hearing from other cousins...or even possible cousins!  26 Sept. 2003 D.Krog


Looking for the Will of William Hays, Wife Mary Howell Hays, 1750's. 29 Sept. 2003 D.Krog


Looking for information on Thomas Heath 1773-1854 (shown in 1810 & 1820 Richland District census). I believe him to have married Mary Williamson daughter of Rowland Williamson and Sarah Thomas. The Heaths are said to be buried in the “Heath Cemetery near Columbia”. 17 Nov. 2002 Jerry Van Wert
HEISE HEISE, James Ross - Searching for James Ross Heise (Abt 1810, District of Columbia - March, 1870, Columbia, SC). James and brother John arrived in Columbia, SC in 1830's. James's daughters, Harriett and Mary baptised in Saint Peter's Catholic Church in 1875. Unable to locate grave of James and wife Harriett. Interested in contacting any of James's descendants. (11/14/96) 5 March 2010 Susan Igel
HENDRIX Searching for info on the family and descendants for David John Hendrix, who moved from Kershaw County to Richland in 1850. This family seems to have lived in both counties through the 1850s. After 1860 they are located in Richland. David John Hendrix is aka D. J. Hendrix. The family lived in Richland somewhere between Lykesland and Brown's Chapel, just south of present day Fort Jackson. Also looking for info on Brown's Chapel. D.J. Hendrix had a brother, Thompson Hendrix. He became a Baptist minister by 1860, but can find no record after that date. 15 Sept. 2012 William Spainhour
HENDRIX My grandmother, Eunice Eugenia Hendrix was born in Blythwood in 1886 and her brother, Elzie Owen Hendrix was born in 1883. I am seeking information as to who their parents were. In one document Elzie lists his mother as Mamie Owen Hendrix. In 1900 they were both living with their grandparents Emanuel and Elizabeth Hendrix. Eunice married Manley Wooten of Fairfield about 1902. Any information greatly appreciated.  23 March 2005 Barbara Ralston


Searching for information in the 1820 Census of Richland County on Tobias Hendricks. If anyone can do a look up for me, I would appreciate it. 7 Nov. 2000 D. Slocomb
Hendrix Davis Thomas I have Hendrix/Davis/Thomas ancestors from Richland and Kershaw counties.  I'm looking for a source of detailed South Carolina county maps from 1870-1900. Any tips, hints, or other info would be greatly appreciated.  15 Sept. 2012 Bill Spainhour


Mary Lee Henry-Moore: was a patient at the State Hospital in in Richland from 1940 sometime after May 10, 1940 until her death at the Hospital on Dec. 27, 1940 of Physical Exhaution due to mental excitement. Interested in Hospital Records/mug-shots,etc.6 August 2002 John Henry, Jr.


I am searching for my great grandfather who died in a Columbia hospital during the civil war and was buried in Columbia. I am trying to find his grave site. He is Michael D. Herring from Robeson County, NC and he died on 31 January, 1865. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. 30 June 2004 Bill Herring
HEYSINGER William HEYSINGER m. Mary MCALLISTER on 17 Nov. 1886 in Columbia, SC. In his diary, he notes he met her at 1700 Columbia Ave. in 1881. He was from Franklin Co. PA. A letter to a Jacob HEYSINGER from a nephew in 1832 mentions visiting the "South Carolina Heysingers" Looking for the relationship between the PA. Heysingers and the SC Heysingers. (4/16/97) Joyce Brown


I am trying to find the first name and the date of birth for the wife of Rev Wm. Higgins who died on 4 July 1858. The obit said he was married to the oldest daughter of Rev George Scott. His wife may GGG grandmother if she was born on Nov. 11, 1821 and named Martha. I seek any information on Wm. Higgins. 22Feb2000 Floyd Scott


I am trying to research data on my 4th great grandfather, Samuel Hilton. In a letter, my great grandmother, Edith Hilton Baker McDade, states "Samuel Hilton served in War of the Revolution. A record of pay to him is on file with the Historical Society of South Carolina at Columbus. Sam Hilton Island is a park in Columbia, S. Carolina named after him." I cannot find any reference, whatsoever, to Sam Hilton Island.  22Feb2000 M. Thoeni


GGrandfather immigrated from Ireland (county unknown) to Columbia S.C. Date unknown, but circa early 1800's. Was said to be named ? Hogan,(first name unknown) and that he was a minister. Denomination unknown. He left a wife in Ireland and a few children. He married in S.C. (name of wife unknown) and had a son, named Brisbane Hogan, (date unknown) who left for Indiana, married a Elizabeth Moran there, and later to Illinois. He has been very evasive in tracking him down, or his son, although, you would think that with the name Brisbane, it would be easy. Knowing he considered himself a minister, in S.C., someone might remember him. Any information on the Hogans from that era is greatly appreciated. 1 July 2004 Marilyn Shanahan


Looking for death dates of Michael Hogan born 1820 Ireland died ABT 1855 and wife Sarah E. Hogan born 1829 died aft 1900 both in Richland Co. SC. 4 Oct. 2013 Bill Baughman


I'm looking for a woman with the last name of Holden who was born in Columbia in 1929. All I know is that she once worked in a furniture store and also served in the Air Force in the 1950's. Any information would be greatly appreciated. 21 May 2001 Jeff Chaffin




HONEYCUTT I am trying to find information about Dock HONEYCUTT. The last know residence for him was Columbia, SC. The information was taken from his brother's obituary dated 1981. Dock is most likely deceased now and would like to know his dates and place of burial. 19 Nov. 2001 L. Honeycutt DeBruhl


Looking for information regarding family of Allen & F. Ann Hook:  Allen Hook. Born About 1803 in Lexington District, South Carolina. Died After 1870. He married F. Ann. Born About 1812 in South Carolina.  Jan. 2004 Jaime Teas Dilger
HOOK My wife and I are researching the paternal side of my family, all of whom are/were from South Carolina and Richland and Lexington Counties in particular. We have been trying in vain to discover the birthdate and -place of my great-great-grandfather Georg(e) Phil(l)ip(p) Hook (Hug, Huk, Hok, Hoog, Hoch, Hock, etc.), allegedly born in Germany on/about 1750, d.SC in 1821. We are both highly experienced and diligent researchers with many books and articles to our credit, but we have had no success. I am fluent in German and have written many persons and searched many church and municipal records in southwestern Germany and discovered no trace of the highly elusive George Philip. It appears that, for some unknown reason, George changed his name to George Philips and then to Philip Hook.  Can you help in any way? We would be grateful for an answer at your earliest convenience  July 2006 Dr. Donald D. and Harriett B. Hook
HOOKER Seek info on John HOOKER, June 21, 1774 - d. July 1815, Graduated from Yale 1796 and proceeded to Columbia, SC & practiced Law.  Documentation indicates John was son of Col. Noadiah Hooker b. 1737 lived in Farmington, CT. (before he came to Columbia). John had a younger brother, Edward Apr 27, 1785 --May 5, 1846 who came to Columbia after he finished Yale in 1805 and toured the circuit with John and compiled some history on South Carolina and Columbia in its early days. I SEEK A DOCUMENTED LINK BETWEEN THIS JOHN AND MY GREAT GREAT GRANDFATHER JOHN HOOKER, Feb 14, 1806 - Jan 17, 1897 who was a farmer in the lower part of Lexington County, buried in Ebeneza Church Cemetery near Pool's Mill., SC. This John is said to be the son of John Hooker , the lawyer in Columbia. (4/20/98) Al Hooker
Hopkins & Robertson I am tying to find some information on the Hopkins & Robertson family in Gadsden, SC. I am linked to many families in Richland county.  May 2007 Sharie Webber


I'm trying to find who where Jesse House Parients, Jesse was born in 1815 d. abt 1895.  He owned a plantation north of eastover in Richland County. There is a cemetery at the location where the plantation was now called Houses cemetary.. He had a slave named Susan Robinson. He lived with Jane Boykin, & had two sons. Stark and Powell I am trying to find out who where Jesse's parents And how did Jesse obtain the Plantation. 17 Nov. 2004 William house
HOUSTON I'm seeking information about the Alex Houston family. Alex was was the husband of Janie Houston. They were the parents of several children, including Alex Jr, (b1891); Susan, (b1886), Wright, (b1893); Jerry and General. They lived in the Richland County Area. Any information that you may provide shall be greatly appreciated. (8/22/99 6:50:05 PM) Thomas Armstrong


We are looking for an obituary of Keith Edward Howe, born 4/3/47 and died 12/15/93, who lived in Richland (Eastover) S.C. His ss# was 308-48-2708.27 August 2000

Mike Sousley

HOWELL Am searching for the parents of Joseph Hardy Howell (b. March 31, 1800, d. December 7, 1875). He is thought to be the son of William Howell (d. February 4, 1856)of the Congaree section of Richland County. There may be a Hopkins and Goodwin connection. Family tradition says that the Howells came down from Maryland. Would be willing to share information. (12/30/98 9:29:12 AM) Sissy Howell
HOWELL Three Howell brothers, Arthur, Thomas, and William settled in Richland County on the Congaree around 1741. According to their Revolutionary War records, they were from Maryland. I am trying to connect my ancestor, Carson Howell (1768-1836) to these Howells. I will appreciate any information. (11/5/98 9:16:28 PM) John Howell

Please send a valid Email address!

HOWELL Searching for information regarding my father's family. My dad's name is Maybank Howell and his family is from the Hopkins, SC area. His father's first name is unknown - but people called him RABBIT as a nickname - (Mr. Howell). My dad's mother's name is Martha Davis (maiden) and her married name is Martha Stevens and she m. - John Stevens from (Hopkins, SC) and she had nine children (John, Majorie, Patricia, Calvin, Debra, Sylvalene, Louis, Sam and Maybank) (8/22/99 7:02:44 PM) Robin Howell


May I tell you about my Howell line?  (1) Elias Howell (b. 1805 SC) m. Mary Partin in GA.  (2)Alfred Howell (b. 1829 GA) m. Saleta Askew.  (3)William Hezikiah Howell (1858 GA) m. Sara Narcissus Jones.  (4)Wayne Winthrop Howell (b. 1903 FL)m. Myra Inez Locke. William H. and a brother, James David, moved to the area where Dothan, AL is now. Houston, Henry and other counties. Does have information on these people? Is Elias was a son or grandson of William Howell, the Welch Neck Baptist? 8APR2000 J. Howell


I am researching Jesse M. Howell and found him in Stewart Co., GA in the 1840's. I also located a Jesse M. Howell (could they be the same one?)in 1830 in Lowndes Co., GA. This one is supposed to be from Richland or Barnwell Dist.,SC. He may also be the son of Joseph Howell. If anyone has any information that might help, please e-mail me. Thank you in advance. I have ben looking for ten years and your help would be greatly appreciated. 1 April 2001 J. Howell Pitts


I am researching George William Hoyt, born April 28, 1844, died August 8, 1898. He married Susan Brazell, from Richland County, SC. Her parents were John Gandy Brazell(born ABT 1822) and Mary Roberts Roberts(born ABT 1823). On George's tombstone it says, "11TH WVA Infantry. Was he from West Virginia? Seek  info about them and George Hoyt's parents.  Were they Smith and Susan Hoyt, from WVA? George and Susan Hoyt removed to Kemper County, MS.  24Feb2000 B. Hoyt Jones


I am trying to verify the identity of my great-grandfather's parents. His name was Thomas Bennie Hudson (b. 1886) who married Mary Sue Tomlinson (b.1893). Their son was my grandfather, Lee Thomas Hudson, (b. 1912). In the 1900 Census, Thomas was listed as child of George W. Hudson and wife, Anita (b. 1878) with siblings Eva P. (b. 1882) and brother, Murray (b. 1887). Anita was too young to be their natural mother and Thomas' mother was supposed to have been Cherokee. He claimed he never knew his mother. There is a George W. Hudson listed in the 1880 Census with wife, E. Levinia. They have other children listed. Their youngest child listed in 1880 was Mary G. Hudson (less than a year-old).   In my great-grandfather's obituary he was survived by sister Eva Hancock of Rock Hill, SC; brother Murray of Flint, Michigan; and sister Mary Newton of Waynesboro, GA. We did not know he had a sister named Mary. I believe Mary may be the link to connecting these two families together. I would welcome any information. Hudson web site. 8 May 2000 J. Hudson Taylor
HUDSON Camden Archives in Camden, SC, show two of my relatives buried at Beulah UMC in Richland Co., SC as follows: John W. Hudson b. 29 Sept 1836, d. 9 Oct 1924; Catherine Webb Hudson (Katherine?) b. 23 May 1842, d. 12 Aug 1929. I do not see Beulah UMC on your cemetery page; has the church disbanded or changed names. Can you help me, please?  Jan. 2004 Marion Webb


I need help on Huffman in GA and SC. I have an John Huffman b 1818 SC m Mary b 1828 SC. He is living in Richland Co, SC in 1850. In 1860 he is living in Coweta Co, GA and in 1870 he was in Macon Co, Ga with his family. Children were:
  1. Malissa Huffman b 1851 SC
  2. Joseph S. Huffman b 1856 SC
  3. Irwin Cicero Huffman b 1861-62 GA,  married Martha (Mattie) Ida Kleckley b 1865 GA
    • Children: Blanche b 1884, Alton b 1886, Sallie L b 1888, Morgan b 1890, Charlie b 1893, Martha Pearl b 1895, Louisa b 1899, Edith b 1902, John b 1905, Jewel b 1905, Romie b 1907, Joseph S. b ?1856, Ella b 1872, Minnie L b 1893, Vera b 1895, Ruby b 1897, Twins b 1898 (boy & girl)
  4. Hannah L. Huffman b 1866 GA

A Henry and Rebecca both b 1787 in SC may be his parents. Any help in establishing this lineage will be appreciated. 17APR2000

Richard Ingram
HUGG I am researching the HUGG family of Richland co. Stephan Hugg Died there in 1836 leaving a will. Son William J. Hugg lived there with his family until 1851, then moved to Georgia. I am inerested in any info. I can get on this family & its origins in America. William J. Hugg married to Martha Carroll, daughter of Joseph Carroll (11/5/98 9:13:18 PM) David E. Casto
HUGGINS William Huggins born in 1754VA, died in Richland Co in 1821. Does anyone know his children and grandchildren? He served in RW, 1st SC Regiment, wounded and disabled when a cannon fell on him. He petitioned the SC legislature and drew a pension, after his death it was extended for his wife, Nancy, who d. 1840. There were at least 10 children. Only 2 children's names are known - Henry and George. I believe he had a son named Daniel, possibly daughter named Polly. Was Daniel Huggins father of Benjamin Huggins who was in Alabama, Mississippi Territory, in 1820?  William Huggins had 4 brothers: John the oldest, Andrew, James, and Robert. Andrew and James were killed in RW, John, also a RW veteran moved to TN around 1810.   (4/20/98 9:42:24 PM) Betty Huggins
HUGHES Seeking information about the family of Goodman Hughes b. 1755 d. 1819, Richland County, S.C. married unknown? His family includes : Mary Hughes m. 1816, William Tomlinson, Richland County S.C. ; Abram Hughes b. 1786 Fairfield Co., S.C. d. Pike Co., MS., m. Sarah unknown? ; Isaac Hughes b. 1790 Fairfield Co., S.C. d. 1840 Richland Co., S.C. m. Polly Smith ; William F. Hughes b. 1792 Fairfield Co., S.C. d. ?, m. 20 Oct. 1836 Noxubee Co., MS., Elizabeth Culbertson ; Joseph D. Hughes b. 1795 Fairfield Co., S.C. d. 16 Oct. 1863 Columbus, GA. m. Deliah Chapman; James C. Hughes b. 1795 Fairfield Co., S.C. d. Pike Co., MS., m. Amidilla; Thomas Jefferson Hughes b. 1802 Fairfield Co., S.C., d. 1842 Pike Co., MS.  The above was given to me by another source and I cannot confirm the data. However, I do know that Abram and James C. Hughes moved to Pike Co. MS and was there by 1820 according to the 1820 census, raised their families, and remained there at least through the 1860 census. From what I understand the courthouse in Pike Co., MS. burned down and all records were lost. According to the 1850 Pike Co., MS. census, James C. Hughes and Amedella’s family included; James M. Hughes, Angeline, Elizabeth A., Amanda A., Leroy J., John A., and Sarah A Hughes. All of the children were born in MS.  Abram Hughes and Sarah’s family included; Sarah, Minerva, Marthey, Endsley, Jackson, William and Emely. All were born in MS. with the exception of Sarah and she was born in S.C.  Any information about any of the above people would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. 11 Oct. 2000 Jerry I. Dawson
HUNNICUTT Seeking information on family of Christina HUNNICUTT, b. ca 1766 in Richland Co., SC., and d. ca. 1856 near Winnsboro SC. She married Samuel Jackson.They lived in Richland Co., had son named Samuel Jackson who married Elizabeth Miller. Any help deeply appreciated. (1/25/98 1:09:18 PM) Victoria A. Pickrell
HUNTER About 1800, five Hunter brothers or cousins moved from Richland County, South Carolina, to Robertson, Montgomery, and Davidson County, Tennessee. They were: 1) Dempsey Hunter (m. 1st ?, 2nd Katherine Faust), b. abt. 1745, d. 1833 Montgomery County, Tennessee 2) Jacob Hunter (m. Mary/Polly), b. 1755, d. 1806 Davidson County, Tennessee 3) Thomas Hunter (m. Katherine?), b. 1763 Halifax Co., NC, d. 1734, Robertson County, Tennessee 4) Allen Hunter (m. Elizabeth Faust) b. abt. 1764, d. 1820, Montgomery County, Tennessee 5) David Hunter (m. Sarah Horn, 1803), b. 1775 d. 1861, Davidson County. I have put together a website on what is known of these five brothers/cousins. Please send comments/corrections. (4/18/99 10:59:50 PM) Ernest E. Hunt
HUNTER Looking for information on South Carolina HUNTERS. My uncle's records have Jacob HUNTER, a SC Revolutionary War Soldier, marrying Polly (BRYANT or BOONE?) in Richland Co., South Carolina, in 1782. Their son, Manuel HUNTER was born in 1787 (Sept.17) in Charleston, SC. They moved to Tennessee before 1806. Any information on HUNTER appreciated.  (11/5/98 9:25:53 PM) Margaret Iovino
HUNTER Seeking information about the JACOB HUNTER who was listed on the 1790 census in the District of Orangeburgh, Richland Co. Is he the same Jacob who later moved to Davidson Co., TN and died there 1806? Who were the parents of this Jacob in SC? (11/5/98 9:14:51 PM) Bettye Brown
HURREN I"m new at this,I"m looking for information on my uncle, I"m told that he died in White Rock, SC In Oct. of 1997, his name is Alton Richard Hurren, he was born in 1940 in Mich., any information will be greatley appreciated. Thank You. (9/19/99 10:37:41 AM) Gloria
HUTCHINSON Seek info on Thomas HUTCHINSON, died in Richland County in 1818, leaving wife Mary (possibly daughter of John COOK of Fairfield County, and children Mary (Mrs. William) JUDGE, Rebecca (Mrs. Benjamin) DULANY, Thomas (possibly married to a BOATWRIGHT), and Burrell Brown. Branches of the family removed to GA, AL, and TX. Seek info on this family. (9/19/99 10:33:57 AM) Alexis Spiritas


I am searching for information regarding my 2nd Great Grandfather. His name is Reverend William J. Hutson. He was, as reported to me by a relative, born in Richland Co. SC on September 16, 1819, and died November 10. 1890 in Charleston, SC. I have the names of his descendants, but cannot find his ancestors. If you have any ideas or leads that would help me find his parents, it would be greatly appreciated.  30 June 2004 Phil Hutson


My gggrandfather is William J. Hutson, b. in Richland Co., 9/16/1816 and died 11/10/1870, in Charleston. His parents both died by the time he was 9. At this point he was sent to Charleston, to live with an uncle.According to his obituary he was a minister. I am interested in finding his parents. His wife was Elizabeth J.(Steele?). I have a listing of their children. We obtained this information from Census documents, SC Advocate, and St. James Goose Creek records. Can you help?  30 June 2004 Nannette Hutson

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