"Incorporation of the "Hopkins Economy Society"


To, the Honorable D. H. Tompkins, Secretary of State of the State of South Carolina:

Your Petitioners, desiring to form a corporation for the purpose of buying and selling merchandise of all kinds, and farm products, and of running a ginnery and grist mill, and buying and selling real estate, do hearby file this, their written declaration, setting forth and showing:

1. That the names of your petitioners are Edward Middleton, Peter Middleton, and Alexander B. Morris, all of whom reside at Hopkins in the County Of Richland and State of South Carolina.

2. That the name of the proposed corporation is "Hopkins Economy Society". Its proposed place of business will be at Hopkins, in Lower Township of said Richland County. The general purpose of the said proposed corporation, and the nature of its business will be the buying and selling of merchandise of all kinds, farm produce of all kinds, and of running a ginnery and grist mill, and of buying and selling and cultivating land, and generally the transaction of all business usual or properly appertaining to the conduct and management of a corporation of such character.

3. That the amount of the capital stock shall be Two thousand Dollars, divided into four hundred shares of the par value of Five Dollars each.

WHEREFORE, your petitioners pray that a commission may be issued from the office of the Secretary of State to the undersigned, authoring and directing them to open books of subscription to the Capital Stock of the "Hopkins Economy Society" at some convenient place at Hopkins, S.C., after a notice of not less than one day published in one of the newspapers of the City of Columbia, County and State aforesaid, stating the time and place, when and where such books will be opened.

And your petitioners further pray that upon such certificate being filed in your office by the said Board of Corporators as will authorize the granting of a character to the said "Hopkins Economy Society", that such charter, conferring the rights and privileges hereinabove set forth, and all others given by the laws of this State in such cases be issued under the Great Seal of the State to the "Hopkins Economy Society".

And your Petitioners will ever pray, and so forth.

Subscribed in ) Edward Middleton Jr.

                      ) Peter Middleton

The Presence of ) Alexander B. Morris

Annie J. L. Ensor




PERSONALLY comes Annie J. L. Ensor, who being duly sworn deposes and says that she saw Edward Middleton Jr., Peter Middleton and Alexander B. Morris, in their own proper persons subscribe their names to the foregoing written Declaration and Petition, and that she witnessed its due execution.

Sworn to before me this 7th day of ) Annie J.L. Ensor

                                                       ) William N. Lyles

June, A.D. 1895. ) Notary Public S. C.


The Honorable D. H. Tompkins, Secretary of State of the State of South Carolina:

The Return of the undersigned Board of Corporators for the organization of the Hopkins Economy Society would respectfully represent, that pursuant to authority conferred by a Commission duly issued by you, they proceeded to open books of subscription to the Capital Stock of said Company after one days advertisement of the time and place of such opening in "The State ", a daily newspaper published at Columbia, in the County of Richland and State of South Carolina: and that upon the opening of said books of subscription the sum of One Thousand Dollars was subscribed by sundry persons to be paid in real estate, the person so subscribing being the owners of the lot, with buildings thereon in the said Town of Hopkins which it is proposed to convey to said Company. That after such subscriptions a meeting of the subscribers was duly called by this Board, and at such meeting, upon its being ascertained that fifty per cent. Of the Capital Stock had been subscribed, the meeting proceeded to organize the Company by the election of a Board of nine Directors, and by a resolution calling for the conveyance of the lot and buildings referred to above of the value of One Thousand Dollars, which conveyance has been made. And the undersigned Board would respectfully report that the entire amount of said One Thousand Dollars of the Capital Stock so subscribed has been paid in by the conveyance of the property referred to.

WHEREFORE, said Board prays that a certificate of incorporation be issued to

said Hopkins Economy Society.

A. B. Morris E. Middleton Peter Middleton

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