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KEEFE I seek information regarding John Ladd Keefe (born: 2 August, 1882). He was married to Francis Cornelia McKennon [possibly McKinnon] (born: 12 March, 1886). They were in Bennettsville, Marlboro County, SC in late 1800's to early 1900's. They had six children: Zorabelle (Scrap), George, Leo (Pete), Esther, Otis Ree (Tang) [my father], and John (Dude) Ladd, Jr. They moved to Columbia, SC sometime before 1935. Any information, such as date of marraige, parents' names, siblings, records, etc, would be helpful and very greatly appreciated. (2/1/97) Thomas Keefe
KEEFFE I am searching for information concerning Steven KEEFFE (1849-1919). He and his wife are buried in the Elmwood Cemetery in Columbia. His mother was Elizabeth (?). His father may have been William KEEFFE. If he is indeed my ggrandfather, then his children were William Chandler (b. 1877), Mary (b. 1879), George M. (9/27/1880-6/30/1933), John Ladd (8/22/1882-5/12/1942), Lela[r] V. (b. 1893), Lewis Mitchell (1896 or 1892), Harris, and Horace. All his children spell the surname KEEFE. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thanks. (7/6/98 9:02:53 PM) Tom Keefe
KEESEE In Richland County Probate Records: Arthur Keesee, along with Isom and Elizabeth Joyner were executors for the will of Ebenzer Westcott in 1796. I am looking for something that will tie the Keesee family, the Joyner family and the Clingman family together. Any assistance on these families will be appreciated. I am willing to share info. (12/30/98 9:24:08 AM) J. Joyner Hampton


I seek information on Alexander Kelly and Jane Kelly whose wills appear in Richland Co. In particular I am looking for a son named Harvey Alexander Kell(e)y. I would appreciate any information on these individuals. 10 Sept. 2000

Stephen Kelley


I am searching for info on John Kelly, Frost Kelly, Hampton H Kelly. John's will was probated 1851 in Fairfield County, SC. Hampton is mentioned here as being 51 years old. John in mentioned as having fought in the Revolutionary War. 16 Oct. 2000 Todd Migatz


Am searching for Kelly(could have been misspelled Kelley) family of Richland County. ggrandmother born there in 1831, death cert. states her father, James, was also born there, married Polly Farmer from Kershaw County. they had at least 3 children, but only have names of Nancy and John (Confederate veteran). Nancy married John White. she died in columbia in 1918. any help appreciated. 17 June 2001 W. R. Wilson
KILLINGSWORTH Mary Thompson's will was written August 1818 according to Green Hy. Richland Co., page 315. Her daughter also named Mary married John Killingsworth. I am interested in corresponding with persons who have researched these families. I am interested to know marriage date of the mother as well as her husbands name. I especially would like information on marriage date for John Killingsworth and daughter Mary Thompson. Thank you for your help. 2 August 2000 M. Killingsworth Ryon
KING (12/30/98 9:20:34 AM) CJ




I looking for information on the Mary Belton. Mary Belton is listed in the 1910 Richland census as the sister of Curtis Jones which his name was also known as Kirk, Kirkland and Kitt. Kirk was married to Julia Dobey/Doby.  Kirk is African-American and was born in 1858. Mary was born 1880 and Julia was born in 1868. Please email me at for any additional information...Thank you.

S. Hight

KLEINKAUF I am looking for Heinrich KLEINKAUF, a Hessian deserter in the American Revolution. I know that he was captured in the Battle of Ft Moltrie in 1780 and was reported as a deserter in June 1781 in the Carolina's. From there he disapears into a black hole. I am checking the known German settlements in the general location and Richland County was suggested to me. Do you have anything on him? Thank you for looking. (8/22/99 7:04:38 PM) B. Jarvis
KUHN Looking for any information on Hans Casper Kuhn who was supposed to have died in Richland County. I am a direct descendent from Lewis Kuhn (Coon) branch that migrated to Mississippi. (4/20/98 9:43:07 PM) C. Wayne Coon (Kuhn)

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